If one person uses his brain to 100%, it can control other people, mothers and penetrate the secrets of the universe. And what would happen if every “acceleration” of the brain to a hundred?

The new film by Luc Besson tells the story of a charming Lucy, who has become a hostage of circumstances and taste of the tree of knowledge to the fullest. With blue eyes (which makes more beautiful Scarlett Johansson) from an unknown drug Lucy loses all human and turns into a superhero (robot? Human ideal?), With a click of the fingers cracking down with the evil gang of Koreans and one effort of thought manages all computers in Paris. In parallel, in the role of a wise old man unchangeable, Morgan Freeman, explains why the audience is the case with the heroine and her amazing brain is waiting on.

Undoubtedly, the film has its charm. What are the stylish frames, locations, scenes, some quality footage! Love in the bombings and shooting Besson, probably in the blood. And here is indifferent to the car accident: all the traffic of Paris was again reversed as in the good old films from the series “Taxi”. And then … then unfolds before us a fascinating painting historical retrospective in New York, which plunges us into the beginning of the XX, XIX centuries. further-on – the Indians, the ape-man and even dinosaurs. And then … the evolution of the Earth and the universe. After all, it is not done in half an hour! Visible painstaking work to create this brief excursion into the history of the Earth, it is clear that it is no less important part of the film than the shooting and explosions. How it is linked into a coherent picture? Yes wonderful, just to let your brain to function at 5 percent and make it easy to enjoy the beautiful change of not less than beautiful shots.

Do not look for logic in the film, inconsistencies – some pedant will find thousands of them. True naive scientific basis that the entire film pursues us, can be annoying. This is especially the case in a lecture scientist Freeman, where an air of profundity utters some superficial reasoning at the level of kitchen conversations, and all assembled community of scientists at the banality of these nods approvingly. “Lucy” can be considered rather as a parable, divorced from reality, but the main thing is – inherent meaning. But what is the point?

If you believe all the same wise Freeman, the main goal of humanity and all living things – the transfer of information to future generations. The only way we can keep yourself and your appearance in spite of the unmerciful disastrous time. All this reminds me of the story of “Flowers for Algernon”, where the main character was also very limited in time, and gave himself entirely to the service of science. Science, knowledge – the most important thing in life can be an intellectual, a scientist. But suppose that some Lucie, appeared like a yo-the-box, be able to pass us all their knowledge, and possibly all, reveals all the secrets of the universe – and enlighten about string theory and black holes, and so much more to tell. Well, then? What will the scientists then when all laws will be opened, and the theorems? Their lives will be meaningless. What then shall endeavor, when the entire universe izlazaem length and breadth? But why mankind these fabulous 100%, all-knowing, Lucy and other methods cheat – it would be better to develop it slowly, gradually comprehend everything, without depriving themselves overnight at least some sense of existence. Of course, you want all at once – and fly into space, and the event horizon to sit down, but the revolutionary leaps in any field of human endeavor fraught with terrible disasters. We need it?

the slogan “She – the key to the mysteries of the universe”
director Luc Besson
script by Luc Besson
Producer Virginie Silla, Marc Shmuger
operator Thierry Arbogast
composer Eric Serra
South Tissandier artist, Gilles Boillot, Dominique Muasan …
installation Julien Rey
Genre Action, fantasy, words …
$ 40 million
charges in the US
$ 126,663,600
fees in the world
$ + = 332 200 000 $ 458 863 600


Scarlett Johansson
Morgan Freeman
Choi Min-sik
Amr Waked
Julian Rhind-Tutt
Johan Philip Asbeke
Analeigh Tipton
Nicholas Fongfet
Jan Oliver Schroeder
Luca Angeletti

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