Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich (biography)
Birthday: 19/12/1975 Year
Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
Nationality: United States
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 52 kg

Russian roots in Hollywood
Full Name: Milla Jovovich Natasha
Born: December 17, 1975; 17:15 in Kiev, Ukraine
Star sign: Sagittarius
Bust-Thalia-hips (86-61-86)
Brown hair, blue eyes.
Milla Jovovich Natasha (Milla Natasha Jovovich) was born December 19, 1975 in Kiev. Mother – a famous Soviet actress Galina Loginova, father – Yugoslavian doctor – a pediatrician Borghi Jovovich. At the age of 5 years, Milla with her parents moved to the US (first in Sacramento, then – in Los Angeles – – In the USSR, Mila lived long, and in 1979 moved with his parents to the United States, that the father had the opportunity to pursue a medical career. In America, Mila adds to his name even one letter “l”.)
In the 80 years Milla parents worked as a maid in the home of film director Brian De Palma, who liked to shoot their party. Sometimes it reaches the film surface and Milla. Her mother, actress Galina Loginova, a film career that began in the USSR in the series “Shadows at Noon” and the film “Much Ado About Nothing”, was unable to appear in Hollywood because of the strong accent, but she really wanted to go to her daughter feet, and all the money spent to pay for teachers who gave her only child music lessons, dancing and acting.
Milla started posing for magazines in 11 years; 13 – starred in the first movie (erotic melodrama “Two Moon Junction”); 16 – won the competition and took the lead role in an exotic Robinson Crusoe “Return to the Blue Lagoon” (1991). She was 17 when filming “Dazed and Confused” she met her first husband – actor Sean Andrews. The couple secretly married in Las Vegas, and a few days later, Galina Loginova insisted on divorce: under California law, if the bride and groom are under 18, parents make the final decision. After that, two years Jovovich went to Europe, where she performed with his own band Plastic Has Memory, and recorded an album Divine Comedy. In 1996, she returned triumphantly to the movies, playing the lead female role in “The Fifth Element” and marrying his film director Luc Besson. Its alliance with Besson did not last long, but they managed to do another movie together – “Joan of Arc” (1999).
Then Jovovich starred in the film “Hotel” Million Dollar “with Mel Gibson. Ctsenaristom film was Bono (lead singer of the popular Irish group «U2»). The film won the Berlin Film Festival in 2000.
Currently, Milla actively working as an actress, has released a second album, and continues to work as a model at Calvin Klein.
In Hollywood, Milla Jovovich is considered an intellectual. She composes music, likes to talk about literature and had been married for French director. It clearly is not one of the people who love movies about zombies. Why, then, she agreed to appear in “Resident Evil” – the bloody horror film based on the eponymous computer game? “I started playing this game with my 13-year-old brother and we are addicted to it, as addicts – explains recognized actress and the wealthiest top model of the world. – And I suddenly realized that I really want to – at least for diversity – to play the damsel in a miniskirt, which runs through the underground tunnels, waving a gun and shoots at everything that moves. ”
In 1994, Milla recorded a music album titled `The Divine Comedy`, has received rave reviews from critics and celebrities. She is currently active as an actress, singer and model.
Milla Jovovich Natasha was born in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in a family of famous Soviet actress Galina Loginova Jovovich and Gods – pediatrician. In the USSR, Milla lived long, and in 1979 moved with his parents to the United States, settling first in Sacramento, California, and then in Los Angeles.
The school did not enjoy love Milla classmates. As she says herself, her different from their peers by two things: the origin of the name. Being an enemy of the enemy state, she was subjected to all kinds of attacks from the American kids called her a communist. But Milla slightly worried about this. With the support of an exotic beauty young mother began looking for work actress. Luck smiled at her. And soon Milla appears on the screen in the movie “The Night Train to Kathmandu.” Jovovich later signed a contract to work model. And while most of the 15-year-old girls hard bison textbooks, Milla has photographed the famous Richard Eyvdona. At this age, it is involved in the campaign “The most memorable women in the world,” a well-known company and earns $ 3,500 a day.
Taking advantage of the acquired fame, she was able to get a role in the movie “The combination of two moons” and “Return to the Blue Lagoon”, where 18-year-old model nude removed. “I was a little worried about what people think about me my friends. I was earning a lot of money and was happy,” – says Jovovich.
In 1994, Milla leaves acting career, postpones the modeling business and interested in music. And in the same year released their debut album “The Divine Comedy”. In this album Jovovich included several Russian songs and one Ukrainian “on the lawn.”
tasteless girl
Heard that the casting for the film with a budget of 100 million. Dollars, “The Fifth Element” under the guidance of Luc Besson, Jovovich was determined to get the role of, and the director. Dressed in the most unbelievable clothes crazy New York designers, filling in eyebrows golden makeup, shod with 20-cm platform, she appeared before discouraged Besson. Milla had hoped that in this outfit it can not be distinguished from Alien, the role of which she claimed. Luke was struck to the heart, but not as expected Milla. In his view, “Alien” was just a girl, dressed up in gaudy spirit of the ’80s.
A few months later Jovovich had breakfast on the veranda of the hotel and saw the pool of Luke. At this time, Milla was without makeup, a T-shirt and jeans. When she bent over directorial chaise longue. “Hi, I’m the girl that you have not given the role!” What zonked Besson said: “Already gave.” So Milla performed the first part of the plan. Everything else was a matter of technique. Jovovich finally found a role. In a bright orange jumpsuit or dress of white bandages, created by Jean-Paul Gaultier, she played the alien girl-divine, saving humankind. This film offered Jovovich stars in the ranks of the first magnitude, and offered marriage to Besson, though not for long. Two years later they parted.
Paired with Mashkov
After “The Fifth Element” was followed by the role of a prostitute Dakota Barnes in Spike Lee’s “His play” where the star has worked with Denzel Washington. But further work Milla again intersects with Luc Besson, who chose her for the leading role in the historical drama “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc.” “Luke made the right choice, since I is the same impulsive and passionate,” – says Jovovich. With this picture Milla became not only one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, but also one of the richest women in the world.
One of his last works Jovovich – a film “Hotel” Million Dollar “written by lead singer of the Irish group” U-2 “Bono. However, her acting career is progressing slowly:” I agree to act only in the movies, the scripts that I like, I’m not going acting in cheap paintings, even if they are interesting, “- says Jovovich. Apparently, a good fee and exciting story prompted Milla consent to the shooting pictures Chuhraja Paul” Red America “: the estimated budget of the film six million dollars. The partner of Hollywood star was Vladimir Mashkov . This is a story about a businessman who arrived from New York to Moscow to make a deal. Instead, he falls in love with the heroine Jovovich and into the criminal society.
Milla’s personal life is also not standing still. Now she meets up with guitarist cult band “Red Hot Chilli Pepper” John Fruskiante. When asked what it mean for Russian roots, she answers unequivocally: “I am very proud of them. That will power that I feel in myself entirely owes its origin.”

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