Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
Date of birth: 01/06/1926 Year
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
Date of Death: 05/08/1962 Year
Place of death: Los Angeles, California, USA
Citizenship: US
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 56 kg

Original name: Norma Jean Mortenso

Sex symbol of the twentieth century
Who really was the father of Marilyn Monroe and what her real name? Why 16 years Marilyn dropped out of school and married James Dougherty? Who came up with for the sexy blonde girl image? As a frame from the film “The Seven Year Itch ‘impact on the marriage of actress and Joe DiMaggio? Is it true that Monroe met together with two brothers: John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy? Was the death of the great actress accident or a carefully planned murder?

Early years
She loved men, women envied her, bowed before her policy. Her image is still one of the most recognizable in the world, but no one knows who was actually Marilyn Monroe. Naive flirtatious girl? Career-purposeful? Skillful seductress? Either she was a simple woman, who was looking for a quiet family love and happiness?
Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles under the name Norma Jeane Mortenson. During the baptism of her mother – kinomontazhnitsa Gladys Pearl Baker – insisted that the daughter was given the surname of her first husband – Baker. Who really was the father of Norms is still unknown. By the time Gladys sold to Norwegian immigrant Martin Edward Mortenson, she already had several lovers. Marilyn herself claimed that as a child her mother showed a photo of a Salesman Charles Stanley Gifford and told that her real father was him.
As a child, Norma was not sweet. The mother had mental problems and often end up in hospital, so the girls had to live in shelters. But she quickly matured and already in adolescence began to take independent decisions. One of these decisions was the marriage with James Edward Doherty, with whom the future actress met in Van Nuys High School. She dropped out of school without hesitation and began to live with a guy who had nothing. Marilyn was only 16 years old.
In 1944, two years after the wedding, James got a job in the merchant navy, and Norma went to the aviation factory. It took her first fateful meeting with Army photographer David Conover. Fascinated by the natural beauty norms, he asked her to pose for $ 5 per hour. After a while the girl interested in modeling agency ‘Blue Book Modeling’. Gradually, thanks to photographer Andre de Denesu and head of the agency Emmeline Snayvli Norma Jeane Dougherty began to gain popularity.
Worldwide fame
His image sexy blonde Marilyn Monroe largely owes John Hayden. 53-year-old motion picture agent, with whom he struck up a romance norms, not only invented it more milozvuchnoe name of Marilyn Monroe, but also forced to make a few small plastic surgery: to correct the nose, make it more expressive line plumper cheeks and lips. The image of sex symbol was ready after Marilyn dyed her hair in a platinum color.
But the thing that made for Hyde Monroe – persuaded the studio ’20th Century Fox’ to conclude a seven-year contract with the girl. Yes, she came back only to the position of Statistics, but after a year and a half to talk about it the whole country. By the time the Hyde died of a heart attack, Marilyn did not need to patronize. She did everything she wanted and how she wanted.
The first serious role of Marilyn Monroe in the movie to get her in the film “Ladies of the Chorus (1948). Two years later, the screen came two remarkable paintings: “The Asphalt Jungle” (1950) and “All About Eve” (1950). And if at first for each week of filming she was paid a hundred dollars, starting with the film ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes “(1953), it has increased the fee up to a thousand. But that was only the beginning. Over time, it became the fees in the millions, in fact, as the number of admirers.
Meanwhile, Marilyn divorced Dougherty and in 1954 married the legendary baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Their romance, which has lasted nearly two years, has been very rapid and gained notoriety. Terribly jealous Italian Americans did not like Monroe puts his body on display, and he often beat her. They say the last straw was the famous Joe’s shot from the film “The Seven Year Itch” (1954), in which dress the actress has shot up, exposing his legs and ass. Their marriage did not last a year. After traveling to the East DiMaggio stayed in Tokyo, Monroe went to Korea to support the morale of US troops.
The reason for the huge loving Marilyn Monroe – probably the main question that worries all the biographies and key to understanding the life of the great actress. Some researchers believe that Monroe was more than a hundred lovers. Or maybe there were more. However, no one who knew the actress does not believe that she was horny. For example, the agency ‘Blue Book Modeling’ said that compared with other girls, Norma was very shy. Perhaps the answer to this question lies in childhood, because Marilyn grew up with little or no family, and most importantly – without a father.
Whatever it was, it will forever remain a mystery. Meanwhile, the athlete has come to replace the intellectual – a famous playwright Henry Miller. Monroe met with him in 1950, but maintained friendly relations. They met again in 1955, when Miller had already been divorced. According to most actresses, the writer drew it to his wisdom. Four and a half years that they lived together, it was for her and psychoanalyst, and guardian and father. But again spoiled another affair Marilyn. This time, with the French actor Yves Montand.
Their relationship lasted only two months, but Miller was enough. After her divorce from Monroe became depressed, and she once again began to seek solace in men. Millionaire Henry Rosenfeld, singer Frank Sinatra and actor Charlie Chaplin, Jr. … And then Peter Lauford introduced the actress with the Kennedy family.
End of story
Marilyn Monroe met John F. Kennedy in 1961, when he was not yet president. For a long time, their relationship remained a secret, but one case of put everything in its place. It was in May 1962. Monroe had to go to the shooting of the film “Something’s Got to Give” (1962), but instead sat on a private jet and flew to New York on the birthday of John F. Kennedy. At the festival, she is incredibly sexy, sensual languid voice sang: ‘Happy birthday, Mr. President … ‘After that, there was no doubt in their intimate connection.
And after a while there was a rumor that Marilyn still secretly meets with his brother John and Robert Kennedy. Over time, their romance became public, too.
Life is a great actress and the sexiest woman of the twentieth century was cut short on the night of 4 to 5 August 1962. Her lifeless body was found near the bed in the morning with a phone in his hand. Beside her lay empty packaging from the sleeping pills. The final conclusion of forensic experts – an overdose of barbiturates, police – suicide. However, many believe that the point in the death of the actress has not yet been set.
The fact that, since 1954, Marilyn kept a diary, which records everything including conversations with John Kennedy. It was not a secret, and soon they are interested in the people of the president. They say this blog put the eye and the FBI, and political opponents of Kennedy, and even the mafia. Perhaps this story far-fetched, but after the death of Marilyn’s blog disappeared.
Thus ended the life of a woman is fundamentally change not only the movie business, but the whole culture of the twentieth century. Marilyn Monroe lived for only 36 years, but its image subjugated millions of men. Undoubtedly, she was a talented actress and a good woman, but for the whole world, it will always be sexy idol.

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