Marten – a fairly large mammal. Fur in her lush, soft, grayish-brown back and lighter sides. On the animal’s throat clearly visible stain orange, with the summer it is brighter than the winter. Unlike their closest relatives sable, lives mainly in Siberia, marten inhabits forests almost the whole of Europe and only occasionally comes to the territory east of the Urals, sometimes to the Ob River and very rare on its right bank.
The favorite habitat of pine marten – old coniferous and mixed forests with an abundance of dead wood and hollow trees, where she finds a good shelter and abundant food. Typically, in a pine forest on the tree, marten satisfied nest in a hollow at high altitude.
Marten excellent climbs trees, even jumps from one tree to another, using a bushy tail like a parachute. This animal swims well, fast and free running around the earth, and even in deep snow, as well hairy legs in the winter, and marten does not sink into the snow, and easily kept on its surface.
Due to its strength, speed and agility to catch marten may hare, capercaillie, black grouse also eat mice, small birds, and does not go past the frogs. Main production marten – the usual protein. Hunting for her, marten sometimes makes huge leaps. Marten likes to feast on berries, especially rowan. Often small mammal is the main destroyer of bird nests, and with the same success it ruins the nests of ground birds and nests, arranged high in the treetops.
In July, at the pine marten mating season begins. Soon the females appear from 1 to 8 helpless, naked, blind cubs. But by 4 months they almost reach the size of adults, becoming fully independent.
Martens live up to 15 years. The most dangerous, especially for young animals, fox, eagle and owl. Just a lot of competitors in relation to food: all the wild animals living in the woods. But the enemies that represent a serious danger for martens and could affect its strength, no. It leads to the disappearance of overfishing.
In some areas, the number of martens depends on the spring flood, during which killed a lot of small rodents – the main production martens. In addition, the space habitat of this animal are reduced due to logging sites of old, mature forests, convenient for nesting, which would eventually lead to the complete disappearance of martens.

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