Lemurs are nocturnal animals, they are common in Madagascar, Africa, India and the Sunda Islands. All species of lemurs live only in the forests rich in fruits and insects. During the day they hide in the darkest corners of the forest or in the hollows of trees, where he slept until nightfall. They sleep in the strangest positions: gripped the branch head and tail wound. Sometimes they sleep in pairs, forming a kind of fur ball.
They sleep very sensitive and may even wake up from buzzing of a fly or beetle. Then lifted their ears, big eyes sleepily slam centuries, but not for long, as these animals are very afraid of the light of day.
Once the sun sets, lemurs alive, begin brushing the fur and disclose the forest with loud cries. In some species, the cry of a hungry lion roar reminiscent of that very scares people. Night lemurs deft and graceful, in something they can even compete with the monkeys and lemurs in the art of affectation inimitable master.
Of course, not all species of lemurs are so active and respected loud cries. For example, a lemur loris moves noiselessly. He is able to quietly sneak up on sleeping birds and strangling them before they have time to wake up. But species like lorises, differ very carefully and, unfortunately, a very cowardly and stupid.
Most species of lemurs quietly tolerate captivity. Some people are very attached to the people, while others are completely indifferent to them. Sometimes they are used for hunting, especially lemurs often Babakotia. They are great hunters of birds. Rare Hunter, care to fish with Babakotia, returned without a catch.

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