Los Angeles

Los Angeles – a city in the United States, the administrative center of the district of the same name and the largest metropolitan area in the territory inhabited by over 17 million people. The city is located in the southern part of California, in the west has an outlet to the Pacific Ocean, on the other hand is surrounded by desert and mountains. The population of Los Angeles is 3.8 million inhabitants, the city area – 1302 square kilometers.
Economic tycoon “Golden State”

The economy of Los Angeles is based on the entertainment industry, tourism, international trade and production. In terms of its development and profit brought by it ranks third in the United States. The city is the largest financial corporations and banks of the Pacific coast. The local port is the fifth busiest in the world.
The main sectors of production in Los Angeles are electronics, metalworking, computer industry, automotive, furniture manufacturing, medicine and clothing. The greatest profit comes from television and film industry, the share of the city accounts for about 90% of all manufactured in the US film industry. Amusement parks, beaches, art galleries and exhibition halls in the city each year attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of visitors, which puts Los Angeles on one of the first places in the United States on a tourist popularity.
View of the central part of the city – Downtown

Los Angeles: the world capital of entertainment

Los Angeles – the city of fashion, illusions, dreams and execution of the most cherished dreams. Here you can ride on the crest of a wave, a look behind the scenes of the filming of the television series favorite, soak up the sun on the beach with white sand and realize a childhood dream – to visit Disneyland.
The city enchants with its atmosphere of luxury, grandeur and carelessness. It produces all that is called “American dream”, and is considered the world capital of entertainment. To verify this, you just have to go on Wilshire Boulevard. It is a street, 24 km long, where hundreds of shops are concentrated, nightclubs, restaurants and the most expensive houses in the world.
Since Los Angeles is located in a zone of high seismic activity, it is in its territory is dominated by low-rise buildings and villas, but in its architectural scale, they are superior to many of the skyscrapers of modern cities. High-rise buildings here can be found only in the central part of the city – Downtown.

City of Angels

The first European settlers in the present territory of Los Angeles were Spanish missionaries. In 1769 their governor Felipe de Neva sent an expedition of 11 men and women with 22 children in the wilderness, wild but fertile land under the sun on the beach for the establishment of a new settlement. He was given a name, which literally translates as “the city of the Great Lady, the Queen of Angels.”
Over time, the area of ??the small village became the property of the United States, which contributed to its further development. In 1890, in the vicinity of the oil found here and gradually began to arrive new inhabitants. As the name of the city was too long, Americans have cut his own way, which will result in “City of Angels”.


The main form of public transport in Los Angeles – buses and their routes cover all parts of the city and suburbs. The local subway is young enough and consists of only five lines, and it does not work at night. The most convenient and cheapest transport is considered to be a passenger car, and their rental are located in each of the areas of the city.


The crime rate in Los Angeles in recent years significantly decreased, and the city is considered to be quite safe for tourists. However, to avoid night walks on specific areas, not to carry large sums of money and lock the car.
The famous Hollywood sign on the side of one of the hills of Los Angeles

Main attractions

In Los Angeles, it is virtually impossible to determine the historic city center. His every district has its own history, sights and interesting places.
And Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood – the most famous area of ??Los Angeles, which can be considered a separate inner city. On its territory there are many theaters and movie studios, as well as the most famous living artists and film actors. Tourists can visit the open set, Wax Museum or take a stroll along the Walk of Fame. This is nothing like a long sidewalk lined five-pointed stars with the names of people who played a major role in the development of the film industry and entertainment.
Disneyland, Los Angeles is considered the “progenitor” of Disneyland in the world, held its opening in 1956. Then it was a small amusement park with rides and two dozen scenes, though already at that time the visitors met fairy-tale characters and colorful decorations. Today Disneyland equipped with the latest computer technology, to achieve the most realistic scenery on the rides. At the entrance visitors are still met with Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and other fantastic characters.
Downtown District
Downtown – business district of Los Angeles, there are local government agencies, financial institutions and rare for the city skyscrapers. The most popular among them are considered “Arco” and the hotel “Bonaventure”. Among the local attractions most noteworthy Central Library, funicular “Flight of Angels” and the Museum of Modern Art.
Malibu Beach
Neighborhood Malibu is well known for its numerous beaches, which are exactly the same frames of the famous series about lifeguards. Here you can find both rocky shores and sandy. Especially this place was chosen by fans of diving and surfing.
Beverly Hills area
This is one of the richest areas of the city. His Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard are renowned as the best place for entertainment, shopping and a luxury holiday. Most of the buildings here – the private villas of millionaires and movie stars.
Walk of Fame, or the Avenue of Stars

Interesting facts about Los Angeles

Los Angeles – the only city in the world, which has twice hosted the Summer Olympics
In one of the police stations of the city there is a special “cat patrol.” Its main task – to catch rats
The first star on the “Walk of Fame” was founded in 1960
The city has the world’s only lighthouse that emits green light
On the streets of Los Angeles every day shoot 50 films

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