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Darren Aronofsky, if not involved in the adaptation of other people’s stories and scenarios, always refers to the existential themes, but filled with religious and esoteric motives. So it was with “Pi”, as was the case with the “source”, well, “Noah” and not able to be an exception. Especially for writing the script as a co-author was again invited Ari Handel, with whom he already was composed “Source”. However, it is one thing to write a free fantasy on the theme of the divine origin of life and love, and quite another to invade the territory of the three largest religions ekraniziruya, in fact, the first event, which begins already quite historicity of the sacred to several billion people writings, though not devoid of all sorts of fantasy wonderland. And given the fact that a distant 50-60x years. Hollywood has practically ceased to engage in biblical epics, the film caused quite reasonable interest. And it warmed up a rare cardboard advertising trailer on the basis of which one could decide that it would be cramping cheekbones correct biblical movie about righteous Noah. But a couple of months before the premiere revealed that the studio has become nasedat director, demanding to remount the film so that advertising has become true, and nobody’s feelings at the same time were not offended. Darren Aronofsky, despite the controversial cinematic own personality, yet did not go to concessions and released it as it is.

My atheistic feelings director insult failed, and thanks for that. But the movie was much more interesting than it seemed at first glance. Of course, a certain pathos stilted inherent in the Old Testament text from the book of Genesis will not go away, and all of these questions hang in the air. Although the explanation is much easier in my opinion. The Book of Genesis in its structure inherits the primitive communal legends that can be as completely fictional, and is partly based on something real, but due to oral forms of transmission of stories and misunderstanding of the device of the world, strongly distorted. And it was here before Aronofsky and opened a storehouse for their own interpretations, and so well-known stories. After all, all the antediluvian world unknown, at the time, as the post-Flood world of the Old Testament and the Talmud already filled with historical figures, cities and events.

Because suddenly, “Noah” in common with the last film Alexis Herman. Yes, Noah in the version of the American director has nothing to do with the righteous, to save the world on his ark. Because he lives in a world where there is still mysterious, and the human race is so steeped in vice, that land became barren. And he himself, though and just by local standards, is still quite stiff and strange message in a surreal dream only time gives him the right way. But the real choice is up to him. You can tell Noah himself, knowing (???) that humanity should be destroyed from the face of the Earth, appears in the role of Father of the Demiurge, who is forced to choose between the continuation of the human race in his blood, bearing the curse of Cain killing Abel, or delete from the face of the Earth. But he was not able to do that. His heart was filled with compassion, mercy and love.

It is a pity, however, that despite the very good shape, from which could be allocated a permanent visual refrain original sin and the first murder, but pathetic-pacified soundtrack by Clint Mansell, the film because conventional wisdom stories, almost unable to amaze. All moves are written for a long time, and fantasy writers also somehow stuck in a box, and sometimes instead of it slipped and religious kitsch Expl though, given the scale of liberties, they could very well go on and on. Especially in the film had dashed to modernize the story, giving it an apocalyptic ambiguity, through the image of humanity, abandoned in the desert without answers, where at some point it seems that there is no God, and Noah just went crazy and understood it all wrong.

slogan “The End – is just the beginning”
director Darren Aronofsky
Darren Aronofsky’s screenplay, Ari Handel
producer Darren Aronofsky, Scott Franklin, Arnon Milchan, …
operator Matthew Libatique
composer Clint Mansell
artist Mark Friedberg, Alex DiGerlando, Attlee Geir Gretarsson …
Installation Andrew Weisblum
genre of drama, adventure, fantasy, words …
$ 125 million
charges in the US
$ 101,200,044
fees in the world
$ + = 261 437 429 $ 362 637 473


Russell Crowe
Jennifer Connelly
Ray Winstone
Anthony Hopkins
Emma Watson
Logan Lerman
Douglas Booth
Nick Nolte
Mark Margolis
Kevin Durant

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