Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan
Birthday: 19/11/1961 Year
Place of birth: Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 55 kg

Meg was right from childhood, clever and romantic young girl, an excellent student, the head of the class and thus popular among their peers (but first boyfriend unconfirmed reports appeared in her only in the institute). After high school, Ryan entered the Department of Journalism at the University of Connecticut. In order to pay for the education of the Meg decided to turn to acting profession: with the help of her mother, she received a card Actors Guild USA, which allowed her to get small roles in television series and commercials.
Meg’s mother, Susan, casting agent, she dreamed all his life to become an actress. But the dream remained a dream, and Susan settled in the small town of Fairfield, Connecticut, and married father of Meg, a mathematics teacher, having given birth to his four children. But an exemplary wife and mother Susan stayed only 20 years, and then, throwing all went to New York in search of a better life.
Meg became a major in the family after his father and helped him raise the younger children. Strange but true: cute, nice and really good Ryan has been since childhood. At school, Meg – round excellent student, class secretary, as still recall with pleasure classmates. After high school, Meg entered the faculty of journalism at New York University.
The university Ryan met his first love, actor Anthony Edwards (future star of the TV series “ER” Dr. Mark Greene). It was once led by Anthony Meg Ryan on the set. Ryan’s debut was the picture of “Rich and Famous” – for Meg film career took mother’s maiden name, although she could not forgive her betrayal of children and talked with her for a total of more than twenty years.
With his first film Ryan realized that her vocation – a lightweight, transparent romantic comedies. Description of acting Ryan – a fragile, elegant poludevochka-poluzhenschina – reminiscent of another idol of American cinema Mary Pickford, with which it has repeatedly compared the journalists. First, Ryan was busy only in the television series (“Only after school”, “Amy and the Angel”), and then gaining a strong position on the silver screen. The first significant film roles Ryan quite far from her usual roles. Hard Ryan heroine in “superweapon” and “Inner Space” Steven Spielberg with savory and not feminine manner of speech caused delight his surprise and charm. But the main success was waiting for Meg after painting “When Harry Met Sally,” which became a real hit, was nominated for the “Golden Globes” and won the hearts of spectators around the world.
But Ryan still did not want to stop and lock themselves forever in the framework of the image, which brought her a sure success, but did not give to learn anything new about the acting profession. So she agrees to play the girlfriend of the great rock musician Jim Morrison in the film “The Doors”, where her partner on the set becomes Val Kilmer.
But do not go against fate, and the next vertex in the actor’s fate Meg Ryan finally approved it on a pedestal, “the queen of melodrama,” becomes a touching and sentimental film “Sleepless in Seattle.” In the picture Nora Ephron Ryan became a journalist, accidentally on the radio to hear the story of a widowed hero Tom Hanks, who lives with her son after the death of beloved wife and grief can not even sleep. Of course, Ryan was able to replace the departed in the world other woman, and all zakanchivaaetsya well. For this film Ryan a second time nominated for the “Golden Globe”. After the success of “Sleepless in Seattle” Meg founded her own production company, which specializes exclusively in the romantic scenes. The first film released Ryan not only as an actress but also as a producer, it is a love story in pictures under the promising title “French Kiss.” Her heroine is deathly afraid of air travel, but is forced to fly to Paris to return the wrong lover. A chance meeting in an airplane moves searches apostate by the wayside, and a true love of the heroine is burning mustachioed Frenchman played by Kevin Kline.
Further the cooperation on the set with Matt Damon in the movie “Courage Under Fire,” with Kevin Spacey in “Alarm” and a number similar to one another, equally mellifluous melodramas with the inevitable well-being at the end. “Addiction to Love”, where the heroine is very well Ryan meets a new love just when detected cheating lover; “City of Angels”, where the beloved Meg becomes a real angel; “Intelligence quotient” – Ryan plays a passion for science and seeing nothing circle niece of Einstein, who longs to marry his beloved cousin. Only in the movie “When a Man Loves a Woman” Meg departs from the ideal way of life partner and plays an alcoholic wife.
In the film “You’ve Got Mail”, a remake of an old favorite American painting “The Shop Around the Corner”, the fate of a Nora Ephron again brings Ryan with Tom Hanks. This time the characters are introduced in computer correspondence and fall in love in the mail, in real life being bitter enemies. But the end of the tape and, like all the other involving Ryan, of course, happy. For the film “You’ve Got Mail” Meg was $ 10.5 million fee.
Perfect appearance and cute character Ryan inspired the creators of the animated film “Anastasia” to remove the animation of the fabulous adventures of very real daughter of the last Russian tsar. The fact that Anastasia managed to survive in the destruction of the royal family, has already been shot a lot of pictures, which put forward the most incredible versions of the story of the Russian imperial dynasty. Cartoon “Anastasia” does not have any relation to Russian history, this is another tale about the misadventures of a good girl and how, having gone through suffering and wandering, she finally meets her prince. And Meg was invited to voice his voice charming red-haired princess.
On the set of “inner space” Meg met her future husband Dennis Quaid. Quaid famous bad way of life, was an alcoholic and cocaine addict. The transformation that is with him managed to make Ryan was truly fabulous. Wedding Meg and Dennis occurred February 14, 1991, the day of Valentine’s Day. In 1994, Meg Ryan was named “Woman of the Year” and awarded the magazine “People” one of the 50 most beautiful women in the world.
Together with her husband and son Jack Meg lives in a cozy villa in California. On weekends, Ryan often flies on a ranch in Montana, where dwells a family favorite horse named Abraham.

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