Martin Landau

Martin Landau
Birthday: 6/20/1931, the
Age: 83 years
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, United States

Citizenship: US

I just homosexuals on the screen!
Every New Year’s Eve, raising a glass of champagne, winner of the “Oscar” Martin Landau vows wife to leave the film business. Of course, white-haired master of cunning: to leave such a lucrative business, he’s not going to. Too many projects are not implemented, and the best roles, according to Martin, has not yet played. The other day, for example, the irrepressible Landau will star in romantic melodrama “Texas” in the role of a wise man whimsical ladies.
Martin, your father, well-known financier, dreamed that you will continue his work. How did you become an actor?
– In 17 years, I felt the need for pocket money and went looking for a permanent job. But the doors of large firms for the greenhorn youngster were closed. Only after long persuasion, I finally admitted to the newspaper “New York Daily Times” cartoonist.
Probably had to trump the name of the father?
– No, just to hide his true age. But, drawing comics, I always dreamed of entering the Actors Studio, and eventually went into mummers. Mother thought I was crazy. True, did not preach, but with undisguised irony following the beginning of the career of the artist.
I offer themselves to the right and left
They say that in his youth, you were very ambitious and vain?
– Maybe. The energy was in full swing, but I clearly decided for himself that he would never turn into a commercial actor, receiving frantic fees for mediocre roles. I dreamed of the people’s love and now quite happy!
And then I went to all the theaters known to me, offering himself, until he was in the company of young actors who every week gave two dozen show! I danced, sang, played the fool on stage and I realized that was not mistaken in choosing a profession. But one day I woke up with obsessive thoughts – try yourself in the movie industry. And I went to Hollywood …
… Where you immediately pasted grim role of the actor! Do not be bored playing the sinister role?
– A game that offered. But the main principle has not changed: my roles were characteristic and memorable. And in 1959, after the release of the movie Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”, in which I played a homosexual woke popular. Homosexuals out of me turned gorgeous!
– No, no, I’m a fan of women. By the way, I really like the Russians. They are so sweet and delicious, it’s hard to look away! But I never endow his characters traits of his character. All great actors, and I am no exception, prefer to wash their “I”, is completely dissolved in character. Only in this way achieved organic and perfection of the game.
Not everyone is a star that shines
The Hollywood stars fall only potential?
– The title of the star says only one thing – the person has gained worldwide popularity. But in order to become a real star, it is not necessary to act in Hollywood. I, for example, the brightest luminaries of world cinema believe Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard. In Hollywood, a lot of mediocre, “artificial” celebrities.
Undoubtedly, many of them are attractive and sexy, but they can not be called talented. But in general I do not like neither praise nor criticize the actors. All of them consider themselves to be wonderful and second to none, and I can not stop them from wrong. But as an actor and director love working with original, unpredictable and even a bit mysterious people such as Johnny Depp, Matt Deyman, Sharon Stone, Greta Bacon, Janie Volans. By the way, I’ll be with Janie star in “Texas.” That she got the role of cantankerous wife.
Labor and talent enough to be a great actor?
– Probably not. Often for this purpose must also be able to sacrifice not only themselves, but also family, and health. Renee Zellweger, for example, for the filming of “Chicago” had to lose weight healthy and John Rizdevizu for “Lord of the Rings”, where he played a dwarf, on the contrary, to recover to a disgrace.
He begat worthy change
In many photos you embrace the nice fans. Wrath wife are not afraid?
– Ha-ha-ha! Chatter about my frivolity and excessive attention to the opposite sex does not cease for the past several decades. But my favorite picture next to me not a fan, but my wife – Barbara Brain Bee and Susan Landau. This gorgeous woman in my life played a huge role. Barbara, we were taken for a long time in some films. The audience remembers us series “Mission Impossible”, where we performed the leading role. Our alliance collapsed by mutual fault, but we were able to stay good friends. My second wife, Susan – producer. Thanks to her, the whole world looked wonderful film “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” Susan understands me better than anyone. If I’m ashamed to say, I made a faux pas or someone inadvertently offended, then I confess only to her.
Are you glad that the children follow in your footsteps?
– Yes. I am particularly proud of my daughter. Her name is Juliet, she was 32 years old, she is an actress. Roles in the movie “Ed Wood” and “Buffy” earned her a well-deserved fame. Incidentally, in the comedy drama “Ed Wood,” we worked together, I played there a complete morphine addict Bela Lugosi. Son I am also pleased, he is quite successful producer. In short, he raised a decent shift.
* Martin Landau was born on June 20, 1931 in the US
* He acted in 70 films
* The most famous films with Martin Landau: “Cleopatra” (1963), “Mission: Impossible” (1967), “Access Code” (1988), “Sliver” (1993), “Ed Wood” (1994), “The X-Files: the struggle for the future “(1998),” Sleepy Hollow “(1999),” The Majestic “(2002)
* Winner of the “Oscar” for his role as Bela Lugosi in “Ed Wood”
* The creator of the film company «Silver Street Pictures», the imaging medium and low-budget films
* It occupies 11th place in the number of professional awards among American actors

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