Mink there are two types: European and American, the second slightly larger than the first one. Some scientists consider it a kind of European mink. This is a small animal with smooth brown hair. At length they do not exceed 50 centimeters, of which 14 falls on the tail. Paws in minks have special swimming membranes, through which it swims beautifully.
Lifestyle both European and American mink is very similar. They love to fish, crayfish, frogs and snails, and sometimes not averse to visit the coop. If the hole very scared, she jetted strongly smelling and rather nasty liquid. European mink live in Eastern Europe and in Russia, stretching from the Baltic to the Urals and from the Northern Dvina River to the Black Sea.
Mink bad runs, but can not climb at all, but it’s great swims and dives perfectly. She lives in a quiet, secluded places, trying to avoid the person, but the desire to eat chicken is stronger than fear, and from time to time she visits a chicken coop. Mink normally elected for a home marshy shores of lakes and rivers. She makes her nest on the mound and in case of danger immediately jumps into the water.
People have long been hunted for their valuable mink fur warm, used to make fur coats and hats. In this case, the American mink fur prized above, since it is much stronger. Now mink taken under protection and shooting them is strictly controlled. Mink very easily tamed, and even respond to his master’s voice. In captivity they live long.

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