Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando
Date of birth: 04/03/1924 Year
Age: 80 years
Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Date of death: 01.07.2004 Year
Place of death: Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 175 cm

The magazine “Caravan of stories”, November 1999
Beautiful, absolutely unpredictable, violent and noble at the same time, Marlon Brando swept by violent whirlwind life, leaving behind a trail of scandals, illegitimate children, divorces and family tragedies. The press nicknamed him “savage.”
At 10.45 May 16, 1990 operator service “911” Los Angeles responded to a phone call. “In my house there was a murder,” – he said in a muffled male voice on the other end of the line.
– Sir, please list their name and address, – the operator ready to record. After a moment’s pause, the voice came again:
– My name – Marlon Brando.
Half an hour later, Christian Brando, the eldest son of the famous actor, has already answered the questions of the police. “I do not want to kill him, – he said. – And if he wanted to, just brought to the bastard out of town and smashed his head with a baseball bat.” The picture of what happened gradually brightened. When Brando Jr. came home, his sister Shen – she was eight months pregnant – went to his room and burst into tears, began to complain of her fiance Dag Drolleta. Christian was pretty drunk – without a moment’s hesitation, he grabbed the gun and forty-five caliber and went to “deal with the dregs.” “I just wanted to punish him for his constant abuse of his sister. Then a fight broke out between us and I accidentally pulled the trigger,” – justified by Christian.
It is unlikely that the story turned to scandal, if not strange phrase Shen Brando that, but according to witnesses, she said, a minute before the father scooped her up in his arms and took the airport: “This is not an accident. This is murder! ” It is not that large family Brando led a quiet and respectable life, is just the opposite. But the murder – it was too much.
… “My mother did not really care about us – more worried about her, wherever a good get drunk. And my father seemed to be all consisted of alcohol, testosterone, adrenaline and anger. Talk to him about anything it was a more expensive”, – so once he described his childhood Marlon Brando. Alas, all it was. Brando Sr., a respected merchant in the town of construction materials, contained in abundance and family thought that this is enough. His wife, Dodie, once dreamed of a theatrical career, spent her days in anguish, which is filled with whiskey. “My mother was for me almost everything. I tried so hard … He came home from school – and there was no one there. Then the phone rang, and someone said,” Hey, man, we here at the bar your mother … You would come pick her up or something. ”
Marlon school and did not graduate, and soon moved to the older sister Frances in New York to work as a truck driver, dispatcher lifts the seller of lemonade, then lived here and there. Then he enrolled in drama school and started playing in the second-rate little pieces. This life of the young Brando quite satisfied. Money is more or less enough, and with the girls had no problems. “He was the most sensible guy that you can imagine, his natural magnetism simply disarmed!” – Talked about it the former girlfriend of drama school. Marlon, meanwhile, enjoyed the freedom and led the life of a bohemian eccentric – took lessons in psychology, art history, colloquial French, all night banging on the tom-toms (as the neighbors called the police several times), answered the phone in different voices and wept watching “Bambi.” All his property consisted of a drum player, a piano and a pair of red books, clothes – from T-shirts and blue jeans.
So he saw the playwright Tennessee Williams – he just was looking for an actor for the role of Stanley Kowalski in the play “A Streetcar Named” Desire “. The role of Brando received immediately. After a couple of months Humorous fight backstage Marlon broke his nose, he incorrectly merged – and the new generation of Americans has a new sex symbol.
Brando went to Hollywood filmmakers but was not easy to work well with a crank, which is defiantly challenged all the inhabitants of “dream factory”. At home glamor “savage” came in jeans, T-shirt and a jacket full of holes. He did not know how to behave, but, to tell the truth, and did not want to bother with this nonsense. Brando did everything wrong. Hamil eminent journalists, was rude to the producers preferred bike “Jaguar”, but simply housekeepers – their eminent lady. About “dumbass,” as he was nicknamed Hollywood lights, the buzz of the newspaper, and he never tired of giving to this new occasion.
Young America meanwhile literally praying for their new idol. Teens imitate his gestures and gait-shirt and faded jeans have become the most fashionable clothes. And Hollywood resented how this “redneck” who can not hold a fork with a knife, not knowing the right people, allowing themselves idiotic remarks about kinoelity, could so quickly break through to glory ?!
