Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli
Birthday: 2/13/1946, the
Age: 69 years
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 57 kg

November 8, 1964. Crowded Hall London “Palladium” and literally froze stopped breathing. Nobody expected that day that eighteen Liza Minnelli so clearly, so clearly overshadowed by his mother – the famous Judy Garland. For which, among other things, the room and going.

Choppy, storm the stage nosivshayasya Lisa and her young voice chustvenny intoxicated listeners like champagne – and the audience to “change” its long-standing favorite of Garland. Heartful lyrics Judy background exhilarating, energetic solos daughter looked helpless and somehow faded. Restrained, battered British darts off and danced, Lisa accepted to sing.
Completely taken aback by what is happening, Judy tried to somehow fix the situation – she kept coming to her daughter and took her hand, which she clutched the microphone. If he wanted to show that it is only in order to teach Lisa to stay on the stage. But stop it was impossible. Toward the close of Lisa finally escaped from the custody of the parent and “bang” sang the famous song “Who will regret” – so much so that the song sounded like an accusation against Judy.
The rivalry on stage mother and daughter, at first seemed well rehearsed stunt in front of hundreds of spectators began to acquire a truly dramatic intensity. On the stage like a worn electrical discharges – concert hall was transformed into a place of finding personal relationships. And Lisa rejoiced: finally she was able to win the right to be themselves, and not just a “daughter of Judy Garland!” Now everyone will be convinced that it is not at all like her mother. And this is the last thing most happy girl.
… “Lizzie, you’re adorable! Well, just poured Mom!” – Twelve years Lisa had to listen to such compliments every day. The girl nodded, smiled politely – and in the evening before bedtime taken to pray to God: “God, you are kind and nice, do so that I had a good character – not as a mom. I do not want to become like her. I do not want tantalize everyone as she scream as she and to be patient as it … ”
On the part of her childhood it seemed enviable. Another would be: from birth Lisa hit the sky-high idols of the public company. Girl friends with children of other movie stars – Dean Martin, Oscar Levant, Lana Turner … Vincente Minnelli Liza’s father, a successful Hollywood director, often took his daughter with him to the studio – to play in huge halls MGM was just indescribable pleasure.
Their large house in the suburbs of Los Angeles and then up a home presentation, invited circus, magicians, clowns, there was even a private railway was built, which is guarded special police squad. Inventing the most exotic entertainment for my daughter, the parents apparently trying to outdo each other.
What pride shone little Lisa, going with his mother in a small restaurant, even in the most remote provinces! She knew – did not take place and three minutes, be sure to gather around them the crowd, and my mother will beg for autographs, at least on dining napkin. The Judy Garland, who played once Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” Americans are doting mothers – now knew by heart young and old alike. In addition, Judy was a famous pop singer. Often during her performances little Lisa ran out to my mother on the most famous stages of the world – where she could whirl and dance in the rays of spotlights.
The tale ended when the parents separated. Their marriage has never had a reputation for strong, but Vincente Minnelli was a clever man – he was always trying to protect Lizzie’s what the little girl to see and know, really not worth it. Now, when Vincent was not around, life Judy went hawking.
Of course, capricious, whimsical Mrs. Garland could sometimes be good and gentle. Ready for Christmas, children and besides Lisa Garland were still at the daughter and son from another marriage – came up with Mom Christmas scenes, Judy has taught them to dance, sing them a song. But those idyllic moments occurred infrequently and always ended the same – Judy could not stand and fell into depression. Then, in the course were a ton of tablets, liters of alcohol, and periodic “rest” in various clinics only corrected the situation until the next breakdown. It was for Lisa Judy something of a father-confessor, and more – just for peace of trash disposal. Mom, did not hesitate to tell her daughter the most unsightly stories from his turbulent life, from that, she “became happier.” In such confessions from Lisa needed two things: listen and sympathize with my mother’s problems. Girl scared listened meekly and sympathy – although poorly understood what it was.
There were worse things. Every six months, Judy, once again “all” tied with drugs and experiencing the breaking, attempted suicide. Lisa is unlikely to ever forget how it happened the first time. She then turned ten. He and his girlfriend were sitting in the living room and watching TV, when suddenly entered the room Judy. Wrung her hands, she sobbed loudly, that life is a failure, and other choice but to commit suicide, it does not. Then quickly removed and locked herself in the bathroom. Children ran after her. Terrified Lisa banged on the door with shaking hands and screamed: “Mommy, please do not kill yourself! Mommy! Open! I am afraid the only one!” “Mom” did not answer. When the butler came running and broke down the door – they do not believe their eyes: Judy, sitting on the edge of the bath, with a smile, poured into the toilet a bottle of aspirin. Such stories are often repeated. And among the countless suicide attempts Judy were not all live performances.
