Madeline Zima

Madeline Zima
Place of birth: Connecticut, USA
Nationality: United States

I kissed Selma Blair
Madeline Zima was born in Connecticut, but most of his life in New York.
The talent of the girls saw one agent, who in 1992 invited her to try his hand at modeling. Later, she appeared in a cameo role in the film «The Hand that Rocks the Cradle». A few months later, she played small roles in television series «Law & Order» and «Mr. Nanny ».
In the period from 1993 to 1999, Madeleine Winter participated in the filming of the popular TV series «The Nanny». Recently Madeleine grew as an actress. She starred in the TV series «Californication» David Duchovny, and recently starred in the film «Driving Lessons» with Dermot Mulroney and Selma Blair.
In the interview with Madeleine Winter spoke about his career and the first date kiss on screen with Selma Blair. What qualities do you value most in men?
-Madlen Winter: At the head of the list is the kindness and appearance, quite frankly, not even important. Good people are always ready to help, even just a lot of your crazy antics. Who are the men embodies your ideal? Why?
-Madlen Winter: Sean Connery. He – a real James Bond. In this role, he was like a “Mr. Universe”, although it seemed to me that he has completed only six years of schooling. But all this does not matter, because he – Sean Connery! What should be the ideal first date? And how was your first date?
-Madlen Winter: I think that the first date should be special. No movies and dinners, and, say, a joint recovery in the mountains. We have all been on a date, dinner and chatted. It may be romantic, but I’m not interested. I like the extraordinary meeting, after which a pleasure to meet again and discuss what happened. What fact might surprise your fans?
-Madlen Winter: I am very religious person. I meditate every day. I do not know, it’s amazing or not, but with 16 years, I meditate every day and it has become a habit. What do you think about all kinds of rankings of the most attractive and sexy girls?
-Madlen Winter: Frankly, I take it negatively. But if you go back to the idea of ??the ratings, people from time immemorial been compared to both women and men.
However, publish various lists of the most beautiful people – it is immoral, since the evaluation – rather subjective thing. Some like one thing and another – is quite another. And there is nothing to discuss. Based on your experience, constant interference in private life – this is the price of your glory?
-Madlen Winter: The fact that I do not draw from his personal life advertisement for the glory. I try to separate my personal life and professional career. If you find yourself in a situation where there is no other choice but to open their personal lives for the glory of that for you the worst thing in this situation?
-Madlen Winter: I do not know what can ruin a walk in the beautiful weather. And I’m not ready to do it for any amount of fame. You are not afraid of losing their way, which today earn a living?
-Madlen Winter: I’m not afraid of this, because you can always create a new image. The most important thing for me – is to be honest and truthful. No need to worry about what people think about you, because there will always be people who will be much more attractive than you. It is better to think about who you are, not how you look. Let’s talk about the show «Californication». What can we expect from your character Mia in the new season?
-Madlen Winter: The focus will attempt Hank Moody, the hero of David Duchovny, return his wife Karen and daughter Becca. Miya, in turn, falls within this family. But it only feeds the illusion that the family is all right. In fact, no one took Mia in a new family. And that makes the character more interesting and attractive?
-Madlen Winter: Yes, I think very much so. She is constantly looking for ways to justify what it has done in his life. Can you have something in common with his character in the series?
-Madlen Winter: I think not. It’s very tricky. She – manipulator. However, it can be understood, in fact, lost in early childhood, family, Mia is committed to protect yourself and doing everything to feel cared for and to attract attention. Of course, I also did a lot of stupid things in my time, to attract the attention of boys, but it was not so radical. You were a child, when we played in the TV series «The Nanny». What problems did you encounter at such a young age on the set?
-Madlen Winter: It was very difficult to find someone who would be able to understand you. Once at the site do not have other children, the child grows up very quickly. Surprisingly, but today I feel much greater child than when I starred in «The Nanny». What can you tell us about the next film with your participation – «Driving Lessons»?
-Madlen Winter: I kissed a Selma Blair. This, of course, was just amazing. But it is not what I’m kissing a woman on the screen, and the work itself to Selma. She’s a very nice girl. It was not her first kiss during filming, and for me it was the first such experience. And she was very gentle with me. Whatever role you want to receive in the future?
-Madlen Winter: I really want to play a role in the classic film. For example, such as «Annie Hall». I would like to play a girl from the 40s, born in the turn of the century. Very fun to play characters of those times when you are not yet born.

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