Mae West

Mae West
Birthday: 8/17/1893, the
Age: 87 years
Birthplace: New York, United States
Date of Death: 11/22/1980 Year
Place of death: Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 152 cm

Mae West – clever temptress
For what Mae West dropped out of school? What aspiring actress put on ten days in jail? What is the West play became a hit? Why did the actress has decided to act in films? What kind of movies set on the script Mae, saved the studio ‘Paramount Pictures’ bankruptcy and turned it into a star of the screen? What was the secret of the West, and it does not possess great beauty, became a sex symbol of America?
A start in life
If today someone and heard of Mae West, only that it was disbanded a woman who loved different kinds of provocation. Although in reality it is not. This was a way hiding incredible charisma, extraordinary acting talent and striking wit. West was a strong and independent woman, easy to obey not only the hearts of men, but also thick wallets owners studios.
Mary Jane West was born on August 17, 1893 in New York. Her father, who had Irish roots, for his life has changed several professions. He was involved in boxing, he was a salesman, a policeman, the owner of his own detective bureau. His mother came from a family of Bavarian Jews and before marriage, moonlighted as a model. In addition to Mary, the parents of a daughter Mildred and her son John.
According to his mother, Mary was a born actress. In 5 years, she has performed on stage, and two years later won a local talent contest. She took the pseudonym Babe Mae and matured began to call themselves simply Mae. Passion for the theater was so strong that she dropped out of school and joined a local troupe. She began to travel around the country, is gradually gaining popularity. In 17 years, West married partner Frank Wallace stage, but they soon broke up.
In 1911, Mei first appeared on Broadway. I do not notice it was difficult. Plump brown-haired woman with beautiful eyes and a deep voice quickly gained the attention of men. However, she could not boast such beauty, what was, for example, Marilyn Monroe. West ‘cling’ to others – his calling sex appeal, wit and a free view of sex. She allowed herself to say what in those days even think it was a sin.
In 1913, Mae West was struck by all the frank dance which, she said, she had copied from the Negro dancers. Soon she got bored and did play in other people’s plays, so she began to write their own. The premiere of the first play of the West ‘Sex’ was held in 1926 and made a splash. Presentation of a great success, until one day the police came and arrested all the actors. Mei was sentenced to ten days in jail for corruption of youth, but she charmed the warden, and not left for half term. So all of America first heard about the eccentric actress.
Hollywood Star
‘The point Mae West’ bombshell. From prison she got a real celebrity. Human rights defenders were talking about the inadmissibility of such cases, and the Puritans denounced actress for her too free views. America is divided into two camps, and the West more added fuel to the fire – one after another began to leave her new play, too outspoken and provocative, but still popular. However, because of the censorship of Broadway I had to forget, and the actress began to stage performances in New Jersey. Its most famous formulation of that time – “Diamond Lil” – became a hit in the United States.
With the advent of the movie Mae West realized that sooner or later, the theater will decline, so began to think about Hollywood. However, she did not have to pester studios. In 1932, the company ‘Paramount Pictures’ actress herself offered a contract. In the same year, West’s film debut in the film ‘Night after night. ” The painting was supposed to be a benefit of George Raft, but May, which was only a cameo role, the actor has eclipsed his game and charisma.
After the first film directors to understand that they are dealing with a professional actress and rushed to the West a major role. Without hesitation, they altered the script of her play “Diamond Lil” and directed the film “She treated him unfairly ‘(1933). The painting has paid off several times, and was nominated for the Oscar, and the leading man – Mae West and Cary Grant – became stars of the first magnitude. Incidentally, the actress herself had chosen was not yet known Grant for the lead role, saying that he handsome and proved his talent in bed.
In his next film – “I am not an angel” (1933) – West played again with Cary Grant. Like the previous work of the actress, the picture was a resounding success and was nominated for the Oscar. These films were shot on the script and Mei are, one might say, the fruit of her imagination, earned at the box office and saved a considerable sum ‘Paramount Pictures’ bankruptcy.
West Film Company repaid in full, by assigning it a fantastic salary for those days – 50 thousand dollars a week. May she now dictated conditions. When she demanded that in the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ 90s’ black Duke Ellington played, the producers were horrified, because while blacks almost starred in a movie. The actress insisted on not mistaken – Ellington song numbers and the West had a huge success.
Last years
The secret of success Mae West was the fact that she spoke openly of such things that ordinary people would never dare say. Her witty remarks immediately became aphorisms. That only is it a phrase addressed to the police, who met her at the airport: “This is a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? ‘. But unlike sex symbols 50-60s West never bares his body in front of the camera. Moreover, she even kissed extremely rare, and of their men prefer not to talk.
Scandalous fame actress has always attracted the attention of the guardians of morality who vigilantly followed her. They say that the famous ‘Code of Hayes’ laying down rules of decency in the movie, was largely directed personally against Mae West. But she did not care. West began to fill their scripts ambiguous phrases to solve which was too much for diehard officials. And with her characteristic wit she declared that she is grateful to censorship, because that made her rich.
In the 40 years of career of Mae West began to decline. She also was a lover of the public, but it became more difficult to surprise people. The last triumph was a motion picture actress ‘My little Gadget’ (1940), filmed by her own scenario. And after the movie ‘Go heating’ (1943) West finally abandoned cinema and went back to the theater.
On Broadway, the actress put a few more performances, which have always enjoyed success. In 1944, the premiere production of ‘Catherine was Great’, and twenty years later – the play ‘Sextet’, according to which in 1978 was filmed. After a long break Mae West once again played in the movie. It was her last appearance on the big screen.
After he died in 1954, a friend and business manager Jim Timothy actress, appeared in her life bodybuilder Paul Novak. He cared about the West until the end of her days. Despite his advanced age, May has always been an attractive energetic woman. In 60 years, Mei has admitted that he felt 20, and when she was 85, had created a sensation, playing on one reception belly dancing.
November 22, 1980 Mae West was gone. She was the first of those great women who were not afraid to throw a challenge to society, to make a real revolution in the cinema and show business. She immortalized twelve movies, sayings that have become aphorisms, and portraits of Salvador Dali, who was crazy about the actress. That it will remain in the memory of future generations – a strong and independent woman, she has an incredible sense of humor.

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