Laura Dern

Laura Dern
Birthday: 2/10/1967, the
Age: 48 years
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 62 kg

The Park Lake City (Utah) tragicomedy “happy ending” opened the festival of independent cinema Sundance. “Izvestia” correspondent Galina Galkina met with actress Laura Dern, starring in the “happy ending” – the film to expose the secrets of the modern American family. Laura Dern, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lisa Kudrow received the Spirit of Sundance Award from the Hollywood of the organization “Women in Film”.
-As For two decades you smoothly from independent cinema to commercial and back. What is the difference between today compared to the time when you were taken from Alexander Payne in “Citizen Ruth” and Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park”?
– Now the boundaries between studio and independent films vague. I used to know a rule: if you want to earn, to shoot in the blockbuster. Do you want to have fun – in the independent film. Now independent films watched by millions. This means that they often earn no worse blockbusters. It was terrific fun to work with Spielberg on “Jurassic Park.” Shooting of “Citizen Ruth” were different, but no less interesting. I do not think that the actors have to go through the independent films to take place. The most interesting game I’ve seen in my life was in films intended for cable television. For example, in the comedy television series “The Office” Ricky Gervais was great! And the rest of the cast too.
– What attracted you to the script “happy ending”?
– A story in which reflected the relationship between close friends. I generally like movies about relationships in the family, the characters of which are subject to strong passions, sometimes reaching up to the madness. “Happy ending” consists of three stories. In my history of the conflict going on between best friends – family gays and lesbian families. I play the role of Pam, who along with his girlfriend Diane Jill once tried to use their other gay as a sperm donor. After that, they announced that they did not succeed. But Charlie’s friend Gil, became suspicious when he later saw their two year old son, similar to Gil as two drops of water.
– Are there many good female roles you offer?
– No, because they do not have much. According to statistics, in Hollywood, the main characters in two times smaller than the main characters. I do not like to play a supporting role, for example, a girlfriend of the protagonist, who has nine scenes. In eight of them, she loves him, and in one – changes. It happens that the director does not even advise me to go to the audition of his films, if the foreground a man-hero.
– You were shot along with his mother Diane Ladd several times, and both played great. How did you get?
– My mother – an amazing actress. In the film, Lynch’s “Wild at Heart,” her character personified the dark, and in the movie “dissolute Rose” – light. But whatever role she perceives as psychotherapy she learned the art of self-discovery and self-healing creativity. My mother taught me to live the moment and give him honor. Now I know that the movie that comes to me – it is a gift that does not happen randomly. I’ve never worked with his father on the set, but I hope that in the future we fill this gap.
– You were the first mother and daughter who shared Oscar nomination for the same film – “dissolute Rose”. I wonder what your next project is a joint?
– I can only say the working title of the film – “Not Water Biscuits”.
– Is the style of your game from the mother?
– I do not know – with the more obvious. Some manner of playing, I probably took over from their parents, for example, the manner to let a tear.
– You started early in the movies, and hence earn money. Have you had financial problems with their parents, as sometimes happens in the lives of children-actors?
– No. In Hollywood, there was some show dedicated to the children actors. And someone said, “My mom stole my $ 300 thousand when I was a kid.” My mom opened my bank account as soon as I got $ 60 for his first day of work at the studio. It was and remains my closest friend. With his father, the truth, I was not as amicable as a child, as it is now.
– What do you think about the difference between you who grew up in a family of actors, and those who came from the movie business?
– I never had any illusions about what is acting. Unfortunately, Hollywood – a mutual responsibility. People buy and sell people in this business. Therefore, the main thing – is to fill his worth and to make a name. I brought up the people who fulfilled these conditions of survival in Hollywood, which gave them a right to dissuade me from my acting career. I soon realized the difference between to do you focus on Hollywood party and got the role. I knew that in any case have to go to the audition, and perhaps give you a role. This is the beginning. I also understand that such a press, namely that the actors must first promote the films in which they play and not ourselves.
– When you choose the scenario that most important for you – the name of the director or the quality of the script?
– When I was 16, I was invited to play in one of the studio Hollywood love stories. At the same time I was offered a small role playing a blind girl in Peter Bogdanovich’s “Mask”. I wanted to play in a film of this director, so refused to cash a studio film. My agent did not understand me and abandoned me. (Laughs.)
When I was offered the lead role in “Citizen Ruth,” I knew that director Alexander Payne – a beginner who has not removed a single film. But the script was terrific. Now, everyone knows that for director Alexander Payne! If I hear that David Lynch film shoots, then I run after him to the end of the world. You know, at one time I wanted to fly to Jupiter, and David Lynch gave me a ticket.
– They say he called you a “lure”. Why is that?
– I do not know, it’s probably his secret.
– What is most important for you when you play in the film, where all the characters with a minus sign, such as “We do not live here anymore,” or “Citizen Ruth”?
– Given the character of the heroine of my appeal, as they say, at any cost. For example, in the film, “We do not live here anymore,” the most difficult scene for me was the one in which my character – Terry – tells her husband that she was close to his best friend and get pleasure from it. I saw the male actors playing these scenes, but I’ve never seen this actress did, and so graphically and in such detail as I am.
– What, in your opinion, the film “We do not live here anymore?”
– On the close people who do nasty things to each other. But most importantly, it seems to be honest and ruthless image of what we call “marriage” and “family.” I felt happy enough to play the role of the deceived wife in the film, “We do not live here anymore,” and only “married” to play a lesbian in the film “Happy ending”.
– You are one of the few actresses who do not tend to look better on the screen than in real life.
– There is a category of actresses who want to play beauties. I often find myself on the fact that I feel a pathological desire to look worse on screen than in real life. Do not forget that I have raised actress who never do plastic surgery. One day my mother and her friend, actress Anne Bancroft said to each other: “We are who we are, and we are not going to go under the knife for a reason.” Something strange happened to my generation: 35-year-old woman reshapes her face and figure. I want to be real, in the sense of genuine. And I’m not going to go on about fashion.
– Where and with whom we will see you in the near future?
– Dakota Fanning with the baby in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.”
Laura Dern became famous after the films of David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” and “Wild at Heart”. Prior to that, she starred in several obscure films, including “Ladies and gentlemen.” The picture is notable for the fact that the shooting had to travel far and mother, actress Diane Ladd, did not want to let 13-year-old daughter. Lora sued, won and starred in the film grown fond. However, mother and daughter reconciled quickly and even received “Oscar” nomination for his work in the film “dissolute Rose”. Russians Laura Dern familiar not only in “Jurassic Park” and the drama “We do not live here anymore,” recently released in cinemas in Russia. By the way, in the film the actress Spielberg met with Jeff Goldblum, married with whom he lived for 2 years. Before that, she was a friend of Billy Bob Thornton. The family of Laura famous not only for women. Her father – Bruce Dern, won the “Oscar” for supporting actress in “Homecoming” and “Golden Globe” for “The Great Gatsby.” A well-known writer and playwright Tennessee Williams Laura Dern accounts cousin uncle.

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