Leonardo Dicaprio

Born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles (California, USA) in a family of hippies.

Full name – Leonardo Wilhelm.

… Irmelin DiCaprio admired Da Vinci painting (it was the summer of 1974 in a museum in Italy), when he suddenly felt a slight push in the abdomen -buduschaya star of “Titanic” began to move in the womb, and because of this coincidence was named in honor of the great artist – Leonardo.

DiCaprio’s parents – George (comic book writer) and Irmelin (working social worker) divorced even when the child is not even a year old, but later tried to educate him as much as possible together, so as not to deprive any paternal or maternal care

When Leo was only 2.5 years old, his father took him on a popular children’s television show – it was the first appearance of the future actor before the camera. Producers of the show were initially delighted with the rapid, active child, who made his color in transmission, but soon, for the same reason they were forced to “lay off” Leo – his behavior was completely out of control and cause a lot of trouble on the crew.

DiCaprio enrolled in primary school at the University of Seeds, where he began attending acting classes, then, for a more in-depth study to Los Angeles. But the lessons with teachers seemed to him a little – too great was the desire to start to speak before a live audience, and he joined the avant-garde troupe called “The Mud People” began touring Los Angeles.

After high school in Seeds, Leo entered the John Marshall School in Los Feliz, where he played in his first real play. At age 15, DiCaprio has already had his personal agent – this time he did starred in commercials and small documentary and educational films. In the same year, Leo got a small role in the super popular then seriale- “Lassie” and the role of a teenage alcoholic in “Santa Barbara” and a number of roles in other series.

DiCaprio’s career developed rapidly and in 1991 came the first big screen movie starring young talent – “Critters 3” and in the same year, 16-year-old was invited to the popular series of ABS – “Growing Pains”

Game actor in this series so memorable producers that in 1993 Leo walked 400 other applicants and was approved by one of the main roles in the film “Life This Boy” – star (featuring Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin), the film adaptation of the novel by best-selling In .Vulf.

In the same 1993 Swedish director Lasse Halstrom DiCaprio invited to audition in his new band “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”, The shooting of which have already given their consent to Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis. Initially, he saw Leo in the photo, and explore his early roles in serials, Lass completely abandoned the idea to take it in the film – in his opinion, the boy was too cute to play a mentally retarded child, but seeing as Leo get used to the image on the samples, he immediately gave him a role and has not lost – the critics praised the game and even the young actor was nominated for an Oscar for his 1994. He was only 19 years old.

The next year was a year of great expectations Leo and big disappointments. Still – he was invited once in 3 bands, whose creators pinned great hopes on him, but by no means all of them had come true. Western “Quick and the Dead” starring Sharon Stone and Gene Heckman received weak reviews of the press and was received by the audience cool.

The actor has expanded its role, performing in “The Basketball Diaries” / The Basketball Diaries / addict as a poet-basketball player, and in “total eclipse” – a gay hero, however, despite his great game is not all viewers of these films liking .

Popularity among ordinary viewers and annexed army of fans around the world, Leo was only, perhaps, appearing in 1996 in Shakespeare, and more accurate to say Lurmanovskoy in “Romeo and Juliet” – a bold and that became a cult in its time, the film adaptation Australian director. Luhrmann ventured to transfer the action of the novel in medieval modernity, mixed monologues on trendy soundtrack and issuing a spectacle in the style of MTV, giving rise to the vogue for remaking the classic works of Shakespeare.

… James Cameron, had the idea of his new film dedicated to the death of “Titanic,” DiCaprio recommend the studio, saying that it was an actor – a young star, a popular audience and having a great dramatic potential, they want to see in this expensive project. The director also held a somewhat different opinion, considering that DiCaprio has all the qualities that he wanted to give his protagonist. As always, his opinion changed Cameron after a personal meeting with DiCaprio, who charmed him with his sense of humor, sociability and a great game held during the trial. However, it should also be noted that Leonardo himself did not immediately agree to participate in the Titanic, so I was not sure whether he wants to bring to the screen the image offered to him.

The result is known to all – 14 Oscar nominations, 11 statuettes, fees reached 1 billion and a huge, indescribable popularity DiCaprio, going beyond common sense. World-mania swept DiCaprio.

