Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall
Birthday: 9/16/1924, the
Age: 89 years
Birthplace: New York, United States
Date of Death: 12/08/2014 Year
Place of death: New York, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 174 cm

Original name: Betty Johan Perske

Last Legend “golden age” of Hollywood
Lauren Bacall got into the modeling business? Due to the girl who got her first role in a movie? During the filming of the movie Lauren met her future husband Humphrey Bogart? What was the secret of the famous “look askance” actress? What was the name of the creative union of Bogart-Bacall? Why can not the wedding of Lauren Frank Sinatra? Than in the 90s ended cooperation with the famous actress Barbra Streisand? Which team show business has become a ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood, and why his party to Lauren Bacall called ‘mistress of the hole’?
Early years
Lauren Bacall called last legend ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood. She lived in an era of Marilyn Monroe, but has never been in the shadow of the sexy blonde. She managed to create a unique image, the main ‘feature’ which – look askance – won no fewer men than plump lips Monroe.
Your real name Lauren Bacall – Betty Joan Persky. She was born September 16, 1924 in the Bronx, the son of Jewish immigrants. According to the actress, her mother and grandmother were from Romania and is a relative of the president of Israel Shimon Peres. According to official sources, Betty – a cousin of Perez.
The girl’s father was engaged in trade, and her mother was a secretary. When she was 5 years old, his father abandoned the family, so it is brought up by my mother and grandmother. In 8 years, Betty took her grandmother’s name – Bacall, and later began to call themselves Lauren. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a dancer, but he grew up, the actress chose a profession.
After high school, Lauren was admitted to the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. Thanks to the spectacular appearance she managed to get a model, and soon she had graced the cover of fashion magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. Bacall popularity grew with each passing day, and when she reached Hollywood, the girl offered to try his hand at cinema.
‘Bogart-Bacall syndrome’
The charming Bacall noticed the famous director Howard Hawks. He was looking contender for the role in the adaptation of the work of Hemingway ‘Have and Have Not. ” When the Hawks learned that Lauren studying acting, he invited her to audition and did not hesitate approved for the role. The partner of the actress in the film became legendary Humphrey Bogart, the star of “The Maltese Falcon” and “Casablanca.”
The film ‘Have and Have Not “(1944) was adopted by critics’ bang’ and was the beginning of a grand career, Bacall. She signed a contract with Warner Bros. for seven years, providing themselves a permanent job. But this film was remarkable not only that. During his shootings between Lauren and Humphrey he broke out the passion that turned into a whirlwind romance and marriage is over. According to the actor, once he saw Bacall, then fell in love like crazy.
44-year-old Bogart had a reputation as a rebel fighter and drinkers. He has had a rich life experience: the service in the Navy, three marriages, a lot of good and bad films. Nineteen Bacall was simple and naive, and could boast of only photos in a fashion magazine. Many said that Humphrey was not a pair of Lauren, but resist his mysterious eyes and husky voice, she could not.
In fairness it should be said that Bacall Bogart look too impressed, but their special – look askance. Later, it will become an integral part of its image, in which the actress will be recognized worldwide. But, according to Lauren, there was this look casual. During the filming of the first movie she was so worried that lowered her eyes and looked askance. Realizing that it is like a man, she began to do so in every movie.
Bogart was married to actress Mayo Meyot eccentric, who was very jealous. After extensive scandals and persuasion he managed to get a divorce, and in 1945, Humphrey and Lauren got married. Despite all the predictions of the press, although their marriage was not perfect, but he was strong enough. They lived together for 11 years, until his death in 1957, Bogart.
Lauren and Humphrey played in several successful films: ‘Deep Sleep’ (1946), ‘Black Stripe’ (1947), ‘Key Largo’ (1948). Their creative union became a landmark event in Hollywood and received the name ‘Bogart-Bacall syndrome’. In addition, during the year they were on the radio program ‘Bold Venture’, which enjoyed great success. Not only in movies, but in real life they were committed to each other, so the death of her husband was the real blow for Lauren.
‘Mistress holes rat pack’
After the death of Bogart Bacall was left with two small children: a son and daughter of Leslie Stephen. Taking care of children helped her bereaved. During his career, the actress was not worried. After the release of the comedy “How to Marry a Millionaire” (1953), which was a resounding success, Lauren recognized as one of the greatest beauties in Hollywood, so work it has been provided.
Soon he began to look for an actress of Hollywood heartthrob head – singer and actor Frank Sinatra. Their whirlwind romance was to end the wedding, but when reporters found out about it, Sinatra got angry and broke off the engagement. It is proved to be another actor Jason Robards. In 1961 he made Lauren an offer, and they married. Despite the fact that the family had a son, Sam, this did not save it from disintegration. The main reason for divorce, which was formalized in 1969, Bacall called Robards addicted to alcohol.
Almost 30 years – since the late 50’s to early 90’s – the actress almost starred in the movies. The only exceptions are a few films, including the crime drama ‘Harper’ (1966), a detective “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974), Western ‘most accurate’ (1976).
Bacall has focused on work in the theater, where, admittedly, achieved considerable success. Her brilliant play on Broadway in the play ‘Applause’ did not go unnoticed, and in 1970, the actress won her first prize ‘Tony’. The second most significant theatrical figurines Lauren won the award in 1981 for playing a musical ‘Woman of the Year’.
For active shooting a movie Lauren Bacall returned when she was already 70 years old. It strikes directors workability and critics – his game. Lauren has appeared in such films as “Appointment with Death” (1988), ‘Misery’ (1990), ‘Alien Field’ (1993). In 1996, the actress surprised everyone with his talent by playing in the film Barbra Streisand ‘Mirror Has Two Faces. ” For the role of Hannah Morgan, she received a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar.
Lauren Bacall was busy in the movie until the last days of his life. In 2009, the American Film Academy awarded honorary actress ‘Oscar’, noting that it was central to the film ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood. Bacall were just months to live up to its ninetieth. August 12, 2014, she died of a massive stroke.
Few people know that in the 50-60s there team show business figures who played in casinos, clubs and other establishments with music and comic numbers. Team members grouped around Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall and often going to their apartment in New York. Among them it is worth noting leaders – Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Dean Martin. With a light hand Bacall this team was named the ‘rat pack of’, but for the most entrenched actress honorary title ‘mistress hole’.
In 1990, after the death of Sammy Davis, the team that represented the glamor of Hollywood hedonism 50s finally collapsed. And with the death Bacall irrevocably gone era of ‘golden age’. The actress was the last living legend of that time and even now, it is because it is actually such talents live in people’s hearts forever.

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