Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell
Birthday: 3/10/1973, the
Age: 41 years
Birthplace: Guelph, Ontario (Canada), Canada

Citizenship: Canada
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 55 kg

Neve Campbell, 26-year-old actress originally from Canada, called Hollywood “the new queen of horror.” At the time, the title belonged to Jamie Lee Curtis. She deserved it, playing the female lead in the three “Halloween” – movies that have become classics of the genre thriller. But in 1996 at Curtis appeared dangerous rival in the face of Campbell. For four years, Niv managed to play in three parts of the movie “Scream” – one of the most successful “horror” of recent years. After the “Scream 3” was launched on screens in February this year, the magazine “Weekly Enterteynment” Neve proclaimed “the new mistress of the world of nightmares.” However, according to the testimony of friends, this has not led Campbell to a special delight.
It turned out that there is a reason. On the first day of work on a new film project “Drowning Mona” Neve faced on the set with the former “queen”. “Come give me immediately my crown!” – The threat in his voice demanded Curtis. It came so suddenly that usually resourceful Neve answered only helplessly muttered something unintelligible, and very pretty to cheer Jamie, and other members of the crew. And in an interview recently admitted Neve: “I do not like being called” the queen of horror. “No, I just do not think that I am afraid of revenge Curtis! I just do not want to be chained for life to any one genre . After all, most of all I appreciate the freedom and do not tolerate any attacks on my independence. ”
Ironically, Campbell always gets in the situation becoming a serious challenge to its freedom-loving nature. Thus, even before the start of his artistic career Neve decided that would not be an actress, relieve constant in the series. She was determined to become a star of the big screen. Nevertheless, his first role was played in the television series “The Walk”, on which work was carried out in Canada. Neve stood just two seasons and decided to voluntarily leave the “soap opera”, while other proposals it has at the time was not. She found a new job only after months of painful searches. It is easy to guess: it was again the series, this time an American; it was called “The company of five.” And the saddest for Campbell is that under the new contract actress could break it only by paying huge penalty.
“I was six years a prisoner in a golden cage. The show brought me fame and money. But you even can not imagine, how many of the interesting film projects I had to give in this time! And all because of the fact that they coincided with the shooting my work schedule, “- complained Niamh. Trying to overcome evil fate, Campbell still managed to star in a movie in between work on the show! Who would have thought that such a passionate love for the cinema in the end destroy her privacy.
Campbell met Jeff Colt, when she was only 15. She was at that time aspiring actress musical theater in Toronto, and he worked in the theater buffet bartender. However, Jeff was also not devoid of artistic ambitions and continually auditioned for various roles in film and television. They lived together for almost eight years, of which have officially been married for three years.
During this time, Niamh has already become an idol of teenagers. And Jeff has not gone further small roles in serials. Gradually the surrounding nicknamed him “Mr. Campbell,” and treated as a statistician in the famous dumb wife. Moreover, he constantly had to repel the attacks of her too ardent fans, who never for a moment left alone Niv.
One day one of them caught the actress in the ladies’ room …. He slipped under the door of the stall a notebook and immediately demanded to give him an autograph. Neve called for help, and Jeff in an instant saved his wife from Naha. Colt was ready to suffer for the sake of his love still “a million agony”. But one day his patience snapped. It happened when Niv in the most intimate moment of their communication was not named Jeff, and Michael – as a partner in the series. The next day, outraged Colt filed for divorce.
Poor Neve fell into a deep depression. The actress decided that it suffered a penalty for violation of the oath she gave her when she was a child. Then, calling on God to witness, Neve vowed never to marry.
It all started with the fact that the hot favorite girl’s parents divorced. The girl experienced it as a real drama. She was never able to understand why two people who had so much in common, have decided to leave. Both – and Marnie Neve, and Jerry Campbell – had a direct relationship to the world of theater. Marnie was the owner of a small theater club and Jerry – a teacher at the school of dramatic art. And besides love for the theater of their united love of two children – Neve and her older brother, Christian.
After a divorce, custody of the children went to his father. At first, the children gave their full attention and love. But a few years later she married again, and Niv had to work hard to take his new chosen one. By the time the girl has already become accustomed and even attached to his stepmother, his father divorced again. This Neve no longer stand it. That’s when the girl brought the very unfortunate oath she was firmly convinced that marriage brings people some trouble.
However, the 13-year-old Neave could not afford to dwell on their experiences. She has studied at the National Ballet School in Toronto. Timetable too tight – the girl had to spend at the ballet machine for seven hours a day.
Neve was fascinated by ballet since childhood, ever since my father first took her six-year old little girl, on “The Nutcracker.” At 9 years old her dream has come true – she was able to go to ballet school. And this despite the fact that the competition in the same year was enormous – at each place claimed several hundred children. Five years later, Neve decided to leave the school.
Freedom-loving girl could not stand the constant psychological pressure and continuous backroom intrigue. The atmosphere at the school was so severe that shortly before departure at the Neve suffered a serious nervous breakdown. As a result, the poor thing is almost completely lost his hair. Niv managed to cope with hair loss only after a course of acupuncture. Since then, at the slightest stress begin her entire hair strands to fall out, and she must return to a reflexologist, and each time he sticks to the skin of her head more than 20 needles. The last time the actress had to be treated after parting with Jeff Colt.
Now Neve met with actor John Cusack. He played a memorable role in the film directed by incompetent Woody Allen’s “Bullets Over Broadway.” They were often seen together in restaurants, discos and Hollywood parties. But the persistent questioning of the reporters, she was not going to marry again, the actress responds emphatic “no.”

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