Also of panic that his mother something of a do; children chased Judy Garland and the eternal fear that she would simply throw them – Judy never tired of repeating his son and daughters, they for it – a terrible burden. Roaming on hotels, Garland could easily expose the children out of the room into the corridor, or on the contrary, lock them with a key, and for the day to depart for. And Lisa as the eldest had to calm the kids: Mom loves them and be sure to come back soon (which in itself Lizzie, by the way, was not the slightest confidence).
Is it any wonder that barely reached the age of fifteen, Liza hastened to leave the house and entered the New York School of Theatre Arts? She moved not only the desire to escape from his mother. Lisa has long noticed that Judy looked happy only when singing or playing movies. So Lisa scene is sort of magical place where people can feel comfortable and where all the troubles are forgotten.
Great and horrible at the same time for Lisa was the day of the premiere of her first musical “Best Foot” in one of the tiny Teatrika on the outskirts of Broadway. Tickets went instantly, and just before the start of the play, Lisa, whose teeth were chattering with excitement, guessed that the reason was the fact: behind the scenes she saw a small zalchik accompanied by a crowd of reporters, photographers and press agents sailed Judy Garland in person. Dressed in luxurious white silk dress with a rose on his chest and a diamond tiara in her hair, she nodded proudly present and sank into a chair. Meanwhile, behind the scenes of her daughter she wept bitterly and swore that she would not go on stage. “After I told her not to come at least for the premiere! Now, then certainly I will be a makeweight to it idiotic to pay …” – Lisa sobbed on the shoulder of producer Bob Smith. He was embarrassed, he could not invite Judy and refuse such a powerful tool for unwinding performance. The debut of the young Minnelli was as she’d feared: critics unanimously called Lisa, “a replica of Judy Garland.”
“Of course, by all appearances, she is the daughter of Judy Garland gorgeous – with sorrowful sighs read his girlfriend Tanya Lisa Everitt review of New York’s influential theater critic Walter Kerr. – In her voice we hear a familiar husky tremolo and muffled laughter after each line. ” “No, I will not leave it! – Suddenly boiled Lisa – I explain to him the difference!” She had got somewhere Walter Kerr phone and blurted out in one breath: “You know nothing about any musicals, any actress! You have no eyes, no ears!” Kerr, not realizing what was happening, said in surprise: “Lord, well poured Judy! It could also call like that!” Lisa gasped with indignation and hearts hung up.
In 1966, Liza Minnelli was awarded the prize “Tony” as the best young actress of the musical. Producers are now tearing Minnelli each other’s hands, as her name is already guaranteed a full box office. Gradually Minnelli talked about as one of the attractions of Manhattan – in this case, however, bearing in mind not only her acting talents. Omniscient reporters regularly informs the public about the fact that after the evening performance actress Liza Minnelli must necessarily rely on the substituted helpfully man’s shoulder. At the same time Lisa kind of like a damn who will ryadim: its musical director Fred Ebb, composer John Kander, school friend Marvin Hemlish or just a strange guy, friendly podmignuvshy her after the show. “Anyone gently peeking Miss Minnelli and praised her new suit (usually too bright), has the potential to be that night in her bed,” – the press wrote.
That was true, but only partly. In fact, Lisa just suffered – and painfully ashamed of – a pathological fear of loneliness. She could not stay at home alone for more than fifteen minutes, her tormented various phobias and foreboding, it always seemed that certainly has to happen something terrible or her (this now!) Or someone from the family. All day she spun in the theater, and in the evening she urgently needed to find someone who is ready to stay with her until morning. If the Company does not provide, Lisa preferred to spend the night at the disco, the bar – anywhere, but not in an empty apartment alone.
Clearly, Judy Garland, has always considered himself gracious puritanical, was not too pleased to find out from the newspapers that her daughter, barely escaped from parental care, once had a ball. Does Judy binding “frivolous” conduct Lisa with echoes of her baby crying “Mommy, do not go! (Or a more sinister version of” Mom, do not kill yourself! “) I’m afraid one!”? Hardly. Judy’s not too similar treasured memories and have long forgotten about such nonsense. Her maternal instinct disturbed only that the daughter is time to “save”. And Judy Judy would not have been if I had not done it in a very peculiar way.
A few days later, she “accidentally” introduced a daughter with her young boyfriend, Australian musician Peter Alen. Not long ago, Garland helped him unwind bad in Europe and America – Peter had beautiful eyes and was able to speak it perfectly compliments. In general, Peter liked Judy. Driven by some complicated jumble of feelings – half location, polurevnostyu, poluzabotoy’s daughter, Judy held a brilliant blitz maneuver, in which Peter and Lizzie found each other in the crush of the New York bohemian world.
