Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace
Birthday: 21.09.1983 year
Age: 31 year
Place of Birth: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 58 kg

Maggie Grace was born in Columbus, Ohio, September 21, 1983.
– How do you like in Hawaii?
– Ian Somerhalder: Not bad at all.
– Maggie Grace: It seems unreal. It’s really a great life. We love it here. Great to be away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. It is good that we can concentrate on the show and chat with each other to do the same. Actors great friends. So I like it.
– You here a lot?
– RC: Yes, we are many. And we became close friends here.
– MG: I can go on a visit to anyone.
– So you see the show together …
– RC: Yes. Usually. And it’s great.
– Who are you closest to?
– MG: It depends on who is working at the moment and who is in town.
– RC: Almost all the same. Every week in the room is going to the entire composition, and their children. How wonderful it is! All of these incredibly talented, passionate people are going to a place to see their work, which they are proud of and that leads them into raptures. Great when you can act in the show that you’re proud of and not a minute this is not in doubt. And this whole group of people – it is simply exceptional, you will never see anything like it. I can honestly say.
– How did you get into this show?
– RC: I once met JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. It was probably one of the best days of my life. My manager told me that she had something to read from a pilot version. I said that I will not read any pilots. I met these guys, talked with them for about 20 minutes, and a week later were samples. After 2 weeks I was in Hawaii.
– MG: It all happened very quickly, it’s amazing how quickly the time has passed from the start of the show.
– RC: From idea to shoot itself no more than 10 weeks. It is simply impossible!
– MG: It proves how talented these guys. They created an amazing pilot version with such a composition, from which we are delighted. It’s like winning the lottery. So many famous people who truly love each other. Thank God that we have come to this small island.
– How was your audition?
– MG: Great. Everything went very quickly. I went to a few meetings, to read in them, then there were the sample. Ironically, I stayed in the city and was not able to go with the family on a trip. I missed my family trip to Hawaii to stay here and do it all. It turned out that not in vain.
– Tell us about the relationship of your characters on the screen.
– RC: They are constantly fighting. But if you look closely, you will realize that they have a reason to treat each other that way. Quite specific reasons.
– MG: Everyone on the island is quite intricate past.
– RC: It’s not as easy as it seems. Nothing can be trusted. This largely concerns Shannon and Boone.
– MG: Then it will be better.
– RC: It’s great that they had a very difficult past of family and personal drama and personal growth or just his fault, with love, hatred. All this is so closely intertwined that it is difficult to understand immediately. But after a while you begin to understand.
– MG: I think that Damon and JJ are great. in this show – they brought together 20 stories! We will learn more about our heroes, we are intrigued by their past.
– You probably do not particularly like the heroine, because in the beginning it is quite attractive.
– MG: That’s exactly what I especially like about her. I had to play a lot of “neighborhood girls.” Therefore, Shannon is very appealing to me.
To me it seems very plausible, it is the longest refuses to believe what happened. The show needs a character.
Once in such a situation, you assume that you certainly discovered. There is space satellites, and the like. But when the show begins, you know what this island where you were, what is the situation, then this belief is gradually fading.
– Do you think this show and the glory that surrounds it have an impact on your career?
– MG: “Lost” – a good business card.
– RC: I must say that it is noisy welcome criticism and, moreover, he was accompanied by a significant commercial success. I mean, a month ago I was sitting in a cafe, saw the cover of the magazine, which spoke of the most popular people of the year. Jude La, Usher, Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, and then – wow – that’s it, Fox. He’s here, he’s the same place where I was. Of course, this will affect the career, because you participate in the show, which is not only pleasant to people, but is successful. And success breeds success. And you have got on this show just because you have some talent, and you can apply it in any other role, and it is then good effect.
– You are already receiving the new proposals?
– MG: Yes.
– RC: Yes. Occur quite interesting things.
– MG: But we are totally focused on the show.
– When are you going once a week all together, you must just sit and express their theories about this mysterious island?
– MG: You will not believe what’s going on in this room every Wednesday night. We as sports fans. We are very noisy.
– We heard that some heroes must die, you have some concerns about the cast?
– RC: I think they will have to remove one by one throughout the show …
– MG: I think we all knew it from the start. This is an indispensable condition for this type of show. The stakes are very high and the public wants to get satisfaction. And we would not want to lose anyone. We have cemented the group and it could weaken the dynamism.
– RC: As well as harm to the show.
– MG: It makes us all the time to keep your eyes open.
– JJ makes you behave?
– MG: Absolutely.
– RC: But it makes the show more lively.
– MG: But no one is immune. We shot the things that shocked the public, which she did not expect from us.
– Who was the best host for your parties here?
– MG: I think Daniel.
– RC: Exactly. At the House was a good party. In Matt Fox is a very unusual and beautiful house on the beach. I, too, was a cool party.
– MG: Celebrate we can, that there can be more to say.
– When you see the series together, you criticize each other?
– RC: None.
– MH: For the most part this self-criticism. Actors do not like to see themselves on the screen.
– RC: And some just can not stop looking (laughter).
– MG: Yes, some watch the show every night. I think that these views are helping us, there is something like a sense of community. Instead of at the moment to sit and criticize yourself, “Why am I only did it then?”
– RC: We are – not a group of people where everyone individually. We – a very close-knit group.
– Do you feel less pressure from the audience because you are running away?
– RC: Yes.
– Press was so far away from you. What is this?
– RC: Yes, we see each other with them infrequently. It’s just a blessing. This is very encouraging.
– It’s weird that you all came to Hawaii. Realtors must have gone crazy with happiness. After all, the studio gave you shelter?
– MG: I almost bought a house Jana. And I would have bought it for far less money, and I constantly remind him about it, but somehow I did not.
– RC: I found an amazing place and said that I wanted to buy it. But it turned out that Jack Bender, our executive producer, already has his eye on him.
– MG: They were hot sale.
– RC: I was told: “This house has been bought.” And I said I’ll pay more. On that we decided to do. I am on the same day signed the papers.
– MG: And then he found out that it was the executive producer.
– Do you like to take part in the filming outdoors? Still, television mainly working in the studio. Helps it to you? Or vice versa creates problems?
– MG: The weather is very changeable, so we are always ready. But we are always ready to dart off. But it’s great! This gives the show the scale of the film. This is one of the reasons that this is not a typical TV show. Filmmakers are stunning. They come up with all wonderful, and we place great shooting. Here amazing mountain range, which filmed “Jurassic Park” and a whole bunch of other movies.

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