Natalia Bardo

Natalia Bardo
Date of birth: 05/04/1988 Year
Age: 27 years
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Citizenship: Russia

The girl from an early age interested in a different kind of creative activity: in his spare time from school, she played the piano, she studied at the art school, was a member of the basketball team went to the ballet and gymnastics, she has starred in school plays.

The winner of the international award “Women’s Pride”
The winner of the gold award “Women of the World”
The beginning of the way
Natalia Bardot, real name – Natalia Krivozub, was born on April 5, 1988 in Moscow and grew up in a single-parent family: mother raised her alone, without the help of his father. But the family never stricken because enterprising woman was his business with his brother, uncle Natasha, who designed his sister foundation of all its businesses.
The girl from an early age interested in a different kind of creative activity: in his spare time from school, she played the piano, she studied at the art school, was a member of the basketball team went to the ballet and gymnastics, she has starred in school plays.
After receiving a high school diploma, Natalia Bardot came to the Banking Institute in parallel continued to hone his talent in schools of acting and modeling business. Natalya quickly realized that the banking path – this is not it, and in 2012 graduated from the course of the artistic director M.G.Malinovskogo additional education department of Theatre Institute. Boris Shchukin.
The very first film role Natalia Bardot was extremely modest – aspiring actress entrusted governess character Lisa in the historical drama directed by Natalya Bondarchuk “Pushkin. Last Duel “.
Cursed heaven
About Natalia Bardot as an actress talking, when she played the role perfectly in the criminal Alina 48 series series “Cursed Paradise”, directed by Igor Korobeynikov under the auspices of the producer center “Pyramid”.
Film history of the cruel laws of the city, about the virtues of a criminal love, about the weaknesses of the powerful, about life on the “other side” of morality, on the code of dishonor, the difficult fate of the elite brothel inmates for VIPs, which sold hot caresses and seething with serious passion, gathered on the screen popular stars of the Russian cinema: Evelyn Bledans, Maxim Drozdov, Vladimir Skvortsov, Alexei Yakubov. Natalia Bardot has become the latest star of the TV series, boldly opened the door to a great movie.
Offers from filmmakers showered on Natalia Bardot, as if from a cornucopia. She has worked with such well-known directors and producers as Yegor Konchalovsky, Sergei Sendyk, Vladimir Zaikin, Alexei Golubev, Peter Krotenko and many others.
Only in 2010 with the actress came three films, including the almanac “Moscow, I love you!”, In which she played a reporter in “Taxi Driver”, Detective Victor Dement and Guzel Kireeva “Chasing shadows” with the role of Olga Nizovoy – Lobova mistress in a series called “Look for the woman,” a comedy miniseries Karen Zakharova and Igor Golovanov “construction battalion”, where the actress was invited to the role of Jenny, Kolesnikov’s school of love.
“Golden. Barvikha 2 ”
In 2011, the popular Russian TV channel “TNT”, known for his provocative and intriguing project, decided to please the young audience acclaimed new series “Barvikha”. In the next series of fifteen mega serial “Golden. Barvikha 2 “directed by Mikhail Solovyov and Vladislav Kaptur childhood dream materialized Natalia Bardot – she became famous and recognizable.
In the series “Golden. Barvikha 2 “Natalia Bardot performed the main character is a valid Christina Meder. The image of the new student of the graduating class of elite schools, Heartbreakers Christina Bardot came to face, and the company loved by all the heroes of the actors: Lyanka Gryu, Marina Orlova Anna St. Michael, Andrei Dementyev, a new bright person not to notice that it was impossible.
Through dedication and hard work Natalia Bardot quickly grown to large main roles. Unusual and interesting, with an extraordinary appearance, very truthful, where you need to move people to tears, the young and beautiful Veronica turned by Natalia Bardot in the series of 16 series “Veronica. Lost Happiness “, which premiered November 6, 2012 in the channel” Russia 1 “.
The heroine of the Bardo – the daughter of a talented scientist and the first beauty of a small provincial town of Zelenogorsk, who grew up without sorrow and concern, the neighborhood boys fought vying for her attention and love, and all the other proud beauty bright future. All would be well if a tragic event would not have changed the fate of Veronica.
The story has been carefully spelled out. Friendship by Natalia Bardot and Alexander Dyachenko turned so natural, so touching and tender that took the soul. Handsome actor played relation to each other (or in some cases even lived) great, environment (nature, house, garden) pleasing to the eye.
On 11 March 2013 the story of the heroine Bardot – Veronika Serova resumed at 16 melodrama series “Veronica. Fugitives “. Again talented actors: Sergei Zhigunov, Sergei Astakhov, Aleksandr Dyachenko, Maria Mashkova adorned his game melodrama, created by director Andrey Selivanov for emotional shake-up.
