For a long time, it was thought that the mongoose is not protected from the action of snake venom. Were not even made the necessary experiments. Most likely, mongooses yadoustoychivy. After something like that observed in our hedgehogs, which are often, bitten by vipers.
In 1772, Jamaica rats were fleeing to the merchant ships. They are bred in large numbers and mercilessly devoured the sugarcane fields. Only imported from India and saved the mongoose destroyed rats. But along with the rats suddenly began to disappear, many species of birds, waterfowl and snake-rat-catchers. Many of the same rat began to move into the crowns of coconut trees, where they felt relatively safe.
Since then, many more local species of Jamaica were exterminated, and it would take a long time to restore balance in the local nature. Now the “import mongooses to Jamaica” is always given as an example of how carefully it is necessary to conduct such experiments.
Indian mongoose – small, the size of a marten, predators with a long flexible body covered with brown hair. In Africa, in Egypt, are found their relatives are very similar to them – ichneumon, as well as various other types of mongoose in East Africa. Thanks to the writer Kipling, now accepted that the mongoose – the main enemy of the cobra and indispensable. Many people think that the small mammal just waiting for the case to attack the cobra and kill her.
But in fact this is not true. The main food mongooses are small rodents and insects. Cobra mongoose engages in battle only in the most hopeless situations, when there’s nowhere to retreat.
Scientists have conducted experience. In one cell mongoose and cobra planted. Snake saw a mongoose, he immediately made a “rack” and hit the mongoose. After that, mongoose not only went into the battle, but even tried to escape from the snake. He had long been tossed around the cage, trying to find a way out, and only when I realized that the way to escape cut off, attacked the snake. Attacking, mongoose issued a harsh battle cry and fluffed tail. The battle lasted for an hour. Mongoose used only reception. He was always trying to get ahead and throw the first snake, trying to grab her lower jaw. In the end, he defeated the snake.

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