It has long been one huge cat inspired respect and humanity won his imagination. This, of course, talking about a lion. Man has always revered lion and gives him the best human qualities – generosity, courage, loyalty and strength undefeated fighter. The ancient Egyptians made the lion emblem (sign) of divine power and kingship. Assyrians and Greeks saw in the lions satellites goddesses. In early Christian art lion symbolized even Christ himself. Later lions adorned the arms of many monarchs and nobles.
So why did the lion – the lord of beasts? No doubt because he looked really regal. Imagination primarily draws a lion in his prime. His incomparable dark golden-brown or black mane gives it the greatness of the monarch. And the voice of the lion no less impressive than its appearance. In the quiet night the lion’s roar thrill everyone who hears it – even at a distance of eight kilometers. In his lion behavior also shows a lot of royal qualities. He majestically good-natured and sociable – except when guards its prey or girlfriend.
Lions differ from other cats that live in groups – the so-called prides. On a typical pride consists of two or three males, several lionesses with cubs and the leader. Lion leader is not always the biggest or the strongest member of the Pride, but the other males recognize him, and he, in turn, tolerates their presence. Number of pride ranges from four to five members to thirty or forty.
Among the big cats with a lion competes in size only to the tiger. Typically, the lion is slightly less than the length of three meters and weighs 180 to 230 pounds. Lionesses smaller: their average length is two and a half meters, and weight – 140 pounds. Among cats only lions easy to distinguish males from females. Lioness mane missing. Lion has tremendous physical strength. One paw, he knocks down trёhsotkilogrammovuyu zebra. Despite its weight, this predator excellent jumper. One witness claimed that the lion in his eyes jumped over the gorge width of 11 meters. Three-meter high jump for the lion at all common.
Once lions except Africa were carried out in Europe, the Middle East and in India. Gradually, however, due to the development of animal husbandry, and then industry lions were driven man. Now they live in sub-Saharan Africa and India. However, in India, they were only in the reserve Garsky Forest. Lion in a relationship with a man was always inclined to peaceful coexistence. However, there were occasions when the predators become cannibals. So, in the beginning of the century two lions dragged off and eaten 28 working with the construction of the railway Mombasa-Nairobi. After that, they waylaid and shot engineer, supervised the construction.
Some zoologists doubt the vaunted noble lion. After all, lions are often sent to hunt females, and then overeat produced their food. This, however, can be explained by the fact that the lion because of its very mane will take and can easily flush out prey. Therefore prey lions send less prominent females.
Old and sick lions pride does not protect, but instead casts. Decrepit lion, skinny and weak, often becomes the prey of hyenas. Inglorious end for the lord of beasts.

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