Many animals are able to perfectly burrow underground. But perhaps the most famous excavation – a mole mammal of the order Insectivora.
Almost all his life mole conducts underground. Head, turning once in the torso resembles a wedge, which expands and pushes a mole on the sides in their hodyah earth loosened paws. Paws mole turned into a kind of blade. Short soft fur allows it to easily move back and forth.
Underground passages, laid mole, stretch for hundreds of meters. At a mole under the ground and there is a bedroom, and long corridors, where he hunts. Bedroom mole carefully carpets the grass, leaves, moss, floor suits underpass and covers it with litter. In case of danger, he would move the litter – and was gone!
During the hunt for the mole underground passage running back, where there are worms, beetles and other animals on which it feeds. Usually hunting tunnels are a length of about 20 m. When there is need, the mole very quickly dig new tunnels. It is said that in the loose earth mole digs as fast as a fish swims in the water.
From their homes mole digs special moves to water – puddles and streams. Moles are able to dig and wells. There are cases when in your home moles dug deep wells. In wet weather, when it rains, these wells are filled with water. Water deep underground for a long time does not dry – well into his bat and goes down to drink. Mole is in need of water. If during the drought to find such a well and pour water into it, probably will come running to water mole, and maybe more than one. In winter, go deep into moles, where the land does not freeze, after their prey – earthworms, grubs and other invertebrates inhabitants soils.

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