Not surprisingly, the minions who have achieved great popularity after the release of a series of cartoon “Despicable Me,” as well as several short video, got hold of his personal solo project. Those who looked sensational animated film studio Illumination Entertainment, Remember the old grumpy Gru, with his army of little yellow minions, but who they are and where there have been? Surely many have a question, and apparently, the creators decided to talk about them from the very beginning of their existence. In fact, the word “Mignon” comes from the French 16th century, and used it to refer to the favorite VIPs. In our case, the minions are small yellow creature with one or two eyes, doting banana, whose purpose is to serve not just a powerful man, but the most disgusting person from all available. Find your host will not be working for them, but to protect it, they are given hard.

The director – Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, not the first time to deal with small mischief, and narrative paintings they start with the chronological historical events involving the voice of the narrator Geoffrey Rush. The history dates back to the origins of themselves, describing the life of the owners and their minions in different eras, from the dinosaur T-Rex, to the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, until 1968 – 42 years before I met Grew. Minions always manage to leave an indelible trace of bright, due to the most obtuse and clumsy incidents. Through senile, one might even say brash start, directors immediately set cartoon spirited and fast paced manner tuning viewer on prevesёly way, waiting for the next reckless fun.

Due to the inability to save the life of his master’s minions are in a desperate situation, which inevitably leads to depression. Being in such a situation, they decide to isolate themselves from the world and start a new life in a distant Antarctica. From the army of minions desperate stand three – Kevin, Stuart and Bob, who are sent to look for her new owner, and faced with a stylish ambitious villain, named Scarlet Overkill. The creators of the animated film, knowing that one nuttin and shouts «Bananaaa!», Is not to create a seamless and unified history, because of what is necessary to enter into the plot other entertaining characters, but not so attractive to outshine themselves protagonists. Thus, the minions are in the favorable light that plays into the hands of the creators.

Hardly for someone would be a surprise that the closest rainbow mischievous intent, the next will turn stupid and breathtaking journey through the streets of London, and not just where the same absurd and idiotic methods ridiculed customs British citizens. What did the creators did with her, we can say the cult character, in which only absurd and ridiculous situations they are not lured, but still have something to amuse and delight, unfortunately without the Grew. The heroine of Sandra Bullock obviously inscribed in history in order to supplement it, perhaps even to replace Steve Carell character, but apart from evil designs and the role as the main antagonist, it does not boast, while the latter draws its irresistible charisma, and even a kind of seriousness and concern. That’s in terms of thoughtfulness and concentration, “Mignon” inferior “Despicable Me”, respectively, it is unlikely that they will be able to boast the presence of at least a nomination for “Oscar”, as in the case of “Penguins of Madagascar”.

No claims of a deep and instructive framework animated film offers a fascinating and exciting adventure, with their characteristic sudden and uncontrolled antics causing delighted laughter, which is often achieved again due to the suddenness and sharpness. Certainly it should be noted that such indomitable and violent actions are not just scattered in different directions, but also served witty, and most importantly to the place. Energy, wildness and madness, along with insinuation and dexterity help minions keep a picture in a dynamic rhythm, especially in conjunction with the ability of reincarnation something serious into something inconceivable, so unexpected, that it instantly makes you laugh, at least creates an excellent and fun mood. Funny and naughty guys definitely guarantee a good time, forming your own blockbuster for young viewers.

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