Michael J. Fox

Michael Fox
Date of birth: 06/09/1961 Year
Age: 53 year
Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Citizenship: US
Height: 164 cm

The protagonist of the film “Back to the Future”
Michael gained fame for his role as Marty McFly in the trilogy “Back to the Future ‘(‘ Back to the Future ‘) 1985-1990 years. For his participation in the TV series ‘Family Ties’ (‘Family Ties’), where Fox played Alex P. Keaton, actor won three Emmy and a Golden Globe. For his role as Mike Flaherty from the series ‘Spin City’ (‘Spin City’) – one Emmy, three Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild. Fox is also known for his role as Private Max Eriksson in the historic action ‘military loss’ (‘Casualties of War’).
Michael J. Fox, the fourth of five children, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), June 9, 1961-th. His mother – Piper Phyllis (Phyllis Piper), was an actress, his father, William Fox (William Fox) – the police and the military. Because of the specifics of the Fox family father constantly moved. Based in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver (Burnaby; Vancouver), William retired in 1971. He died on January 6, 1990 th of a heart attack.
In school, Mike was seriously taken a great interest in hockey, but because of the short, 164 cm, he had to forget about sports career. Instead, he decided to become an actor. In 15 years, Fox starred in the Canadian comedy series ‘Leo and me’ (‘Leo and Me’). Later, it was discovered that with him yet developed Parkinson’s disease at the three members of the series. There was even raised, could not provoke any disease ecological factor.
In 1979, Fox, who just knocked eighteen, stunned his parents the decision to go to Los Angeles (Los Angeles). He dropped out and enlisted the support of her grandmother, went to America (America). Subsequently, after the marriage, the actor returned to his homeland.
When Fox was the process of registration in the ‘Screen Actors Guild’, revealed that the actor named Michael J. Fox is already there. In several interviews, Fox explained that he did not like his middle name, Andrew, so he decided to use the middle name ‘Jay’, paying homage to the actor Michael Jay Pollard (Michael J. Pollard).
Hollywood did not immediately spread his arms for a newcomer from Canada. Ashamed of his small stature, Fox began to gain weight, and it has carried so much that he then had to sit on a strict diet. After a losing streak Fox got into debt, he sold the furniture and began to think seriously about returning to Canada. The turning point was the invitation to the show ‘Family Ties’, which proved to be wildly popular in many countries. On set, he met his future wife Tracy Pollan (Tracy Pollan).
In 1985, Fox won the lead role in the science fiction film ‘Back to the Future’. At first, Marty McFly trust plays Eric Stoltz (Eric Stoltz). But director Robert Zemeckis (Robert Zemeckis) Stoltz did not like, or rather, he did not see in it the charisma needed for the image of a teenager McFly. When producer ‘family ties’ read the conditions, under which Fox could work on the side, without leaving the series, Zemeckis immediately jumped at the opportunity. Stoltz was asked to leave, and shooting the cult movie “Back to the Future ‘started again. About two months Fox has worked in exhausting mode – from 10 to 18 hours of filming the show, and then to 2.30 am playing Marty McFly.
All his work paid off. Painting Back to the Future ‘has become the leader of hire, not only to win the love of the audience, but also the toughest critics, and will be continued in 1989 and 1990. During the filming of the movie “Back to the Future 2” Fox celebrated the birth of their first child – Sam (Sam). In the third part of the film, Michael almost went to the other world. The film crew watching an episode of Marty McFly with hanging, was delighted with such a realistic game Fox. In fact, the rope worked really neck and tightened so that Fox lost consciousness.
Michael Tracy Pollan married July 16, 1988-th. The couple had four children. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease began to show an actor in 1990, during the filming of dramedii ‘Doc Hollywood’ (‘Doc Hollywood’). When the disease was detected, Fox went into the bout, but when asked for help and stopped to drink at all. In 1998, he spoke about his state of the public, and ever since has actively assisted with the research of Parkinson’s disease.
May 31, 2012 th Mike J. Fox was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the Justice Institute of British Columbia (Justice Institute of British Columbia) in recognition of his acting work and his great contribution to the research and awareness of Parkinson’s disease.
In 2013, Fox was the main star of the sitcom “Shaw Michael J. Fox ‘(‘ The Michael J. Fox Show ‘), whose plot revolves around again Parkinson’s disease.

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