Lynx – a beast of the cat family. Simply put, the cat. Trot with an average size of the dog, the length is not more than a meter and weighs only 18 pounds. Lynx looks very interesting: a haughty look, hard ruff framing a pale face and graceful ears and tassels. All other body parts of northern lynx is not very pretty. The hind legs are too long, cut off the tail if and feet are too wide for such a small creature.
However, precisely because of this structure body trot perfectly adapted to the harsh northern conditions. Wide legs beautifully kept her in deep snow during the pursuit of favorite prey – the hare. Tassels on the ears – it’s not just a decoration, and an antenna, which helps the animal to hear even the quietest sounds. If a brush cut, the hearing of the lynx once dulled.
Lynx – one of the most common cat. It lives in the northern forests is almost around the globe. She lives in Canada, the United States, as well as on the Scandinavian peninsula, and almost all of Russia.
A special kind – yarkopyatnistaya lynx – once inhabited the entire Eurasian continent. Now she is on the list of endangered animals. It occurs only in Portugal, southern Spain and in remote corners of the Carpathian Mountains. The territory inhabited by the lynx, is constantly decreasing. People cut down the forest, by reducing the number of lynx, but the main danger is for lynx their own skins. People just because they shoot these animals, and that furry skin can cause extinction of the predator.
Lynx – a creature that is difficult to see on the loose. It hunts in the early morning and late afternoon. Lynx hunts always alone and always on the marked area in advance. However, males treat their territories are not too jealous and suffer the invasion of another male, even though both avoid each other. Females are not as peaceful. If its territory wander another female, to be cruel slaughter.
In the north of America lynx hunts literally everything that moves, but hares prefer any other game. In Scandinavia, lynx love to attack reindeer.
But in cold climates carcasses of deer freeze very quickly, so hurry to trot dine in time to get enough until the muzzle starts to freeze production (literally).
Bobcats, unlike their northern forest relatives, live in open spaces. They have learned to live with a man. These lynx are not afraid to sneak in and steal farmyards lamb or chicken. It is because of this, farmers took them to the list of “harmful creatures.”
All trot perfectly swim and climb trees. Very often, this last fact is fatal to them. Hunted in the tree trot very easy to shoot. Redhead lynx can be found everywhere from southern Canada to northern Mexico. Because bobcats live in areas where almost no snow on their feet no “snow skiing”, like their northern relatives. On the red lynx hunt mainly due to the fact that they are harmful to agriculture. In the United States in 11 states for a dead lynx even prescribed premium. But the bobcat as if endowed with the instinct of survival, which helps it to survive, even when the larger cats may disappear altogether.

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