Continued career
In the breaks between filming the series “Veronica” actress was also able to express themselves in the film 2012: “White Moor or intimate stories about my neighbor” in the role of Desdemona, “In Russia for love!” As an actress Katie, “Shapovalov” in the role of Tony.
In 2013, the actress has reappeared on the set of the movie: “Climbers”, “For you,” “Toy Seller,” “Look,” “Yellow in the city.”
In the early summer of 2010, during the filming has not yet released in rent television series “Barvikha-2” took fateful meeting sound producer «Empire Records» Dmitry Cher and young but already very successful actress Natalia Bardot.
Dmitry Sher immediately caught the eye of an energetic young girl who sang surprisingly professional in the dressing room. Of course, it was Natalia Bardot: soft, flexible, pleasant individual timbre and, of course, personal charm, not only attracted after such a non-standard listening sound producer, but also allowed the company «Empire Records» sign a contract with Natalia Bardot.
It was written the official cover of the song Lady Gaga «Alehandro», which is actively broadcasted on the air leading radio stations of the country. Further creative tandem of Natalia Bardot and «Empire Records» started preparing the musical material for the debut album of Natalia Bordeaux, which is itself composed songs.
Personal life
As a third-year student, she was among the participants of the project “Dom-2”. Locations beauties Natalya tried to get many young people among the stars of the reality show, she reciprocated only Anton Borodin. However, the novel with a happy ending they did not work: the relationship gradually reached an impasse, and then Anton and left the project altogether. She missed in his absence for long, for it was the rapper look Ruslan Proskurov. Everyone already began to think that the guys will present a pair as Ruslan kicked out of the project. Shortly thereafter, in a reality show and she went Natalia Bardot.
Natalia Bardot never for a moment regretted his hasty decision, because before it opened new creative and career opportunities – Natalia Bardot has become a lot and often in the movies.
Interesting Facts
Natalia Bardot has become one of the most beautiful women of Russia, having won the title of “Miss Charm Russia-2009”.
As a child, Natalia Bardot sang the entire repertoire of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera with her grandmother in the country. She liked to act so that it represents, if viewers are growing in front of her on the beds. When Natalia Bardot really recorded his first song, the grandmother was not surprised: she knew what this all went.
In autumn 2010 Natalia Bardot recorded the official cover of «Alejandro» with the idol of our time, “icon” style and outrageous – Lady Gaga. The actress has not declared himself as the second Lady Gaga – no! Lady Gaga is one of these and more, no! For Natalia Bardo it in the first place, an ordinary girl Stephanie, with whom the actress met on vacation in the Dominican Republic. One of the most beloved songs of Natalia Bardot by Lady Gaga, is a song «Alejandro» – is on it and was made a cover – version, sung in Russian.
Natalia Bardot engaged in charitable activities, for which he was awarded the Order of the “Women of the World.” In addition Bardot – winner of the “Women’s pride.”
In 2010, actress Natalia Krivozub became Natalia Bardot. Last Krivozub her not to hate it, but it reminded her street style. And in show business name of the pope – known champion of athletics, not much it was “resoundingly”. Therefore Natalia Bardot decided to take my mother’s maiden name – Bardo. It turns out that the great-grandmother Natalia Bardot lived in Paris, where he married a man named Francisco Bardot – known in those years perfumer. All girls and women Natasha’s family made no secret that it is not averse to have a great grandmother’s name. So famous names passed down from generation to generation of the family to the fair sex, and reached Natal. “Who knows, maybe the name of the famous actress and model will be fateful for me! – Said Natalia Bardot.
The appearance of Natalia Bardot in the series “Golden. Barvikha 2 “caused a lot of rumors and gossip. Some fans of the series, to be exact – projects of TV channel “TNT” as a whole, saw in it an obvious similarity to a woman who once took part in the project “Dom-2”, – Natalia Krivozub. In practice all the facts came together: the rising star of Russian soap operas with a beautiful name, and the beauty of the “House-2” turned out to be one and the same Natalia.
2006 Pushkin: The Last Duel
2006-2007 Cursed Paradise – series
2008 Cursed Paradise 2 – TV series
2010 construction battalion – series
2010 Chasing shadows
2010 Moscow, I love you!
2011 Surprise me
2011 Golden – series
2011 Vazhnyak
Shapovalov 2012 – series
2012 Russia for love!
2012 Veronica. Lost Happiness
2012 White Moor or intimate stories about my neighbors
2013 Seller toys
2013 For you
2013 Look (Armenia)
2013 Yellow in the city
2013 Veronica. Fugitives
2013 Mountaineers

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