Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci (biography)
Birthday: 09/30/1964 Year
Place of birth: Citta di Castello, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Height: 175 cm
64 kg

Monica Bellucci – 100% Italian, became a star of French cinema and conquer America, revived in modern cinema, the present film star – so what remains on the screen Ingrid Bergman and Marilyn Monroe, what the audience knows Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve.

This film star – is not only a mysterious woman, surrounded by universal adoration, film star – is, first of all, the magic of the body. And the body, as we know, does not always obey reason. Hence, and painful struggle of these actresses with stereotypes regarding their intelllektualnyh opportunities – the viewer stubbornly refuses to share the beauty with anything else. “I understand that, to me, no longer perceived simply as a pretty woman with a figure, you need to constantly prove that you can do something else. When people see a pretty woman, they think it must be stupid. When I fifteen or sixteen was, I always tried to prove that I have a brain, now I do not care. If you would like to think that I’m stupid, think. that’s your problem. will not please everyone, “- says with a laugh journalists Monica Bellucci.
Monica Bellucci was born September 30, 1968 in Umbria. Monica appearance waited all relatives because her mother told doctors that she was barren. And so, in spite of medicine, Monica Bellucci was born. Subsequently, this natural feature to do the impossible, very useful actress. Monica Bellucci from childhood was surrounded by loving family and, even though the parents were not rich Monica, caring father and mother did not allow to feel some kind of handicap. Back in school, beauty Monica drew attention classmates and teachers, but she never gave a reason to talk about it as a pacifier. Monica Bellucci diligently studied, well aware that lack of funds can only compensate for a good education.
In 1986, Monica Bellucci entered the University of Perugia – she set a goal to get a law degree. To make money on training, Monika first got a waitress in a pizzeria, and then, on the advice of friends, began an apprenticeship at a model agency. That’s modeling career and led to the movies Monica Bellucci.
In 1987, Monica Bellucci was invited to work in Milan, the most prestigious modeling agency “Elite”. By happy coincidence, the managers of the famous fashion house at the same time were looking for a model that was to become the symbol of this company. Monica Bellucci and are lucky – it was her and chose Dolce and Gabbana. Work with famous designers quickly bore fruit, because the person Monica Bellucci has become a regular feature on the covers of fashion magazines. Armani, Valentino – the most prestigious houses were open to the model Monica Bellucci. Experience professional model, later, Monica was very useful in the movie when needed looseness of movement and lack of fear of the camera: “I easily are scenes in which I have no clothes. Nudity is clean, it has something magical.” In addition, Monica knows very well the advantages and disadvantages of their appearance and, like a true star, knows how to show themselves on the screen: “When I say I do not see how to move a person, and it shows me the movie – so very much to learn about himself. ”
The oldest Italian director Dino Risi (Scent of a Woman), can be considered the godfather of Monica Bellucci in a movie. Monica’s face on the cover of the magazine, attracted senior director and he invited Monica a small role in his film. Perhaps the first experience with film Monica Bellucci and would have continued, but, as the saying is now a legend on her picture noticed one of the nephews, Francis Ford Coppola, who persuaded him to withdraw in his film a beautiful Italian. So, in 1992, Monica Bellucci won the role that prevernula her life, even though it was a tiny episode, and even without words – Monica Bellucci starred as one of Dracula’s brides in Francis Ford Coppola film Bram Stoker’s Dracula . “I was invited to appear, not because I’m such an incredible actress, but only because of how I look,” – says Monica, “After that, I had to work hard, because I wanted more, wanted to get people interested in something else … ”
For a career model and actress, Monica had to sacrifice their studies at the university, and, having received an invitation to a shooting in the new film, Monica moved to France. Film apartment, Monica Bellucci brought recognition as an actress – for her role in the film, she was nominated for the prestigious European award Cesar. In addition, Monica partner in this film was a popular French actor Vincent Cassel, the son of a famous actor, who became her husband. Vincent Cassel – actor-intellectual, one of the most popular European actors, he is friendly with many directors and actors, non-commercial cinema is perhaps why, after meeting with him, Monica Bellucci has become more selective about the proposal to withdraw. French Action Dobermann (1997), which played a deaf-mute girlfriend Monica Cassel, who became box-office hit in Europe, became an actress first serious acting experience and marriage to Vincennes Kassel opened the way Monica is now a great movie: Under Suspicion, in which Monica became a partner Jim Hackman, extreme movie Brotherhood of the Wolf, or the most expensive European film project Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra.
Sensation at Cannes in 2002 was the picture of Gaspar No? irreversible. The film begins with a scene, which lasts nine minutes, in which the character rapes the heroine – Monica Bellucci, in a perverted form. True, the character played by Vincent Cassel, giving the scene a special piquancy. In an interview with reporters at the festival, Monica said, “I have never in my life did not go so far as an actor and very happy that it was my husband.” However, this gave rise to rumors rasprostronitsya the severance of relations with Monica Vincent Cassel.
Monica Bellucci intuitively selects only those roles that match her confidence to show feelings on the screen. Famous Malena – film, which brought international fame Monica Bellucci, perhaps most accurately conveys the sensual image of the actress. Beauty Monica frank and provocative cinema enjoys it. And if someone has and continues to regard it as just a model who starred in the movie, he has not managed to see Monica Bellucci in the organic incredible, the line that allows to compete with the acting talent of other actresses. Apparently, this was the main reason that Monica Bellucci together with Keanu Reeves starred in the second part of the matrix and has signed a contract to participate in the third. Monica Bellucci dream is that someday, she was asked to play in a movie with Robert De Niro. In the meantime, her partner in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Sean was Konneri, and in the film Unwanted Salvation – Bruce Willis. For the Italian actress, starred in a long time in France – a breakthrough! “In America, you have more assistants, the food is much better because they have more money. But, in front of the camera – all may be one” – astutely observed Monica Bellucci.

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