Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen
Birthday: 03/08/1940 Year
Place of Birth: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Nationality: United States

Ramon Estevez, better known by his pen name Martin Sheen – American actor, best known for his role as Captain Willard in ‘Apocalypse Now’ and President Bartlet in the ‘West Wing’.

Born on August 3, 1940 in Dayton, Ohio, USA
Sheen was born in the United States, the son of Irish immigrant Mary Ann (nee Phelan) and working Hispanic Francisco Estevez (by the way, Martin now has dual citizenship – the United States and Ireland). Shin was one of 10 children in the family and was brought up a Catholic (by the way, a pseudonym taken by an actor in honor of the Catholic archbishop, theologian Fulton Sheen).
In 1930 the family lived in Bermuda father Ramon was there a representative of IBM and selling cash registers, calculating machines and imaging.
Martin since childhood wanted to be an actor; father was against it, but the son still went to New York, taking money from the local priest. There he joined the social movement of the working-Catholics, having become acquainted with its activist Dorothy Day, and began to build a career as an actor, being influenced by the works J.. Dean. First, he had worked in a young theater collective, in 1963 appeared in a series of ‘Nightmare’ sci-fi series ‘External borders’, then went to the scene of Broadway in the play ‘The Subject Was Roses’, appeared on the series ‘Mission Impossible’ ‘Flipper’, ‘NYPD’ many others.
In 1972, he starred in the controversial TV movie ‘That Certain Summer’ – the first TV movie, show the problem of homosexuality is not a blaming position and get Emmy.
Then there was the dramatic movie ‘Wasteland’ (1973), which is often called the best actor of his work, nominated for Emmy for starring in the television movie ‘The Execution of Private Slovik’ – Private Slovik, the only American soldier who was executed during the Second World for desertion, after which Francis Ford Coppola invited him to his ‘Apocalypse Now’ (his shooting Sheen was not in good shape: drinking, suffered a heart attack, after which a part of the episode was filmed in his stead younger brother, Joe Estevez, also an actor).
In 2002, Sheen starred in another TV movie, which became a solid contribution to the formation of his acting fame – in the documentary ‘West Wing’ (‘The West Wing’). Among recent works actor – the film ‘Love Happens’ (2009).
In addition, Martin Sheen, and is active in politics; most often it is involved in anti-war speeches. Also now, in recent years, he made up for shortfall in earlier higher education, becoming an honorary graduate of several universities and even after spending some time at the desk.
As for the actor’s personal life – in 1961 he married Janet Templeton; they have grown four children (all of them – the actors, and the most famous – Charlie (Carlos) Sheen) and six grandchildren grow up already.

The son of Spanish immigrants and Irish, Martin Sheen is a hell of a mixture of two nationalities, and manifested in the appearance and temperament, and character. Blue eyes with large proteins, located on the “neutral” face with very regular features that can radically change the expression, allowing the holder to perform the role in a range of maniacs to simpletons. And the determination and courage of the Spanish conquistadors, united with the eternal Irish militancy in the struggle for justice, manifested in social engagement bus. Without his participation costs rare liberal or charitable event, he was repeatedly arrested for taking part in various, often anti-nuclear, demonstrations, on television, he – the author and performer of unique political docudrama characterizing the activity of the Kennedy brothers, counsel John Dean and others.
Unique original actor, a real nugget has not received special education, Shin drew attention to himself in 1964, playing in the sensational Broadway play “It was about the Roses” (1968 production was moved to the screen).

He started to work as a janitor, messenger, washer car dealer soda. Frequent communication with different people developed in him not mock the ability, and the ability to penetrate into the subtle nuances of human psychology. Attention to detail was the basis of the behavioral skills of their future occupations. Observation and analytical skills could not sooner or later lead to tire profession rezhisserayu
On television, he made his debut tape “Children having children”, in the film on his own script made the film “Cadence” (1990).

Appeal to the new craft was partly stimulated. The fact that the screen is not too lucky tire. Every now and then exploited what – that one facet of his talent.

In his first work – a sadistic way of terrorizing the whole car with a friend in the subway train “incident” (1967), the actor has managed to create a very powerful image.
After that, he appeared maniac pervert in endless variations of “Lolita, the host of a psychopath” (as, for example, in the movie “The girl who lives down the street,” 1976). Devoid of any moral and ethical principles of the killer, guided only by the fear of the chase (“Wasteland”, 1973). Turning to the subject of his close and being extremely reliable bus, despite all efforts, rarely managed to diversify the images of the trade union leaders and other similar typecasting (“Wall Street”, 1987).
Only one director saw the many facets of talent of the actor: Coppola took bus in one of the central roles of the famous “Apocalypse Now” (1979). Together with Marlon Brando, he was like the two poles of human madness generated by the war. But in the final of the pole touched, the circle is closed, the hunter and the victim not changed places, not merged and displayed mutilated life consciousness. In order to pass on the screen some philosophical concept, it is necessary not only high director’s craft, but also genuine acting talent. In Mummery Shin did not give Brando, and it is – an undoubted standard of craftsmanship.

Tire four children. Three – Emilio, Ramon and daughter Renee are real name – Estevez. The third son, Charlie, has inherited his father’s nickname – Shin. All four – actors.

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