The higher we climb, the harder they fall … then there Amid the great success of the Titanic all subsequent tapes actors were lost, and the army of fans thinning with each passing year more and more. In addition, the beginning of the impression that the studio was invited Leo in movies, it is narrow-minded in their artistic value, relying solely on the untwisted name stars. So first saw the light of “The Beach”, interest in the shooting of which, perhaps, surpassed public interest in the film itself, then Hollywood bosses decided to finish career as an actor, released in theaters absurd the plot of the novel version of Dumas, as always adapting classics by popcorn and dim-witted intelligence target audience. For this role, “The Man in the Iron Mask” and his twin brother Leo was awarded the “Golden Raspberry” for “the worst on-screen duo.”

The euphoria that prevailed around the “Titanic” for several years, gradually began to fade, and with it began to fade and interest to the person DiCaprio – his face for a couple of years disappeared in the covers of tabloids, many sites dedicated to the actor no longer be updated in 2000, the actor himself was very upset by the rapid decline of interest to the person – many were convinced that the peak DiCaprio’s career is over and that a better Titanic now he is unlikely to succeed. However, it is too narrow-minded point of view, and it would be foolish to give up on this so brilliant acting career.

… 2002 may well be the second coming of the actor on the big screen – after a short break DiCaprio is back in two tapes – the historical drama “Gangs of New York” by Martin Scorsese, nominated for an Oscar in 10 categories, as well as Steven Spielberg adventure comedy “Catch Me If You Can, “far from winning an Academy Award, but much more profitable for its creators and more interesting for the average viewer.

For 2004, appointed the following release tape featuring DiCaprio – Baz Luhrmann, once famed actor, inviting him to the role of Romeo, this time decided to trust him much more responsible role – to bring to the screen the image of Alexander the Great in the high-budget historical film “Alexander the Great” …

Nominated for “Oscar”:
1993 – Best Supporting Actor (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”)
2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)
2006 – Best Actor (“Blood Diamond”)
2013 – Best Actor (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

The “Golden Globes”:
2004 – Best Actor, drama (“The Aviator”)
2013 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nomination for the “Golden Globes”:
1993 – Best Supporting Actor (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”)
1997 – Best Actor, drama (“Titanic”)
2002 – Best Actor, drama (“Catch Me If You Can”)
2006 – Best Actor, drama (“Blood Diamond”)
2006 – Best Actor, drama (“The Departed”)
2008 – Best Actor, drama (“Revolutionary Road”)
2011 – Best Actor, drama (“Dzh.Edgar”)
2012 – Best Supporting Actor (“Django liberated”)

Premium channel “MTV”:
1997 – Best Actor (“Titanic”)
2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)
2013 – The most manic episode (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nominated for the channel “MTV”:
1996 – Best Actor (“Romeo + Juliet”)
1996 – Best On-Screen Duo (“Romeo + Juliet”)
1996 – Best Kiss (“Romeo + Juliet”)
1997 – Best On-Screen Duo (“Titanic”)
1997 – Best Kiss (“Titanic”)
2002 – Best Actor (“Catch Me If You Can”)
2002 – Best Kiss (“Gangs of New York”)
2012 – Best Villain (“Django liberated”)
2012 – Best On-Screen Duo (“Django liberated”)
2013 – Best Actor (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)
2013 – Best On-Screen Duo (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)
2013 – The best musical moment (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)
2013 – Best Performance by a shirtless (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nominated for “BAFTA”:
2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)
2006 – Best Actor (“The Departed”)
2013 – Best Actor (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award:
1996 – The best cast (“Marvin’s Room”)
1997 – The best cast (“Titanic”)
2004 – The best cast (“The Aviator”)
2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)
2006 – Best cast (“The Departed”)
2006 – Best Actor (“The Departed”)
2006 – Best Actor (“Blood Diamond”)
2011 – Best Actor (“Dzh.Edgar”)

Nominated for “Saturn”:
2010 – Best Actor (“Home”)
2010 – Best Actor (“Shutter Island”)

Nominated for “Golden Raspberry” (2000):
Worst Actor (“The Beach”)

Berlin Film Festival (1997):
Silver Bear for Best Actor (“Romeo + Juliet”)

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