Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless
Birthday: 3/29/1968, the
Age: 47 years

Nationality: New Zealand

magazine “TV Park”
There are many journalistic speculation about how New Zealand beauty Lucy Lawless got into the world of show business. Some of them are very naughty. In fact, it was all terribly simple: young lady, married, also recently given birth to a daughter, won the competition “Mrs New Zealand”, and then was invited to promote the tourist tours and appeared on the screen in a frank bathing suit.

But this work Mrs. Lawless did not have the soul: it does not classify themselves as “girls in bathing suits.” And already I am thinking about how to permanently tie all of this, but because of commercials was noticed and invited to join the comedy troupe. And then it is suitable not only bright appearance, but also all what she was able to learn even before marriage.
A study of Lucy Frances Ryan, born in 1968 in the New Zealand city of Auckland, always loved, even though its universities and were quite extraordinary for a girl who grew up in an Irish Catholic family respectable, which had seven children, and his father was engaged in politics. First, of course, it was like everyone else: an ordinary school and a convent school then participated in school plays (by the way, it turned out that the girl a good voice, and is particularly well she performed in musicals). I learn to ride. Any other sport are not fond of. But talking with his five brothers, Lucy, she said, she has received initial training. He learns not to be offended, and if necessary to fight back. It turns out that the actress that played the beautiful brawny Xena teased as a child awkward. It is now many fans came up to her character Lucy’s quite another nickname: the second combined the name and surname of the word “Flawless” – “perfect”. And in those years, she had to defend the dignity with their fists.
After high school, Lucy – then again, by the way, with ash, not black, as now, the hair – looked for a year at the university, where, among other things, studied opera, and then began her university life already. She gathered backpack and set off in search of adventure in Europe. Lucy Ryan liked to wander she walked and toured Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Italy. In life he earned in seasonal work. He waved to America: in Mexico fished in Canada studied acting. Then dashing maiden moved to Australia, where she worked in the gold mines on a par with men. Well, and then returned to his home in New Zealand, she married a former classmate, gave birth to daughter Daisy. Here I arrived and competition, we mentioned at the beginning. Lucy became an actress. She worked in various television shows until you got the role of Xena in several episodes of the TV series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”, filmed in New Zealand, the fans are still arguing about which of the series Lucy Lawless first appeared, because she was not like that then on Xena for which then came up with a personal show. Lucy’s career in no small measure contributed to the producer Robert Tapert, who fell in love with her, and in the 95th year, was able to convince the studio bosses that such a textured actress in the role of warrior and savior of the disadvantaged can make a stunning show.
Tapert was not mistaken: the rating of the show, even now very high. A recent statistical survey conducted in a number of colleges English-speaking countries, even showed that the role models young people think Chelsea Clinton (all praised the worthy daughter of Clinton’s behavior is difficult and challenging times), as well as the heroes of “Star Wars” and Xena – Warrior Princess . The very same Lucy Lawless, the lady is quite witty, he said recently that she herself Xena by the nature of its activity resembles … US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. But it added: “However, if my Xena met her on the narrow path, I would not envy Xena.”
It so happened that began to appear in “Xena …”, Lucy Lawless broke up with her husband. It seriously took up martial arts, especially swordsmanship, horse riding and acting. “Xena gives me the opportunity to be very different, and then I’ll be able to play in a comedy, and musical and drama. I’m sure of it. It is not always the same, I’ll just Xena!” – Then he told the actress and in between filming in 1997 made her debut on Broadway in the musical “Grease.” This role she received after she sang on the show Rosie 0’Donnell that is very praised her voice.
But then Lucy returned home again became Xena and married that same Robert Tapert, who came up with this series. The wedding was grand, but journalists the bride and groom was guarded by several former employees of the FBI, as both can not tolerate interference with privacy. But friends and family fun to fame, including almost the entire crew “Xena … and” Hercules “Kevin Sorbo with his young wife. Last year, Lucy gave birth to a son. Shot Lucy almost to the birth, and the most difficult to say, then she had not, and the writers and costumers who had come up with various tricks to disguise its interesting position. After giving birth to her son, the actress quickly returned to the set. “Xena taught me discipline, and I can not force others to wait,” – she explains. Filming “Xena …” is continuing.
By the mighty warrior Xena can be treated differently. For example, someone is paying attention to the fact that throughout the show Xena accompany only one loved one, a friend of Gabriel, has concluded that gay protagonist. Lucy Lawless herself refers to this assumption with humor. And when pesky journalists very much pestering her with questions, for example, about where she’s going to spend a vacation, she can answer: “On the island of Lesvos!” And he goes fishing with her husband.
Statement Lucy Lawless spread does not like giving interviews only by telephone. For the paparazzi it tough nut, remove the actress without permission is almost no one can. But if she says of himself, that is quite ironic: “Many people think that I’m an expert in martial arts and life is capable of amazing things. Nothing like that. I like to roller skate, but this is far from perfect, Lately I liked to surf the Internet, but I forbid myself to get involved in this particular pastime, and then suddenly get lost? Imagine that then write? Queen of soldiers lost in the Internet! ”
What’s new in the life of Lucy Lawless after the birth of her son? “Yes, perhaps, nothing special, except that I’m quite happy. Even ashamed in front of other people.” Daughter Daisy gets on well with his stepfather and little brother loves, and it can not but rejoice Lucy. She still loves jazz and a lot of reading. When the husband is away, he sends her love poems or tender notes over the Internet. “I do not know that Xena would have done with this guy – Lucy laughs. – I can only say that I really like it when the camera is turned off, out of Xena’s Lucy Lawless or turns into Mrs. Rob Tapert.”

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