… Operate at full capacity heater, the typewriter strewn everywhere cameras, recorders, clothing, half-eaten sandwiches, books on yoga, Zen meditation technique (Brando claimed that never in my life have not read a single work of art) – so, According to eyewitnesses, he looked Brando dressing room on the set of paintings “Sayonara.” Initially, Marlon was executed enthusiasm – still would love to eastern American woman, his beloved horse! – But immediately after the shooting mood “savage” hopelessly spoiled. “Sayonara”? I love garbage, which was conceived as a serious film about Japan … What, in essence, is the difference? I work just for the money. “Producers of such” non-advertising “statements just cringe. But Brando seemed to be do not care.” They’ve never made an honest picture! – He exclaimed at every step. – I’m doing just because mentally strong enough to give up the money! ”
All staff Hollywood beauty started the hunt for the young “savage.” Marlon is a contemptuous of them waved. Much more it attracted just a girl with a Latin or Asian blood, olive skin, bright eyes and a natural grace. “They do not have that damn Hollywood hypocrisy – invariably replied,” savage “on the questions of the curious. – They’re real.”
Against the background of identical Hollywood film stars young Indian actress Anna Kashfi really looked charmingly. Long black hair, deep eyes, dark golden skin – do not pay attention to this young Oriental Beauty “savage” just could not. Besides Anna Brando won his romantic tales about India, about the years he spent on the banks of the Ganges, philosophy and ancient wisdom of the East. “Savage” was struck on the spot – he met the one and only “real” woman, which was the dream.
Although the marriage ceremony has been shrouded in secrecy, the next day, Brando gave a nasty surprise. Working from Wales William Patrick 0’Kallegan announced to the world that Anna is not no Indian, and his daughter, who was born in India, when he worked there on the railways. At first, she became a model, and then went to conquer Hollywood.
Brando stayed silent – with only some masochistic frenzy read in the tabloids caustic comments and sharpness in his address: “Long-term quest” real “women who led Mr Brando has finally come to fruition,” “Starlet held to avid exotic dunce ! ” and so on in the same spirit. “Anna fell in love with Marlon without memory and knowing his passion for oriental women, was ready to go to any lengths to become his wife – recalls her friend. – Of course, it is cheating, but she was already pregnant with him!”
Established through feminine wiles family was short-lived. A week before the first anniversary of the wedding Anna Kashfi announced that it filed for divorce. “Life is like a Brando jumps – she admitted the press. – Short Flash madman craving – and long periods of boredom and indifference. I can no longer endure his strange lifestyle.” Anna told the trial that a month after the wedding, found her husband in bed with some Asian beauty; the demand of Anna to get out of their bedroom she launched her nightlight. “Marlon insists that he wants to present life, and the forever hovers in the world of illusions. When he starred in” Sayonara “- I had to become a geisha. Then Marlon got the role of a Nazi officer – and our house has turned into some kind of Auschwitz. It It can no longer continue. ”
As soon get a divorce, Brando married again – as if he wanted to prove to myself and to the world that the error with the marriage – just an unfortunate accident. But this marriage proved to be very fleeting. Actress Movitu Kastenadu that at the time of the proceedings has managed to give birth to a son Miko, France replaced the Vietnamese Nguyen. She in turn – Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno … In the end the quest “real” women are led Brando to Tahiti, where he was to appear in the film “Mutiny on the” Bounty “.
Brando had to choose a partner in one of the sixteen young girls. View took a very original – Marlon turns retreated with each of the candidates in a hotel room. Finally, the choice fell on Taritu Teriipay. Before his unexpected acting career, she worked as a dishwasher (by the way, in the same hotel). As expected, shortly Tarita gave Marlon son Teotu.
Brando was happy again – with Taritoy they walked all night, making love, enjoying life. Otherwise, I feel shestidesyatishestiletny Hollywood veteran director Lewis Milestone. First, Brando appeared on set with red eyes from lack of sleep and does not know the text. Secondly, Milestone used actors to dictate what to do, and command “Action!” With this method Brando was foredoomed. “One day, he decided to move to a villa in fifty kilometers from the set – it took us six thousand dollars to satisfy this whim. We had to go around, or his tastes or spit and leave the area,” – she complained to the director. In the end, he chose the latter. And while Milestone sat in the dressing room, flipping through magazines, the final scenes of the movie were filmed without his participation, under the dictation of Brando. Fads “savage” cost the studio $ 6 million and a few extra months of work.
When the “Mutiny on the” Bounty “was released in rent, he justified the worst expectations. The directors and studio began to be afraid to communicate with the” savage “who, instead of working, surrounded himself with sweet mulattos, but was not able to remember a single line from the script.
However, Brando, apparently, this situation is absolutely not disappointed. “I do not particularly like to act – but in what, say, the profession, you can get a lot of money for such tomfoolery?” – He calmly shrugged his shoulders. In addition, to maintain the reputation of a rebel Marlon doing great and outside of Hollywood. Scandal followed scandal …
Brando takes part in high-profile marches for racial equality, meets with representatives of the National Congress of American Indians, and accuses the government of infringing their rights. “It is said that the Indians uneducated. On the contrary – they are too educated. The suffering and oppression” – broadcasts “savage” from the pages of newspapers. He participates in the funeral procession leader of “Black Panther” James Hutton, who was shot by police. The memorial speech Brando says, “You are listening to White for four hundred years, and they still did not do you no good.” The police filed a lawsuit in Brando $ 25 million for defamation.
