Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage
Date of birth: 01/07/1964 Year
Place of birth: Long Beach, California, United States
Citizenship: US
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 79 kg

A variety of characters
Despite the fact that the actor was born in a stellar family, his path to success was not easy. Cage’s uncle, a famous film director Francis Ford Coppola, was unable to see his talent and ceased cooperation. Nicholas had to achieve everything himself, and his popularity – confirming that he did it.

Childhood and adolescence
Nicolas Cage (Coppola) was born on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, California, known in the artistic family. His grandfather was a composer, his father – a teacher and a writer, mother – a dancer, and his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola – a famous director. Nicholas Brothers also linked their lives with art: Christopher became a director, and actor Mark.
As a child, Cage wanted to be a sea captain, but fate decreed otherwise. At school he was considered the most talented student in the drama club, so he grew up, finally decided what would become an actor. In 17 years, Nicholas has passed the external examinations and went to conquer Hollywood. During this period he changed his name to Cage to hide its origin, as all he wanted to achieve.
First role
Coppola still noticed nephew. By this time, Cage has had to withdraw in the series’ The Best of Times “(1981) and the film ‘Valley Girl’ (1983), but these were minor role. Nicholas had to go to studios and to beg for himself the work. Uncle offered him a role in the film ‘The Conquest fish’ (1983), but the game is a young actor he was not impressed. Then Coppola Cage gave a second chance. After the film “Cotton Club” (1984) and “Peggy Sue married ‘(1986), the eminent filmmaker was disappointed in his nephew and stopped cooperation with him.
Nicolas Cage in this regard was not upset and continued to go for their dreams. The truth is the way he has chosen to do a little weird – earning fame as the actor ‘eccentric’. So, during the filming of ‘Ptah’ (1984), he demanded that he be removed to a more realistic two front teeth. In the movie “Kiss of the Vampire” (1989), where he played Cage abnormal journalist, he ate this cockroach, and is ready to shoot pictures of ‘Bringing Out the Dead “(1999), to get used to the role he had been on duty for several nights with a team of doctors. Perhaps because of this ‘strangeness’ movies with Cage and look so believable.
The fame and critical acclaim
1987 was a turning point for Nicolas Cage. He starred in two successful films ‘Moonstruck’ and ‘Raising Arizona’, after which he was seen leading filmmakers. In 1990, David Lynch invited the actor for the lead role in his film ‘Wild at Heart’. Cage played so passionately and selflessly that introduce in its place a different artist is simply impossible. The film received “Palme d’Or” and became a cult, and Nicolas Cage became a world star.
Five years later, the name of the actor once again was on everyone’s lips. The film “Leaving Las Vegas” (1995) was the most significant of his career Cage. Brilliantly played the role of an alcoholic Cage won two awards – the Golden Globe and the Oscar. It was a real triumph. Critics praised the film, fans lined up for an autograph, and producers peppered offers. At Cage last appeared a huge choice and he could play such a role, which was to his liking. By the way, the actor said more than once that want to stay in all styles of film and try out all types of characters. He considers himself to omnivorous performers, as can be seen by looking at his filmography.
Territory Nicolas Cage was the adventure genre in which he looked the most convincing. This is confirmed by the painting ‘Rock’ (1996), ‘Face’ (1997), ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ (2000), “National Treasure” (2004), ‘Lord of War’ (2005) and other tapes that have become classics of action games . However, there were also more serious roles. In 2002 came the eccentric tragicomedy ‘Adaptation’, in which Cage has appeared simultaneously in two forms: a screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, experiencing a creative crisis, and his brother Donald. The film was passed to ‘Hurrah!’ and I collected all over the world 39 awards, including the ‘Grand Prix’ at Berlin Film Festival. Nicolas Cage, performed admirably with a difficult role, was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe Award, ‘BAFTA’ and other awards.
Recent work by Cage steel roles in ‘Medallion’ (2012), ‘frozen ground’ (2013), ‘Joe’ (2013). In 2014, the release of pictures, ‘I anger’ and ‘Left’. Nicolas Cage is also the director of the film “Gigolo” (2002).
Personal life
In 1988 Nicolas Cage had a relationship with Christina Fulton, who bore him a son, Weston. He studied music and singing in the group of ‘Eyes of Noctum’.
In 1995, the actor once again met Patricia Arquette, which previously met, and proposed to her. After six years of marriage, they separated. Union was the second marriage for Cage, Lisa Marie, the daughter of Elvis Presley. But it was not long after three months of Nicholas and Lisa announced the divorce.
The third time, Nicolas Cage married in 2005. This time his choice was Korean Kim Ellis, a waitress at a sushi bar. In the same year the couple had a son named Kal-El.
Despite the large fees, the actor has repeatedly experienced financial difficulties. This is partly due to the costs of litigation with former wives, partly because of the luxury lifestyle that leads Cage, partly because of errors in financial calculations. In 2008, Nicholas had to sell the estate in the state of Rhode Island, and in 2009 – medieval castle Naydshtayn. In 2010, the actor put on sale, and his home in Los Angeles. Mansion, which he bought for $ 35 million, was bought by an unknown just 10.5 million.
Who financial affairs Nicolas Cage improved. He continues to make movies, delighting fans with bright and unusual roles. Actor is already the third generation of the family Coppola in the film industry, to which are treated with respect and reverence.

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