With the gullible and naive Lisa was easy to cope. From Peter needed only gently and faithfully look into the eyes of a girl and a meal together at the table to stroke her hand. Once during such stroking Peter quietly put on her little finger a diamond ring, and whispered in your ear: “If you agree to marry me, I’ll do anything for you to be happy.” Lisa was delighted – the old dream of a reliable man’s shoulder began to come true at last. She no longer have to fear every night – suddenly it no one will – and hide your shameful that fear of all. Besides, my mother sounded so convincing words: “Lisa, this is your destiny. It is beautiful and very talented!” Vincente Minnelli, who had come to visit her daughter in Paris filming and meet her fiance, was sad and silent. “At least she will stop loafing” – inspired him to Judy, but Vincent did not share her joy.
The official engagement was celebrated young in London, the famous bohemian disco “Ad-Lib”, the owner of which was notorious Jackie Collins. Lisa and Peter were in the most that neither is the cult of Bo’s – in the club’s regulars were listed four “Beatles”, Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. Lisa extravagant in his yellow suit, shoes with scarlet sequins immediately, like an exotic flower, attracted worldwide attention. Otplyasyvaya till you drop with everyone and did fail her eyes hit on George Harrison, Lisa surreptitiously watched – if not jealous suitor. Groom meanwhile was nowhere in sight. He disappeared almost as soon as they entered. Before the closing of the disco Lisa rushed to look for Peter, but in vain. Eventually upset Lisa had no choice as to dive under hospitably thrown open cloak George Harrison and let him lead her to an unknown destination.
The incident Lisa and Peter preferred to never forget. The wedding took place, new husband settled in an expensive apartment on Fifty-seventh Street in Manhattan and tried to portray a happy life together. Lisa immediately firmly and irrevocably decided for myself: if she is now wife, then – do not change! Otherwise, it certainly threatens to follow his mother’s nomadic life of one man to another. Keep the word proved terribly difficult. Minnelli worked in musicals and performed with the variety program of theater, and Peter traveled about the country, appearing in Toronto, in Miami, in Las Vegas, or obediently followed the route of Judy as a musical “add-on” to her concerts. In the days and weeks when Peter was away, Lisa whiled away the night in conversation with his new friend, a trendy New York designer Roy Halston Frowick. They just innocently talking – women interested Halston only as interviewees. If he found himself busy, instantly flows into neurotic anxiety Lisa phoned her father in Los Angeles and keep it by the phone until dawn. Go one at night in bars and discos, as before, Lisa currently strictly prohibited – so she knew what it usually ends for her.
By 1969, even the “impenetrable” critics have recognized that Minnelli and inimitable talent. For a picture “The Waste cuckoo” Lisa nominated for “Oscar”. They all admired the episode in a phone booth, saying that he alone is worthy of any awards. The massive horn-rimmed glasses, painfully wrinkling his nose, laughing and crying at the same time, the heroine Minnelli in close telephone booth listens and does not believe his ears – their affair is over? It can not be!
“Can not be!” – Just a few hours after the shooting shout into the phone itself, Lisa. A voice on the phone will insist: “No, Lisa, it’s true, your Peter has long had an affair with your mother the same. Yes, this whole New York knows!” Upon hearing this news, Lisa rushed to his only true friend Halston. And there, in his littered with sketches, paints, canvases and dummies apartment was played a harrowing scene: Lisa clung to its own dummy – it has long been dressed only in Halston – and became desperate to shake him, to break and tear. Holston says that looking at the fit of impotent rage and despair, he tried to somehow defuse the situation, “I said then Lizzie: I am sorry that we have here no dummy Judy Garland, we would have found it! .. But Lisa He did not respond to a joke – she just cried and screamed that she now understands why you may want to kill myself. ”
She broke off all relations with Judy, did not respond to her calls and told herself that her mother is no more. June 29, 1969 Minnelli was awakened early phone call. Lisa said that her mother Judy Garland died of an overdose of barbiturates. Again, she blurted out, “It can not be!” – For the third time in the last six months.
She seemed to become a little girl again. Materialized the worst childhood nightmares Lizzy – mother left her and now forever. It remains only a burning sense of guilt – all at once, even the novel by Peter. “And what if she did it because of him? What if he was her last love?” – Each time asked Lisa at Halston, and he did not know what to say … To comfort Lisa was impossible – she firmly believed in that, too, will die in 47 years, and even earlier, and she also did not avoid depression, suffering and – ultimately – the bubble with barbiturates.
Halston saw that Lisa must urgently save, offered proven means – several ponyushek cocaine.

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