Homeland Musquash – North America. In Russia it was first brought in 1928 from Canada. In a relatively short time Novosel spread over vast areas and caught almost everywhere from the Far North to the hot subtropical south.
Musquash live in large and small lakes in the river creeks in rivers and swamps, both fresh and saline, which stems from the cattail and other aquatic plants they build huts. Settlement muskrats easy to find. Housing musquash are tapered, they have a height of about a meter, and almost the same width.
Inside, the house consists of one or more cameras. Musquash nest nestled in the center of the building. Cubs are usually born from November to April. In litter is from one to eleven kids and the mother ceases to feed them in about a month. Females can get pregnant even while continuing to feed, and thus bring in a few litters a year, which explains the large number of musquash populations.
Musquash was made for life in the water. It floats easily and quickly. Dense body, up to 30 cm in length, like a small torpedo, dissects the water surface. Hind legs, which are connected by small fingers palama, bordered by rigid thick hair, forming a so-called fringe swimming and provide better repulsion in the water.
Naked scaly tail, longer than 20 cm, thickened and serve the wheel, and when muskrat dives, special skin folds close the ear opening. Diving, the animal can stay under water for a few minutes. On land musquash clumsy and running very quickly gets tired.
It feeds mainly muskrat marsh vegetation, sometimes eats and frogs, mollusks, small fish. Musquash fur is valued as a mammal. Its beautiful fur, warm. Musquash great benefit that improves the oxygen regime of water bodies in winter in the ice making holes in the summer eats away the tough vegetation. This saves fish from lack of oxygen. In short, musquash as a valuable form of human needs care.

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Musquash Wallpapers
Musquash Wallpapers
Musquash  Wallpapers hd
Musquash Wallpapers hd
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Musquash HD pics

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