Lychee fruit is of Chinese origin. The “Middle Kingdom” are considered to be “king of fruit”. Lychee – a ball-shaped fruit with thin peel rough, which is then pink, then brown, which can easily be removed. In lychee sweet, juicy, aromatic, white flesh that resembles nutmeg. Fruit with a “surprise” – there is a stone inside.
Lychee has long been grown in southern China, but in the 17th century it was brought to Thailand overseas Chinese. It should be noted that the fruit of something similar to the rambutan and longan. Lychee grows in clusters on small evergreen trees with dense foliage, with a maximum height of 10 meters.
To “help”, we note that only grow in Thailand about 20 species of lychee. Thus, only three of them are the most preferred for export. It hong huai (oval fruit covered with yellow-pink-red sheath with a sweet and sour taste at the same time); kirn cheng (very sweet fruit sharopodobny red with small bones); chakmphat (large very sweet “ball” red with small seeds).
It turned out that not only the exotic lychee, and voluptuous fruit. Even in the 11th century the Chinese have mentioned this fruit in the books, calling it “the Chinese oreshkm” and argued that it tastes a bit like a raisin. If we talk about the gastronomic use of litchi, it should be noted that the addition to the lychee fruit, spicy salads, meat, mix cooked lychee wine, syrup, lychee filling for pies, puddings and pancakes in the western kitchen will give unprecedented savor dishes. For such purposes, lychee can be harvested as a concentrate, pickled or canned form. By the way, this exotic fruit very well with fish, and could be used during cooking sweet and sour sauce for pork, chicken. Furthermore, lychee can be fed and fried foods (eg, in the form of the sauce), as a condiment to go with fish and meat pates.
It is important to note that the lychee is used also for medical purposes, for example, as a tonic to stimulate vitality. The fact that the lychee saturated vitamins C, B1 and B2, carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, as well as, nicotinic acid. Not surprisingly, in this case, litchi is famous for its role in regulating the digestive system, it helps with anemia and quenches thirst. At the moment, 8 large lychee contains 60 calories.

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