Mary Mcdonnell

Mary McDonnell
Birthday: 4/28/1952, the
Age: 63 year
Place of birth: Pennsylvania, United Kingdom

Citizenship: US

Matches: Mary, McDonnell, Mary McDonnell
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Popular American actress of theater, film and television. Her most memorable work was involved in the famous film «Dances with Wolves (Dances with Wolves)” – at the time the role was awarded the “Oscar”. In addition, considerable importance in the actor’s career as an actress and had a job in the film Mary «Battlestar Galactica».
Mary McDonnell was born on April 28, 1952, in Pennsylvania and grew up in New York. After graduating from New York University, the future actress was admitted to drama school, and after some time she was invited to the troupe Long Wharf Theatre Company, where she worked for more than twenty years. Currently, the actress continues to creative activities. She is married to actor Randy Mel. The couple have two children – Olivia and Michael – and in the current period of time living in Los Angeles.
For the first time the actress noticed in 1980, the year when Mary appeared in all its creative glory in the play «Still Life». Then she won the award «Obie». Later, Mary was one of the revered actresses of Broadway.
During almost two decades of productive actress she played in the theater and worked in television. On television, the actress really “zazvezdilsya” in the early eighties, when there was in the soap opera «As the World Turns» (1984).
When – in 1990, the year – McDonnell starred in the first feature film. They were “Dances with Wolves” – in collaboration with the famous actor Kevin Kosnerom. The work was extremely serious and unusual for Mary and yet she managed, and even won an award. The actress received the “Oscar” – for best female supporting role.
After a few years, the actress was nominated for “Oscar” once again – in the category “Best Actress (main role)” – for taking part in the film «Passion Fish».
Among other things, especially notable works of Mary was the participation of the actress in films such as «Grand Canyon» (1991), «Sneakers» (1992), «Independence Day» (1996), «Donnie Darko» (2001). Incidentally, the actress was nominated for an Emmy – for the excellent role played by Eleanor Carter in the movie «Donnie Darko».
Since 2003, the actress played in the series «Battlestar Galactica», which plays the role of Laura Roslin. The series became popular, and will be shown on TV until March of 2009.

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