Michael Caine

Michael Caine
Birthday: 3/14/1933, the
Age: 82 year
Place of birth: London, UK

Nationality: British
Height: 188 cm

Original name: Maurice Joseph Micklewhite

Michael Caine – a cult hero of modern youths UK.
Fighter and a womanizer on stage in his life he is not. He is prone to childishness
and finds his wife – Shakira, which have been married for 27 years – the most
beautiful woman in the world.
Born of a father and mother-loader-cleaner in the southern district of London, Maurice Maykluayt out of poverty to fame in 1966 when played womanizer low birth named Alpha, and later – agent bespectacled Harry Palmer in the trilogy about spies. In the course of the second half, he threw his name, replacing it with a more sophisticated Kane.
At the beginning of his career, Kane has been done for a drunkard and a fighter. Since then, he always tries to curb his tendency to binge and violence, while trying to be polite, refined. Caine starred in more than 70 films, but probably the most successful and daring of them – “The Man Who Would Be King” (1975), although the “Golden Globe Award” he received for “Education Rita” and “Oscar” – for Best Supporting Actor in the film “Hannah and Her Sisters.”
Now, in his 64 years old, it is removed less often, trying to devote more time to their restaurants (he owns five restaurants in London and one – in Miami). Many viewers remember him well as a sentimental con drama “Blood and Wine” (1997), as well as Captain Nemo in the miniseries “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” 1998 brought him the role of dowdy agent talent in the film “The Quiet Voice” directed by Mark Herman. A year later, he introduced to the audience Dr. Wilbur Lurch in “Rules of wine making shop” on the novel by John Irving. Dr. Larch runs an orphanage and abortion out of compassion for mothers and unborn children. The film is based on the relationship of doctors with one of the wards, Homer, played by Tobey Maguire. This role brought another Kane “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actor. Most recently, he appeared on the screen in the romantic comedy Peter Yatesa “curtain call” in the role of the spirit, which teaches James Spader appreciate the love.
There is something very soothing demeanor Kane. Its simplicity makes it easy to communicate with him. In it there is no affectation, but it has a strange habit when talking with someone steps back and gives him his eyes from head to toe, and during the conversation to look him straight in the eye.
When asked why he became a cult hero of modern youths UK, is a mischievous twinkle in his soft blue eyes: “I have a theory about this. Most films made in the UK in recent years, starring starring men who were smart and fun, while slightly suspicious, but they all seemed impotent and “frozen.” I’m one of the few actors who continue to play a heterosexual masculinity. The guys have no doubts about me. They look at me and trust me. I that the heroes of such films as “The Italian Job” (1969), “Get Carter” (1971) and “Alfie” (1966) continue to have an impact on young people. The first film tells us about good football, the hero of the second film – Carter – a gangster, who beat anyone he does not like, right in the jaw, well, the hero of a third simply seduced every woman on the way. If you add it all together, you get a pretty good guy who plays football well, beats those he does not like and always gets the girl. I play a guy for 30 years. And, believe it or not, I am proud of it. ”
He has a tendency to childish, even in its present age it is as charming and thinned. He is married to the same woman for 27 years. Her name is Shakira, she is a former Miss Guyana. Kane saw her for the first time in the advertising of coffee “Maxwell House”, and then found it. “If you work in a business where you are surrounded by a very beautiful woman, and you’re going to get married at the same time, your wife should be more beautiful it, – he said. – Shakira is a woman. However, she is not only beautiful in appearance. I myself not very beautiful, and besides, I have not too good internal quality. I’m too stubborn to easily lived with me, but she loves me so much that tolerate it. We are very happy together, because we are intertwined with each other. We know he thinks every one of us. We can easily let in the other people in our lives, but remain honest partners. It will be very difficult to get a divorce, because we have to unravel, and we die alone. ”
He never thought about the fact, whether successfully developed his life. He had a miserable childhood; He participated in the fighting in Korea while serving in the army; He struggled 10 years to television … In general, it was difficult to establish themselves in life. He achieved success with the film “Zulu” (1964), which played an army officer from a higher composition. And after a while, “Alfie” (1966) confirmed that it provided the potential star. To date, his personal income from movies and restaurants is 40 million dollars. He has two daughters, Natasha, has a degree in philosophy, and Dominique, the daughter of his first wife, Patricia Hayes, who owns a farm for breeding horses.
His philosophy is to quietly take everything in your path. “It is impossible to predict in advance what movie will achieve the greatest success, so you just have to keep working. And if one picture would be a failure, you must have two more left,” – he says.

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