Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin
Birthday: 26.08.1980 Year
Age: 34 years
Birthplace: New York, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Original name: Macaulay Culkin Carson

A short-lived triumph of Macaulay Culkin
A situation where the role played in childhood, it is the best and often the only – the rule rather than the exception. The same applies to child actors, who after a short creative success go into obscurity. The most successful small star in the history of cinema believe Shirley Temple, who in adulthood has managed to make a career politician. After the second thought Macaulay Culkin, Film and won the audience the film ‘Home Alone’ – but his biography in adulthood can not be called successful.
Macaulay Culkin (Macaulay Carson Culkin) – New York native and the nephew of the famous actress Bonnie Bedelia. He was born August 26, 1981 and was the third child of the former Broadway actor, and then the church warden Christopher Culkin and Patricia Brendap telephone operator, who are not officially married. The family in which seven children growing up (including Christopher and daughter from his first marriage) lived very poorly. Macaulay received a Catholic upbringing and at one time in high school St.. Joseph. As soon as he began to speak and walk, the boy hit his family and friends acting ability and perceptions that he always arranged. In four years, the first time he stepped on the stage of the New York Philharmonic to play Bach Babies, and a year later starred in an episode of the detective series ‘The Equalizer’. In eight years, Macaulay began attending the School of American Ballet, which was once trained by his father, and then went to the Children’s vocational school intended for children to perform on stage and starred in the movie.
Christopher Culkin heavily involved in the creative career of his son. In 1989 Macaulay played a central role in the film ‘Uncle Buck’, took part in the shooting of films like ‘Rocket Gibraltar’, ‘See you in the morning’, and others. The turning point in the fate of the boy began in 1990, when the screens went out comedy blockbuster ‘Home Alone’. Kevin McAlister role was written specifically for Macaulay Culkin, and the film is a compound of genres Christmas stories, crime and screwball comedy, it had a resounding success all over the world. Its box office for four months was a record amount of almost 500 million. Dollars, and has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and the fee Macaulay was 100 thousand dollars. Culkin Sr. literally terrorized producers trying to increase the family income, and insisted that the movie was filmed younger brother of Macaulay, Kieran. The role of the protagonist brought the young actor nomination for Golden Globe, American award for best comedy role award, and the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for ‘Best Young Actor’. His next success was the film ‘My Daughter’ (1991), a comedy drama, telling about the not-so-simple world of childhood. Starring in the film, played by Anna Chlumsky (Wade) and Macaulay Culkin (Tom), which won MTV ‘for Best Kiss’ and was nominated for ‘Best Duo’. Fees Culkin Jr. in this film was a million dollars.
Attempts to develop the extraordinary success of the film ‘Home Alone’ became its sequel. However, the ‘Home Alone 2’ (1992), which brought Macaulay record fee of $ 4 million, the audience was greeted by a pretty cool, and the box office has not exceeded 300 million. Dollars. Despite this, the requests Culkin Sr. grew, it required the fees constituted a significant part of the shooting budget, besides it by hook or by crook, organized participation in the shooting of his other children.
In 1993, Culkin starred in the film-ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ (according to the ballets of George Balanchine in 1954). The role of the boy sociopath Henry Evans in the psychological thriller “The Good Son” (1993) brought Macaulay Award nomination for MTV ‘Best Villain’, but did not have much success with the audience, and the film barely recouped budget. After finishing work on ‘good son’ boy he tried to convince his father that he was tired of shooting and he needed a break, but Christopher Culkin was adamant and continued to sign on behalf of the son of the new contracts. Fees’s eight films ‘Richie Rich’, ‘Lord of the page’ and ‘Along with his father “(all works 1994) did not justify themselves – these films and Macaulay Culkin was nominated for’ Razzie ‘categories’ Worst Picture ‘and’ Worst actor ‘, and in this film career Macaulay stopped.
The situation is aggravated by the gap between the parents of the young actor, who challenged each other’s right to manage his money. According to the court custody of the children, including Macaulay, entrusted to their mother, and it became a means to manage personal accountant. Christopher Culkin went from family to Arizona, where he currently lives on social pensions, along with his long-standing friend of Janet Krylov, and contact with her father children have completely stopped. During the long trial Macaulay sought solace in drugs and started a serious relationship with a classmate at the Children’s Technical School Rachel Manners, whom he married as soon as they both turned 17 years old. Marriage lasted only two years. By this time, Macaulay, reaching eighteen years and the right to dispose of their means, became attempt to return to work. He starred in the video for the song ‘Sunday’ rock band Sonic Youth, started playing in the theater. In 2000, Culkin appeared in London’s West End in the play “Madame Melville”, and then began working in television, he starred in the sitcom “Will & Grace.” Since 2002, Macaulay have strong relationship with actress Mila Kunis, who went on to benefit his career. In 2003, he reappeared on the big screen in the film ‘Party Monster’, playing a drug addict and club promoter Michael Alig. In 2004 came two more films with his participation – ‘Saved’ and ‘Jerusalem Syndrome’, and in 2007 -‘Seks for breakfast. ” The gap with Mila Kunis, which occurred in 2011, the painful effect on the state of Macaulay. He started taking hard drugs and attempted suicide. In 2012, Culkin organized a comedy rock band ‘The Pizza Underground’, but their performances are often accompanied by scandals. From time to time there are rumors of the death of the former star of the film ‘Home Alone’, which he denies with a laugh. His friend recognized now is actress Lane Pryce.

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