Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick
Birthday: 3/21/1962, the
Age: 53 year
Birthplace: New York, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 72 kg

American actor Matthew Broderick at least once in their lives have seen not only the notorious film fans, but also those who turns on the TV and go to the movies on occasion. Few people have not watched a fantastic movie “Godzilla” psychological comedy “The Cable Guy,” the drama “valor.” List of films with the actor is small – a total of about twenty – but he has successfully participated in various theater productions.
Matthew Broderick was born March 21, 1962 in New York in a family of actors of Jewish immigrants. On its national heritage Broderick responds as follows: “Yes, I am a Jew, but I was never attracted a religion, and to be honest, I have no idea what to do with my Jewishness, which comply with the tradition that you can do, and what not. And while I do not have time to pay more attention to their roots. ”
The son of actor James Broderick followed his father as a teenager. He began working in the theater and as soon succeeded in this difficult matter, even got in twenty-three years the highest theatrical award “Tony” for his role in Neil Simon’s play “Memories of Brighton Beach.” Later Broderick quite successfully worked with well-known playwrights Neil Simon, and Horton Foote, whose plays have helped to uncover the diverse talent of the actor.
Broderick made his debut in the film “The Return of Max Dugan” (1983) and the first success in the movie came to him, when the screens went fantastic film directed by John Badham “War Games”. Broderick in the film appeared in the form of American students, the young computer genius who plays on a personal computer in the video game “global nuclear war.” Suddenly, he is connected to the computer system of the Pentagon. War risks on the screen to apply to reality … The film won the “Oscar” for Best Cinematography, as well as in the category of “Best Original Screenplay”.
With the growing popularity and increased the number of offers to play in a particular film. So there were a romantic ribbon – adaptation of the immortal “Cinderella” (1985) (according to many critics, the best game adaptation of the famous fairy tale); Tape-style “fantasy” “Lady Hawk” (1985) with Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer and John Wood – magical story of beauty, Valiant Knight, had fallen under the evil spell and a small thief (it’s the playing Broderick), who their ally.
Soon Broderick preferences have changed somewhat, he became increasingly embody the image of the soldier on the screen. In 1985 he was filmed drama “1918”, designed and carefully furnished with all the details of a life story of a life in Texas during the First World War.
Going to the cinema of youth to adult roles was not easy, but the actor has overcome this barrier, convincingly playing the commander of the first division of black northern soldiers during the Civil War in a historical film by Edward Zwick, “valor” (1989). In addition, Matthew Broderick, the film stars Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. Later, on the screens out a dramatic picture of the war, “Biloxi Blues” (1988), where Broderick plays a soldier in the Army training base in the last days of World War II; world famous fantastic film “Godzilla” (the role of biologist Nick Tatopoulos, who saves the world from the threat of the return of the world the image of Jurassic); crime film “Rookie” (1990) with Marlon Brando and Maximilian Schell.
In the 90 years Matthew Broderick again decides to change the focus of its genre characters and remove a row in several comedies, “The Cable Guy” (1996), “Inspector Gadget” (1999), “upstart” (1999). Despite the rather active in the movie, Matthew Broderick had to put and produced biopic “Infinity” (“Endless Love,” 1996), he also played a major role in the company with Matt Malhernom, Dori Brenner and Patricia Arquette. The main character, Richard Faynmen, a brilliant young physicist, love Arlene Greenbaum, fine, artistic girl. They were a wonderful couple and appreciate his love. But the happiness was destroyed when Arlene ill deadly disease. She had only two years to live, and all this time he was with her. No wonder the film is called “Infinity” …
In 1994, the studio “Disney” has published a full-length cartoon “The Lion King.” The first big Disney movie ignored the human characters. The main characters voiced by Matthew Broderick and Jeremy Irons, and secondary – famous comedians Whoopi Goldberg and “Mr Bean” – Rowan Atkinson. Hot on the trail in 1995 was released the animated series “Wild Adventures Timon and Pumbaa” and in 1998 – videoprodolzhenie “The Lion King 2: Simba’s flock” in which the protagonist also voiced Broderick.
One of his last film works – in a new gangster film directed by Jeff Nathanson’s “Providence” (2002). The project, which also involved Alec Baldwin, based on real events – a special operation that took place in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. The action revolves around the budding filmmakers (Matthew Broderick), who gets several million dollars to establish their first film from a mysterious patron (Alec Baldwin) with the condition that the shooting will take place in Providence. Subsequently, however, it turns out that the producer of a new tape is a secret agent of the FBI …
In general it can be said that Broderick’s career moves uphill. Only once she was threatened when on holiday in Ireland, while driving, Matthew collided with another car and two passengers of the car were killed. At that time Broderick had an affair with Jennifer Grey, star of “Dirty Dancing.” Following the tragic events, he ended. Matthew went to court, but was acquitted. Yet the psychological trauma was very deep. Shortly thereafter, he met Matthew and Sarah Jessica Parker. On the basis of a common love for the theater they were close friends. Once it became clear very quickly that Matt and Sarah are very suitable to each other, are both well-read, both Democrats, both love theater. They successfully played together in the Broadway production of “How to Succeed in Business without much effort,” and Matthew received for his second role “Tony.” Sarah and Matthew fell in love and moved in together. And in 1997, we got married in secret from reporters and photojournalists. “We wanted it to be a celebration for our loved ones, and considered inappropriate to invite the media and photographers to an event that so many means to us” – says Sarah. Still, the wedding was reported and the bride and groom had to spend the last few nights with friends as they guarded the house reporters. “Can you imagine, even our garbage searched in hopes of learning where a wedding!” – Still perplexed Sarah. As a result of this played away from the prying eyes of wedding turned out strong, close-knit family. When Matthew asked what the secret of their happiness, he did not hesitate to respond: “We love each other. And do not seek to change each other, around the stay themselves.” In October 2002, at the amicable couple had a son, who was given the name James Wilkie after the father of Matthew. The couple live happily in New York. They have a house in Los Angeles, but they do not want to move, perhaps because New York – the city theater, and this celebrity couple never imagined my life without theater.

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