Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer
Birthday: 02/11/1982 Year
Age: 33 year
Place of birth: Reading, Berkshire, United States

Nationality: British
Height: 168 cm

Anne Boleyn in “The Tudors.”
Like any talented actress, Natalie Dormer able to get used to a variety of images; best of all, however, it is possible to image very characteristic – cute at first glance, women who are at heart treacherous and cunning schemer.
Is best known for the roles of Anne Boleyn (Anne Boleyn) in the TV series Showtime ‘The Tudors’ (‘The Tudors’) and Margery Tyrell (Margaery Tyrell) in the series HBO ‘Game of Thrones’.
Dormer was born in Reading, Berkshire (Reading, Berkshire). At school, Natalie studied perfectly well, playing netball; We also know that some time over the active girl bullied by other students. Parallel Dormer was dancing. Family – mother, stepfather, brother and sister – other girl successful admission to college; Indeed, in the future Natalie was invited to Cambridge (Cambridge), but the necessary score on the exam failed to score. Ultimately Dormer decided to try herself as an actress and enrolled at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts Webber-Douglas (Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art).
As early as 6 months after graduation, Natalie received her first really successful role – Victoria of the project ‘Casanova’ (‘Casanova’). The film was released in 2005 and considerably helped Dormer further acting work; played a significant role and feedback from colleagues – so the film’s director Lasse Hallstr?m (Lasse Hallstr?m) was so impressed comic talent Dormer, that the future role it was specifically expanded.
Shortly after the ‘Casanova’ Dormer received a contract for three films with ‘Touchstone Pictures’; however, in practice, a contract was put in the case and was not. Almost 9 months Natalie spent without a job, and then still had a small party in the ‘Distant Shores’.
In 2006, Natalie played a small role in an episode of ‘Rebus’.
In 2007 and 2008, Natalie Dormer played Anne Boleyn in the first two seasons of the series ‘The Tudors’. Critics almost unanimously admired her talent and noted that the heroine Natalie has created an incredibly bright and strong. In March 2010, Natalie made her debut on the stage in the form of performances Mizi ‘Sweet Nothings’; again the critics in their reviews praised it to the skies game.
Having worked in the image Mizi about six months, Dormer returned to the set; she had played in the movie ‘WE. Believe in love ‘(‘ WE ‘),’ Captain America: The First Avenger ‘(‘ Captain America: The First Avenger ‘) and’ Silk ‘(‘ Silk ‘). Next was another theatrical production – ‘.45’.
In the middle of 2010, Natalie returned briefly in ‘The Tudors’; at the same time it was selected for filming in the film version of the novel by Peter Straub (Peter Straub) ‘Shadowland’.
In June of 2011, Natalie Dormer joined the film crew of the popular television series ‘Game of Thrones’; she played in this epic fantasy saga Margery Tyrell, Tyrell heir home.
In August 2013th learned that Natalie Dormer will play Cressida (Cressida) in a two-part adaptation of the third volume of the saga ‘The Hunger Games’ (‘The Hunger Games’) – ‘Mockingjay’ (‘Mockingjay’).
In 2011 Dormer became engaged to an Irish director Anthony Byrne (Anthony Byrne); Anthony and Natalie met in Dublin, during the filming of ‘The Tudors’. Other well-known figures of cinema the greatest influence on the formation of Natalie – on its own admission – has actress Cate Blanchett (Cate Blanchett).
Natalie Dormer is known as an avid poker player; in 2008, she even took part in the women’s open championship poker hosted in London by the project ‘’. Speech was highly successful – Dormer in the list of participating celebrities came second, losing only one Emma Kennedy (Emma Kennedy).

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