Lemmings – are small animals, in outward appearance and lifestyle they both resemble and hamsters and voles. Lemming, or in other words, the polar char, length does not exceed 15 cm, 2 of which falls on the tail. They are found in the marshes in northern Scandinavia. Here they dig themselves small holes under rocks or moss.
In lemming long thick brown-yellow fur with dark spots. Tail and paws animal yellow and abdomen almost sand-colored. On the face from the eyes of his are two yellow stripes. In general, this is a very cute little animals, which exposes the incredible bravery. If somebody approaches the burrow lemming mammal bravely jumps towards strangers. However, he wildly squealing, grunting, rises on his hind legs and attack the enemy, trying to bite.
Very often lemmings pay for their desperate courage and get lunch for dogs and cats. Food lemmings up stunted northern plants such as reindeer moss, dwarf birch catkins and different roots, which in winter animals get on snow moves. Reserves for the winter lemmings do not and therefore often go hungry.
Every 10-20 years lemmings in a myriad of leaving their homes, going on long journeys. Neither the river nor the mountain, nothing can stop this huge wave of living. There were even cases where the lemmings in crowded boats of fishermen and those under their weight went down. In such years, the land for miles is littered with the corpses of these animals.
These invasions are very wasteful as little travelers have truly brutal appetite and devour everything edible in their path. More happiness that cold climate and numerous enemies greatly reduce the number of these rodents, otherwise people would have difficulty.

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