New York

New York – the largest metropolis of the United States, located on the east coast of the continent. The city is home to over 8.3 million people, and in the Greater New York – more than 19 million people. It is the largest financial, economic and trade center of the world, often referred to as “Capital of the World.” Here is the headquarters of the United Nations, the famous New York Stock Exchange and other organizations of global significance.
Description of the city
Big Apple

Probably no other city of the world is not so much connected with many expectations and hopes, like New York. The famous Statue of Liberty, which has become today one of the main symbols of America for many years met millions of immigrants who sought to New York City a better life. Partly for that reason today the locals there a huge number of different nationalities, the mixing of peoples and cultures makes the “Big Apple” is truly unique and unrepeatable city.
New York, Fifth Avenue

A bit of history

The City of New York was founded as a small trading settlement Dutch colonists in 1626, and was originally called New Amsterdam. Interestingly, the area of ??Manhattan at the time was inhabited by Indians, who have agreed to exchange the island on things while costing just $ 24. In 1664, New Amsterdam was seized by British troops, who in honor of the Duke of York was renamed the city of New York.
After gaining independence, the United States, New York became the first capital of the new country, April 30, 1789 there was held a ceremony of inauguration of the first US president George Washington. In the XIX and early XX century, the city’s population begins to grow rapidly due to the huge influx of immigrants from around the world. Population growth becomes simply unmanageable, leading to widespread crime in New York.
In the XX century the city became a world center for industry and trade, after the Second World War – the most important political and economic center of the world.

Areas of New York

New York City is located at the mouth of the Hudson River, occupying an area of ??the three islands. Today it is divided into 5 large areas: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.
It is the most densely populated area of ??New York City, is home to more than 1.6 million people. Interestingly, the indigenous inhabitants of Manhattan is considered the “real” New York only native island, and for good reason. This place – the historical center of the city, the real “heart” of New York’s most popular tourist area. There are a huge number of attractions, such as Broadway, New York Stock Exchange, Fifth Avenue, Empire State Building, Central Park, and others. Conventionally Manhattan is divided into three parts – Upper Manhattan, Downtown and Midtown. Administrative as the region consists of 12 districts, including the famous neighborhoods of Harlem, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, and others.

New York, Central Park
This is only one of the boroughs of New York, is entirely located on the mainland, it is separated from Manhattan Harlem River, and from Queens – River East River. The area is located in the northern part of the city, it is home to about 1.35 million. Basically Bronx – a sleeping quarters of the interesting attractions can be mentioned only the stadium, “Yankees”, a zoo and botanical garden.
This area of ??New York is located on Long Island, and is the largest in terms of population (there are about 2.5 million people). Brooklyn is often called the “globe in miniature” – are firmly entrenched Russian, Jews, Italians, Arabs, Indians and representatives of many other nations. In particular, it is located in Brooklyn Russian Quarter Brighton Beach, famous thanks to the popular Soviet film. In this area, you should pay attention to the famous Brooklyn Bridge, one of the largest suspension bridges in the world, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Children’s Museum, amusement park Coney Island.
This district is the largest area of ??all the boroughs of New York. Queens – an area with a very large population geography – there are a variety of community Spaniards, Arabs from the Middle East, Italians, Greeks, African Americans and many other people. Total in Queens is home to about 2 million people.
District during its development has been deliberately divided into seven large residential areas (“Township”), was nicknamed the “seven sisters”. Each of these zones is planned carefully and has its own parkland and recreational facilities.
Queens District is widely known, especially among fans of tennis – here in the park Flushing Meadows annually US Open Tennis (US Open), one of the Grand Slam tournaments.
Staten Island
This the least populated area of ??New York is located on the same island and is considered a residential area is home to about 460 thousand people. Tourists in the area can be interesting Zoo Staten Island, Verrazano Bridge (one of the largest suspension bridges in the world), walk on the ferry “Staten Island Ferry” connecting the island with Manhattan.

Real New York

In New York, public transportation is the most popular means of transportation, as opposed to most of the major cities in the US, where 90% of residents used to move the private car. Naturally, in such a large metropolis public transport developed extremely well – it includes bus, subway, taxi, cable car to Roosevelt Island and the ferry to the island of Staten Island.
New York City Subway
Currently, the New York Metro includes 26 lines and 468 stations, is the largest metro network in the world. Metropolitan “Big Apple” is working round the clock and covers 4 districts of the city, with the exception of Staten Island.
Wide bus network in New York includes about 200 and about 30 normal express routes. Daily services nearly 6,000 buses are about 2 million passengers. Local bus routes are identified by the prefix corresponding to the region (M – Manhattan, B – Brooklyn, Bx – Bronx, Q – Queens, S – Staten Island) and express routes identified by the prefix X.
New York Taxi
Taxis in New York was one of the full symbols of the city, easily recognizable yellow cars, passengers day and night. This type of transport is the most popular in Manhattan and airports, while in other areas of the city to catch a taxi is quite difficult.

New York Taxi


Famed for its criminal past, today New York is a pretty safe city. By the way, the level of crime statistics for cities with population over 100 thousand people in New York is located at the end of the second hundred. However, as in any big city, there is enough of their problems, and tourists should be cautious. The most “notorious” enjoy Harlem and the South Bronx – the tourists are better not to appear even in the daytime, not to mention the night. Most tourist district – Manhattan – is considered to be fairly safe, but visitors to the city is always better to be careful.
New York – a fascinating city, you can learn some interesting facts about it in a special collection.
New York City attractions

The Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
Metropolitan Museum
Times Square
Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn Bridge
Museum of Modern Art Solomon R. Guggenheim
Central Park
Bronx Zoo
American Museum of Natural History

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