Marmots – large rodents, weigh 5-6 kg, live in families. Every family has one main marmot burrow, where the hibernation and appears young, and somewhat stern, or protective, burrows, which are connected to the wintering burrow network of small animals trodden paths.
The outermost holes feed one family paths lead to the burrows of neighboring households, and thus all the steppe covered with a complex system of burrows and tracks. If grazing groundhog sees danger, he rushes headlong into the nearest hole, giving an alarm. Moment – and now all animals are columns in burrows and continuing anxiety screaming carefully examined by the parties. Eagle or wolf does not often have tender meat feast Groundhog in this collective warning of the danger.
In the beginning of the XIX century. marmots inhabited almost all the steppes of Eurasia, from Hungary to the Trans-Baikal, capturing large areas of countryside and mountain steppes. Related species of marmots widely inhabited prairies of North America. Nowadays marmots everywhere preserved only in small isolated colonies, and then usually only in the reserves on land stud farms or in places not suitable for plowing the land.

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Marmot Wallpapers
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