Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu
Birthday: 2/12/1968, the
Age: 46 years
Place of birth: Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 52 kg

“It was so much fun to play it! But at the same time living in my soul the fear that when he saw me on the street, people will retreat in terror, as will think I want them to suddenly bite off his head or anything like that …”
You agree heard like you imagine a certain actress, specializing in horror films, and not sweet and charming girl, which is in real life Miss Lucy Liu. Role convinced bitch apparently did not fit in with the peace-loving Lucy, who as a child was fond of breeding hamsters and rabbits. It is this diversity and it was the reason that Lucy Liu – one of the few film stars, whose career has been steadily with age is the upper stage of the Hollywood Olympus.
Lucy Liu was born December 2, 1968 in New York. Her parents – immigrants from China – have tried to raise a daughter in traditional American style. However, Lucy’s baby was not able to fully adapt to the environment of their peers and often felt like something of a black sheep because of their Asian roots. This complex Lucy was able to overcome a grown up and having to go through the hard school of the movie business.
In 1986, Ms. Liu has successfully completed her schooling, and even came to the famous New York University, who gave up a year later, finding it too dark and full of sarcasm place. In search of a more suitable for her style of life of the institution Lucy went to the University of Michigan, taking from New York University in compensation degree in Asian culture and languages. Successfully rooted to the new place, energetic Lucy took a favorite self-transformation from ugly duckling into a charming princess, enrolling in acting classes, dancing and singing.
Herculean efforts paid off handsomely. Responding to an invitation to audition for a supporting role in the film Andre Grerogi “Alice in Wonderland”, Lucy, without even waiting for the lead role. Securing her star status largely contributed to the role in the film “Mandarin”, where a young actress impressed mastery of a type of Indonesian martial arts called “Escrima Kali Silat.” Elegant girl with awesome rapidity brandishes a sword and spooky size knife found its corner in the hearts of fans of martial arts. However, not only the art of combat and outstanding language skills, but also the subtle acting Lew was the key to its success.
As every multifaceted gifted man, Lucy did not want to be the only star on the big screen. She has achieved recognition on the stage, brilliantly performed the role in productions of “Dumb” and “Madame Butterfly.”
Among other things, Lucy is also a very talented artist. In the early 80s her work has been exhibited in the gallery “Cast-Iron” in the bohemian quarter of New York’s SoHo. In 1993, the young artist even won a grant to study the Chinese national art. The result was the exhibition of creative exploration of her photographs, ceramics, paintings, collages made of wood and paper products, representing episodes from the life of a beautiful Chinese woman.
Among the Hollywood elite Lucy is also known as a fearless athlete. In terms of its sporting interests include rock climbing, skiing and horseback riding. As a true extreme, Lucy did not quit playing sports. even earning a couple of serious injuries. Both times she fell badly: first – with a horse, and the second time – with a bicycle. Injuries were not for Lew sufficient reason to deny myself the pleasure to buy a motorcycle and at the same time do a snowboard.
Desperate actress tends to take life to the maximum, including – to become a great musician. Lucy Liu became a virtuoso on the accordion, reaching perfection through learning from the famous Buck AIT Planderoya.
Do not forget Lucy remind yourself and the audience. In 1999, the producers of the TV show studio Fox invited her to participate in an episode of the television series “Ally McBeal.” Liu appeared in the role of temptress cold Ling Wu, persistent manager and ex-lawyer experiencing cravings for confidential dialogue on sexual topics during the shocking inhabitants esters rock radio. Firmly entrenched as episodic actress “Ally McBeal,” Lew again raised the rating of the show for its stunning game. Now Lucy continues to act with Calista Flockhart, yielding to the entreaties of the public who do not want to part with a Chinese woman irresistible. Liu agreed to the extension of his contract on the grounds that she would like a lot more to bring to the character of the heroine.
In addition to participating in the “Ally McBeal,” Lew has pleased its fans with talent have played roles in “Johnny Quest,” where she played the role of one of the villains; in “Jerry Maguire” and “City of Entertainment”. “Queen of Hollywood Chinese” is also graced the movie sets of popular TV series “Hercules,” “The X-Files,” “Nash Bridges,” “LA Law,” “ER” and “Beverly Hills, 90210”.
Not wanting to lock yourself in the narrow confines of the television series, Lucy Liu bait thrown to the world of cinema and made the right decision. She became interested in Mel Gibson and he was invited to play with him in the role of the royal gems of Chinese mafia in the film titled “The Return”. Liu went on a royal theme, starring as Princess Pei Pei in “Shanghai Moon”. The beauty worthy of the Queen, Lucy demonstrated in “Charlie’s Angels,” where she appeared in the role of Alex Mindy – charming “girl with fists” – participating “stunning” and “zlosokrushayuschego” trio. As the entire film community, Lucy and she liked the picture, and her colleagues on the set. “Everything in this film is moving, and happens so fast that you just do not have time to delve into the essence of things, or to anticipate them. We can only admiration conception as a whole.”
As with everything that is important for Lucie, the actress is not only limited comprehension of the external impression produced her play in “Charlie’s Angels.” The secret of success Lew – an unexpected find in a character and play it so that the mystery was opened and the audience. This saw her Alex Lucy: “She’s very smart, strong and open. My character – upscale computer specialist, in which life is too significant role for money. The only thing she is not very, it’s cook. But you need to have at least the same some hobby … ”
Like her colleagues on the painting, Lucy Liu also did not escape the traditional question: “What’s it like to be an angel?” However, she did not go into their feelings, and only said: “We are not trying to move into the picture the atmosphere of the show – the show ’70s. People do not give to it. We were new angels, the angels of a new era. I hope that the” Charlie’s Angels – 2000 “viewers will remember as well as I do – ‘Charlie’s Angels’ 70s – the time of my childhood.”

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