Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy
Date of birth: 08/02/1905 Year
Age: 88 years
Place of birth: Radersburg, USA
Date of death: 14.12.1993 Year
Place of death: New York, United States

Citizenship: US

Original name: Myrna Adele Williams

In 1926, Mirna performed her first leading role in the adventure film “Pacific Ocean” and over the next eight years to actively withdraw, appearing in eighty films. Largely peaceful offered as rock, oriental and exotic women, and for a long time she could not go beyond this role.
The aspiring actress was born August 2, 1905 in a small town Radersburg, Montana, USA, the son of ranchers David Franklin Williams, a native of Wales and his wife, Della Mae. Myrna’s mother was educated at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago and played well on the piano. The father at the age of twenty-three years, became interested in politics, he was one of the youngest members of the Legislative Council of the State of Montana.
Childhood Myrna went to the ranch of his father, then her family moved to Helena near where Myrna the age of twelve she made her debut on the stage, performing a dance staged by Blue Bird. After his father’s death in November 1918 peacefully with her mother and brother, David moved to Los Angeles. For fifteen years Myrna began appearing in small roles in local theater productions.
A start in life
In 1923 he graduated from high school and Myrna started to work in the theater dancer Egyptian Movie House – in the era of silent film before the session dancers often act out scenes from the upcoming movie. It drew attention to her Natasha Rambova, the second wife of Rudolph Valentino. In 1925 she organized for the Myrna audition, which she failed, but nevertheless in the same year under the patronage of Natasha made her debut on the silver screen in the silent film “What is the price of beauty?”, Performing there cameo vampire.
Then, the film studio Warner Bros. He invited the actress, who at that time took a pseudonym, the contract period of seven years with a salary of $ 75 a week. In 1926, Mirna performed her first leading role in the adventure film “Pacific Ocean” and over the next eight years to actively withdraw, appearing in eighty films. Largely peaceful offered as rock, oriental and exotic women, and for a long time she could not go beyond this role.
Market crash in 1929 led to a crisis not only in economy, but also in the film industry, and because Warner Bros. Myrna cancel the contract and released her. She began working with several film companies as a freelance actress, and in 1931 played his first comedic role in the film Ruben Mamoulian “Love me tonight.”
The first significant popularity came to the actress in 1934 after two important paintings in her career: the film “Manhatten Melodrama” with Clark Gable and William Powell – the story of two childhood friends who grew up, were on opposite sides of the law and became rivals in the fight for Love Myrna heroine – and detective comedy “The Thin Man” based on the novel Dashiella Hammett, where her partner was again Powell. The role of Nora Charles, wife of the retired detective Nick Charles, was a turning point in the career of an actress – the audience enthusiastically accepted this witty and easy movie and loved his protagonists.
Loy and Powell made one of the most expressive kinoduetov those years, appearing together in fourteen paintings, including a five-film sequels “The Thin Man” – “the thin man” (1936), “Another Thin Man” (1939), ” Shadow of the Thin Man “(1941),” The Thin Man goes home “(1945) and” Song of the Thin Man “(1947). Also thanks to the role of the ideal wife Nora actress gained a new role, which lasted until the end of his career.
By the time she started dating the producer Arthur Hornblou, but for a while a couple could register their relationships officially as Hornblou married. While he was engaged in divorce, his mistress had a conflict with MGM – Myrna and studio executives are not agreed on the amount of its fees. To keep the popular actress Louis Meyer was eventually forced to pay her a bonus of 25 thousand dollars. In 1936 Hornblou finally became available, and the couple were married on June 27 in Mexico City.
In the same year on the screens out two more successful actress pictures – the romantic comedy “Wife vs. secretary” and the musical romantic comedy “The Great Zigfeld” in which partners Myrna steel respectively Clark Gable and William Powell. In 1937, the premiere of the drama “Parnell” where Loy again starred in a pair with Gable in fifty-three American newspapers was conducted opinion poll, the results of which Clark Gable and Myrna Loy were recognized by the King and Queen of Hollywood. In 1939 the life of the actress there was an accident – on the set of adventure melodrama “rainy season”, she fell from a horse and nearly died.
In the summer of 1939 Myrna and Arthur left for three weeks in Europe, where he witnessed the impending threat of fascism. After the outbreak of World War II, the actress became one of the activists of the movement to raise funds for military purposes and to help the Red Cross. Around the same time, her relationship with quite oppressive at home Hornblou soured, and in March 1942 the couple divorced. Five days after the divorce peacefully yielding mood, she remarried – for his old friend, the advertising tycoon John Hertz. In wartime, it has ceased to appear, fully devoting himself to social activities and new relationships. However, the marriage was short-lived with Hertz, and in August 1944 at the initiative of the actress wife separated, and after the victory Myrna returned to Hollywood.
Interesting facts
The parents named in honor of the actress a small railway station Myrna, whose name her father liked.
During World War II, Myrna so violently denounced Hitler, which was honored to get into his blacklist.

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