Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence
Birthday: 4/16/1965, the
Age: 50 years
Place of birth: Frankfurt, Germany

Citizenship: US

Lawrence Martin (Martin Lawrence) born April 16, 1965 in Germany (Frankfurt), in the family of a serviceman.

When he was six years old, they moved to the United States (Maryland), where he spent his childhood Martin.
Martin opened in early comic abilities. According to Lawrence himself, he could always cheer up his mother, who had single-handedly raising six children (his father left the family when he returned to Germany). Even at school he could laugh and hold the attention of a large audience. Therefore, by the time when Martin went into independent life and graduated, he finally decided to become a comic actor. His career began with appearances in nightclubs in Washington. Speaking about that period of his life, the actor said that these actions were necessary to gain confidence in himself: if he can amuse clubbers, it will make every laugh.
The big movie debut in the film Lawrence of “Do what is necessary” (dir. Spike Lee, 1989), followed by offers from Hollywood coming regularly, “home parties” (1990), “house party 2” (1991) “After Dark” (1991) and “Boomerang” (1992), where Lawrence appeared with Eddie Murphy. However, these were small, rather episodic roles.
Basically popularity Lawrence brought his participation in the TV show. The first program, which appeared Martin Lawrence, brought him fame as a unique comic actor. Moreover, in 1993, he became the leading own television show “Martin» («Martin»), successfully aired cable channel Fox-TV.
During the show, Martin distinguished himself as a very diverse comedian, performing not only the lead, but also playing the role of the mother of the hero, that just led the audience in raptures. This is despite specific, rude humor, sometimes teetering on the brink of banality. On the growth of the popularity of the show “Martin” is evidenced by the fact that even the American censorship, at first only allows a single use of the word «ass» Live, Martin Lawrence soon allowed to use this curse without restrictions. In the same 1993 show “Martin” it was recognized as the best TV-show America over the next five years remained one of the most popular among viewers, taking top place in the rankings. The insight and wit Martin Lawrence, which allowed to rise above stereotypes, led to the fact that in 1994 he was recognized as the best comedian USA.
However, in all this ointment not without a spoon of tar. Since 1994, the name of Martin Lawrence are regularly featured in the press in connection with numerous scandals. Taking psychiatric drugs Actor eventually become insane and just allowed myself wild antics. So, in 1994 for obscene jokes, he was expelled from the program “Live from Saturday night.” This event was only the first link in a chain of scandals. More – more. In 1996, being one of the busiest intersections in arms, he swore dirty and behaved like a madman. But two months later he was arrested and sentenced to correctional labor without imprisonment for attempting to smuggle firearms into the plane at the airport. The scandal around Lawrence added and allegations of sexual harassment, and a loud divorce with his wife, and coarse antics on the set, and the attack on the visitor nightclub, and treatment in a rehabilitation center.
However, all this did not stop Martin Lawrence successfully removed. Paradoxically, but being on the hook at the police, Lawrence played the role of a police officer Marcus Barnett – one of the main roles in the film Martin Bay “Bad Boys” (1995). The film quickly became a hit, allowing open until the end of acting talent Lawrence. And the ensuing movie “Nothing to Lose” (1997), “Life” (1999) and “Blue Streak” (1999) is only secured success. Today filmography Martin Lawrence is more than two dozen films, including “Big Momma’s House” (2000), after which the actor’s fees exceeded 10 million. Dollars, “Black Knight” (2001), “National Security” (2003), ” Bad Boys 2 “(2003) and others.
In addition to acting, Martin Lawrence is known as a talented director and producer. His films “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” (1996), “Big Momma’s House” (2000) and “Big Momma’s House 2” (2006), “What could be worse?” (2001), “National Security” (2003 ) not only brought huge profits to their author, but also enjoy the same success at the box office.
In 2001, in recognition of Lawrence as an actor, director and producer imprints of his hands and feet were immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard.

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