Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz
Birthday: 5/26/1964, the
Age: 50 years
Birthplace: New York, United States

Citizenship: US

Today, he does not just become one of those who “run the show” on the world music Olympus, for many it is – a music Guru and God. Recently, Lenny Kravitz is often compared to the outgoing musical idols such as the generation of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dillan.
The future world star Lenny Kravitz was born May 26, 1964 in New York, in a creative family. His father, Sy Kravitz – television producer, and his mother – Roxy Rouker – Actress. Atmosphere motley city, whose population speaks all sorts of languages ??and listen to different music, creative environment of parents and their personal preferences – all this is reflected in the small Lenny and influenced his artistic perception of the world. Music was his childhood passion, especially Lenny inspired drums: he set the pan in the apartment and in all its force children bashed for “drum kit”. Parents are not just tolerated these creative impulses offspring, they encouraged his desire: buy real drums and sent his son in every way “right” direction, introducing it with a good and high-quality music. In 10 years, Lenny Kravitz listened to Duke Ellington, James Brown, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, however, loved the staff was still a «Jackson Five», inspired Lenny, he admits, to music lessons. In 1974 the family moved to Los Angeles. Lenny joined the California Boys Choir, and in his spare time began to study their own musical instruments, and gradually mastered the guitar and keys, all of which one can “blow” sound. As it is now asked, what instruments he plays Lenny replied with a smile that plays on that, on what can be, that is all that is involved in the recording of his album. Music education Lenny honed at the prestigious school Beverly Hills School, and it was there the nickname stuck to him Romeo Blue, by which he tried to start his career as a performer.
In 1987, Lenny met a young actress Lisa Bonet, and a year later they had a daughter, Zoe. But Lenny was not planning to drive themselves to the family box, because at that time he already had enough songs that nobody has heard of, but who are so anxious to perform and execute: Recorded in 1989 album «Let Love Rule», Lenny sent drive All record companies. From everywhere came refusals with the motivation that music Lenny too “black” and a Virgin Records management decided to make a bet on it, and offered the young artist contract. The critics did not spare words have left a living space on the album, but the audience immediately applauded by Lenny and hippie manners and spicy mixture of soul, jazz, funk, rock, and his vocals. Against the background of the first success was followed by bitter disappointment family life finally cracked, and Lenny and Lisa divorced.
The second album «Mama Said» Lenny recorded in 1991, during the divorce proceedings. Almost all the songs are imbued with tones of sadness and feelings, but the album was well-received by, and some songs topped the national charts.
The international recognition and deserved portion of glory fell on Lenny in 1993 with the album «Are You Gonna Go My Way». In concert, the audience stood on the ears, the press vied betrayed reviews and criticism, a couple of years ago to the nines raznesshie first disc, choked with enthusiastic words about Kravitz. The CD Lenny demonstrated not only increased performance skills, he played almost all the musical parts, and produced the album himself. Then Lenny and received his first honorary awards – two awards and Grammy Award MTV Video Music Awards for the video for the title track. Naturally, after such a resounding success it was the time to go to a large-scale tour, but then Lenny faced with the fact that, in a live performance, he is not “one-man band”, therefore, invited a group of experienced musicians, he went to concerts by city, surprising the audience with virtuosity and frequent changes of tools.
In 1995 he released the album «Circus», which was reflected in everything that somehow influenced his work and life in general: the stylistic variety of musical colors, eternal questions without answers, the values ??of life and the difficulties that we face. In their songs Lenny often reflects inner feelings, while recording this album Lenny learned that his mother is terminally ill. Therefore, the disc appears as a sad, every song on it is permeated by the personal pain of the singer. Some critics then thought that Lenny came “crisis of the genre”, and actor took time out for a long three years.
The next album – “5” – was released in 1998. Many still consider it the most powerful, bright and interesting work of Lenny. Others, however, Kravitz criticized for being too eclectic and rich electronic sound. When recording Kravitz lot of experimenting, arranged in a single musical collage shades of rock, hip-hop, classical music, fashion sound technologies. After the end of Lenny he said: “While recording the album, I felt like a boy with a box of crayons, which eventually managed to use all the colors.” Lenny at the very beginning of the creative ways dismissed all limits and standards in music, and on this album he most vividly demonstrated his position. Many fans were shocked by such a rebirth, while others welcomed the novelty Kravitz. In any case, the album was received, and the song «Fly Away» won Grammy in the category “Best Male Rock Vocal Performance”. Another song, a cover version of the song Guess Who «American Woman», which became the soundtrack to «Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me», became the number one in the charts, received Grammy in the same category the following year.
In 2000 he published a collection of Lenny «Greatest Hits», which sold the eight millionth edition. In October 2001 came the disc, modestly called «Lenny». Kravitz himself wrote and produced the album. And is it then he has no right to call the album its name?
The next studio album «Baptism» released May 18, 2004. According to Lenny, this album – his “spiritual rebirth.” “This album is about how to experience the spiritual, musical and mental degeneration and to cope with all this,” – said the work of Lenny. Traditionally, Kravitz has authored and produced all 13 tracks, and it is performed almost all the instrumental parts.
In addition to his solo albums Lenny Kravitz became famous and numerous collaborations with the “star” counterparts: Vanessa Paradis (for which he wrote and produced the disc, 1992), Madonna (the song «Jusify My Love», 1990) Mick Jagger («Wandering Spirit», 1993), David Bowie («Buddha Of Suburbia», 1995). All these works speak for themselves and show how over the years has grown as a musician Lenny. Today, he does not just become one of those who “run the show” on the world music Olympus, for many it is – a music Guru and God. Recently, Lenny Kravitz is often compared to the outgoing musical idols such as the generation of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dillan. Such a “cargo” commits to much, but Lenny philosophical about these conversations. He’s just doing his job, quality and interesting, ‘My career – is a constant uphill. I have dedicated music all his life, – says Lenny – and I think to do this in the future. I can not imagine that after so many years, all the throw. “

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