Once upon a time I was surprised that during the war, people thronged the theaters, and that, in fact, generally made films. It is understood that the film – a wonderful tool to get away for a while from the daily thoughts. But not during the same war. Now that in my city noise of thunder confused with explosions, and knocking out the carpet in the yard mistaken for a shooting, it became clear what movie still magic power; and that as far as “Maleficent” was anticipated films.

Almost closed at the Commandant time cinemas have opened their doors, lined up at the box office queue. Noise, shouting, anger – all in time to pick up the tickets booked via the internet, or at least something, even the most extreme. And I tell you, Maleficent charms worth it.

I’ve heard that the film without Angelina would not have acted at all. Angelina – it really is Maleficent. As Audrey Tautou – Amelie or Vivien Leigh – is Scarlett.

Looked at from another angle, to be on the other side of evil – it is always interesting. After all “evil” negative nobody is born. These become. So for someone, we become because of this someone. And the story of Maleficent such touch and sharp (like a blade to the heart), that the whole film imponiruesh only to her. As an example, evil queens Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron – each in his “Snow White …”. Satisfaction of retribution for wrongs absorbed with Maleficent as much as Elsa in “Cold Heart.”

And the story itself began so different from “Sleeping Beauty”, I thought it was a brand new trailer for the tale. And that’s just need to see a movie about a mysterious Elfiki with eagle’s wings, branches, playing dolls. “And the name of that girl …” – I held my breath even sure not to miss the name – “Maleficent!”. Hmmm. I admit, confused. Although, really, the girl is malefisentskie horns.

Disney unpredictable surprises and more. The appearance of crow in devotional life witch, custom kiss salvation and the idea of the emergence removal spells – all this is surprising. And at the same time admire his consistency. As if all pazzliki laid in place. Only gift the third (green) fairies left hanging in the air. Rather, flew to the same place blew three fairies Maleficent.

Ogromenny castle and awesome barbed wall, green fire and fabulous world of “Oz” – not only do they make up a beautiful picture. More fascinated simple rustle of leaves during windy weather – great atmosphere for dialogue between Maleficent and Aurora, realize who before her.

After this tale to wonder how much more the world a lot of bad guys in the roots of stories that would be interesting to dig a little deeper.

United States, United Kingdom
the slogan “Do not believe the fairy tales”
directed by Robert Stromberg
Scenario Linda Woolverton, Joe Rinaldi, Winston Hibler …
Producer Joe Roth, Sarah Bradshaw, Don Hahn, …
operator Dean Semler
composer James Newton Howard
artist Dylan Cole, Gary Freeman, David Allday …
Installation Chris Lebenzon, Richard Pearson
the fantasy genre, family, romance, adventure, words …
$ 180 million
charges in the US
$ 241,410,378
fees in the world
$ + = 516 342 000 $ 757 752 378


Angelina Jolie
Elle Fanning
Sharlto Copley
Lesley Manville
Imelda Staunton
Juno Temple
Sam Riley
Brenton Thwaites
Kenneth Cranham
Sarah Splendor

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