At the same time, Brando was finally able to arrange custody of the eldest son – his fight with Anna for the fate of Christian never stopped since the divorce. One of six Christian called the police and said that “the mother got sick.” Anna took an overdose of drugs and was also accused of resisting arrest. At the hearings, the public learned many interesting things about the personal life of the actor. Hannah implored the court did not give the child Brando, “that he did not live in the pack of his illegitimate children and countless mistresses.”
While films with Brando, one after another failed, his fee was enough to buy a group of small islands off the coast of Tahiti. There they lived with Taritoy, not formalizing their relationship – according to local customs and this was not required. Brando was beaming with happiness: “In Tahiti all falls into place. Coconut – on a palm tree, fish – in the water if you want to eat – go, and seize it.” “What do you want from the” savage “?! – sarcastically commented on journalists. It looks like Brando eventually became disillusioned with Hollywood. Critics unanimously predicted his imminent sunset career, Marlon himself in no hurry to dissuade them of this. That changed the day the actor learned that Francis Ford Coppola is preparing for the film adaptation of “The Godfather” on the novel by Mario Puzo. Brando was confident that he could play the role of Don Corleone so that it has received “fair”. However, for the opportunity he had to overcome: the management of “Paramount” very skeptical about the controversial candidacy of “savage.” It got to the point that Brando – the first time since “Tram” Desire “- was forced to shoot a home video camera his trial. One of the producers, seeing them, exclaimed: “Great! This Italian! And by the way, who is this?”
Brando was cast, and he was so engrossed in his work that has managed with no one to quarrel, and the picture of the future, to the amazement of the producers, he spoke only in superlatives. “The Godfather” has broken all records of popularity. Manual “Paramount” inflated cheeks and joy even promised to finance his project Brando paintings of Indians. “The triumphant return of Brando in the Big Hollywood!” – Unanimously repeated loyal criticism. “Well, our” savage “and tamed,” – disappointed wheezed “independent” commentators.
… When the ceremony was announced that the “Oscar” is awarded to Marlon Brando for the role of Don Corleone, the stage stood a young Indian small feather. She said confused public that Mr. Brando refused to accept the prize in protest against the violation of the rights of the indigenous population of the continent …
After this demarche Hollywood finally gave up on the Shrew “savage.” Bertolucci remove Brando in “Last Tango in Paris” – and this picture really will be the last significant work of Brando in the movie …
“Savage” retired to his island. He built a test station where experimenting with solar and wind energy. Besides Brando always liked to eat hearty, experienced serious problems with excess weight, so simply avoided to appear in public. Almost twenty years – until the early nineties – it appeared only briefly in several films. Leaving paradise island made it a permanent family problems and problems with the children …
“Brando says that always give their children the best. But, like everything else, because of their limitations, he did it in his own way – a clumsy, stupid, narcissistic. And now he has to pay the bills” – so reacted to the press the circumstances of the scandal of 1990, when the eldest son of Marlon Brando, was arrested for the murder of his sister Shen groom.
“Our family is constantly changing its shape, – complained of Christian Brando. – Often, I had to ask who was sitting at the table, who he is.” This is not surprising: the time Marlon Brando was born at least 11 children, the youngest of whom was three years old, and the oldest – forty. Five of them – from Brando’s three wives, three – from the Guatemalan housekeeper Christine, three more – the result of random novels. The eldest son of Brando liked neither his father nor his family, and named it “by schizophrenics.” Meet, Christian never called names – “just Christian.” On it he had his reasons.
The father did all that children do not fall into show business. In no case should not have to be a part of this madness and hypocrisy named “Hollywood,” says Brando. Following this conviction, Marlon behaved like a tyrant. Son offered to star in the film – Brando called producers and demanded an end to the negotiations. Christian, who worked for a couple of months, the builder, the seller, the gardener, and found something for everyone, and gradually began to become an inveterate drunkard. The house, which took him to his father, Christian did not show up for months – only friends are there unwashed dishes in the sink, brochures Union Alcoholics Anonymous and the magazine “Soldier of Fortune” by the bed …
No better was the case, and the elder daughter. In Tahiti if she lived under house arrest. My father came to see Shen for six months and did not seem to notice the changes that occurred with her daughter – and the fact that she takes drugs, he could not see except the blind. In 1989, after another failure of his father to take her to the Continent, upset Shen village in a jeep, speeding it up to one hundred and eighty kilometers, lost control and the car flew off the road. On the beauty of Shen Brando could put an end – it was broken jaw torn off half an ear, and his face slashed deep ragged scars.

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