Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich
Date of birth: 27/12/1901 Year
Age: 90 years
Place of birth: Sch?neberg, Germany
Date of death: 06.05.1992 Year
Place of death: Paris, France

Citizenship: US
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 58 kg

Original name: Marie Magdalene Dietrich

Women from all over the world
Who was the idol Marlene Dietrich as a child? When she realized she wanted to become a famous actress? Who created the unique image of Marlene in the movie? What movie actress glorified all over the world? Why Dietrich rejected the proposal of Joseph Goebbels and moved to America? In a famous novel by Remarque immortalized Marlene, deducted from her image of the main character? The actress ended a relationship with the director and writer Shtrenbergom Remarque? As Marlene Dietrich spent the last years of his life?

Early years
About Marlene Dietrich written hundreds of books, but none of them could solve the mystery of this woman. She had an amazing sense of style and had a fetish inclinations. Clothing was the main attribute of her life, and she treated her very seriously. That only is the image of Marlene in a hat and a cigarette in his hand, which has become a symbol of cinema 30s! Dietrich was not only a talented actress, but also the most refined woman of the twentieth century, a real trendsetter.
Maria Magdalena Dietrich was born on December 27, 1901 in the Berlin suburb of Sch?neberg. Her father was a police lieutenant, and his mother came from a wealthy family of merchants. Also Marlene parents brought his eldest daughter Elizabeth.
When Dietrich was 6 years old, his father died, so his mother had to get a housewife in a rich house. Since 1907 Marlene began to attend school for girls, and then carried away by the music and began to learn the violin. As a child, she admired the two women – a star of the silver screen Henny Porten and a French teacher, Mademoiselle Bregan. It is because of attachment to Bregan she ever fell in love with France.
During the First World War, the family Dietrich spent in the city of Dessau. Back in 1917 in Berlin, Marlene continued to learn to play the violin, but soon because of the pain in his hand was forced to leave the class. She got a job in an orchestra, but a month later it was expelled from there. The reason was quite funny: she distracted musicians her beauty.
Then Marlene felt the first time, which can affect men. In the early 20s, she settled in Rudolf Nelson’s cabaret, where she sang and danced with other girls. There Dietrich realized that he wanted to become a famous actress. With great difficulty she was able to enroll in acting school of Max Reinhardt, and soon the young girl noticed critics.
Worldwide popularity
On the big screen, Marlene Dietrich made her debut in 1922 in the film ‘These are the men. ” Successful start career prevented marriage to Rudolf Sieber, who has worked at the studio manager. In 1924, Marlene gave birth to a daughter, Mary, but a year later returned to work.
Nearly a decade Dietrich interrupted by episodic roles until 1928 director Joseph von Sternberg did not invite her to the shooting of the film ‘Blue Angel’ (1930). The director liked the performance as a young actress in the revue “Two tie ‘, he offered her a key role – singer Lola-Lola.
‘Blue Angel’, which premiered in 1930, became a sensation and later classics of German cinema. This painting marked the beginning of a fruitful and creative union Dietrich Sternberg, who has turned the actress into a real movie star and the most desired women in the world.
With his legal wife Marlene had not lived for a few years, so it is a love affair with Sternberg did not cause a big stir. He was present for her by God, it is for him – the muse that inspired the new work. But Joseph never existed illusions about their relationship. Dietrich was an independent woman who does not belong to anyone and at the same time belonged to the world. So when her life came the writer Erich Maria Remarque, he realized that he had no chance.
With Remarque Dietrich met in 1938 at the Venice Film Festival. He was already a famous writer, author of the novel “All Quiet on the Western Front ‘. Here in Venice, on the background of canals and golden sunsets they began a romantic relationship. Now the actress has become the muse of Remarque. That it was the prototype of the heroine Joan Madu from famous works of ‘Arc de Triomphe’.
About a year Remarque and Dietrich lived in Paris. In 1939, when it became aware of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the lovers decide that war is inevitable and moved to America. Joseph Goebbels offered the actress to stay in Germany and promised complete freedom of action and 200 thousand marks per film. However, Marlene, which were repugnant to the ideas of National Socialism, rejected the proposal.
For the first time Marlene Dietrich visited the United States in 1930. After the grand success of the film ‘Blue Angel’ Company ‘Paramount Pictures’ actress offered to sign a contract. She agreed without hesitation and moved to America with director Shtrenbergom. Six films that they made in Hollywood, Dietrich brought worldwide fame. Their latest collaboration – motion picture ‘The devil – a woman’ – was filmed in 1935.
All subsequent films that played Dietrich did not have a large popularity. The actress was even criticized the fact that she was trying to get rid of the image created by her Shtrenbergom. It sounds paradoxical, but Marlene Dietrich glorified just one movie – ‘Blue Angel’. He is so fond of the audience that has become an icon of cinematography and actress – her face.
During the Second World War, Dietrich again came to America with the Remarque. They settled in New York. Remarque all day writing a novel, and Marlene shone at parties, appearing first with one, then with another man. At first, she was seen with actor James Stewart, then director Orson Welles, French actor Jean Gabin. She changed lovers like gloves, and at some point Remarque could not resist. He moved to Brentwood, and in 1953 announced that he would marry the actress Paulette Goddard. The writer hoped that Dietrich would be jealous, but she coolly bless his marriage.
During the war, Marlene Dietrich spent several years in Italy, France and North Africa, where she performed concerts for Allied troops. Since the 50s, it almost does not act in films. The actress wrote an article in Glamour magazine, conducted radio, went to the meeting with the fans. Free time she spent in the community of fashion designers and fashion designers are constantly coming up with new outfits. Marlene not only care about their own appearance, but also actively popularize fashion.
In 1975, Dietrich received a hip fracture, and then completed his film career. She retired to her apartment in Paris and saw only with close friends. The actress became dependent on painkillers and alcohol, which further undermined her health. In 1992, Marlene Dietrich died of renal dysfunction and heart. She lived for 90 years, having gone through almost all of his contemporaries.
Marlene Dietrich will go down in the history of cinema. She created one of the perfect image in a movie and a unique style in the fashion world. She was a strong, independent woman who is not able to conquer any man. The actress does not belong to anyone, but at the same time has been and remains the property of the whole world.

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