The most common and numerous monkeys – monkeys. They are found from Gibraltar to Japan, in the most diverse and sometimes unfavorable habitat. Macaques smaller baboons. Their body length does not exceed 60 centimeters and weighs 15 kilograms. They are omnivorous and can subsist even where the other monkeys would long ago have died of hunger.
Thus, only the Barbary ape or monkey Barbary macaque is able to live in the Atlas Mountains in northwest Africa, where the unbearable heat is replaced by snowy winters (up to -11 ° C).
In the foothills of the Hindu Kush and in India live rhesus monkeys. These monkeys, as well as monkeys langurs, is considered sacred by Hindus. They robbed with impunity gardens and even live in the temples, where they bring offerings.
Rhesus live in groups, which consist of an average of 18 individuals. As a rule, the leader becomes the strongest and largest animal. He settles quarrels, directs the movement of the group and protects it from attack. The leader of the first to receive access to food and does not allow anyone to approach until filled. The one who gets too close, the other members of the pack chase or even beaten. The female gives birth to one cub rhesus year. She brings up his five and a half months. Rhesus live from Afghanistan to China.
Further south rhesus macaques replaced Javanese or crabeater – tailed monkey who loves sea food. The favorite habitat of the macaque – leangrovye trees that frame the coastline of the Malay Archipelago and the Philippines. Crabeater love crabs. They are great swimmers, but also quite reasonably feel and mountainous terrain.
Japanese short-tailed macaques thrive in heat and cold. These monkeys have a gorgeous lush coat of gray fur. When they are resting, then huddling together for warmth. They feed on the bark of trees, on the trail go in single file, trying to get in the tracks. They even learned how to warm up, bathing in hot springs.
A close relative of the macaque, about the same size – Long-Mangobo. He is widespread in Africa south of the Sahara Desert, mainly in tropical forests. Mangobo and macaques are able to push the ears to the skull, moving the scalp and eyebrows to raise. All this they use to intimidate. In black mangobeya deterrent effect of these grimaces amplified light spots on the upper eyelids, which shine like beacons.

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