Megan dumbfounded. She received a proposal from the guy who met from school. They are happy, but still something wrong. Megan feels a certain estrangement from the world, to which it would seem to have become accustomed. Friends matured (or aged), and understand it almost no one in the state. A chance meeting with a teenager named Anika reminds her about the wonders of life and that paralyzed Megan recent years, that is about the fun and simplicity. Why is paralyzed? Yes, because the closest people have been deprived of this. Something is wrong with Megan or her friends? She tries to get out, but is between two worlds, and so the whole movie is haunting the thread, allowing her to understand where it is necessary to go …

Immediately felt that the film was shot a woman. In his new film, Lynn Shelton easily and simply tells the story of a damn life problems, based on one of the most important topics – find themselves. How important to understand exactly what you expect from life. Make it incredibly difficult. And, perhaps, the life of the main character, status and life in general close to me, because I am also at a stage when it is not clear what and when. And as if the situation is different, because Megan – the main character – is already a huge part of the way, it is grown and educated girl, but still something holds it in a world where everything is simple and fun, where the work is not necessary, you can make friends with people completely different ages and where to be responsible for their actions do not necessarily carry. And, it seems, for a moment Megan falls precisely in such a world. Will she grow up?

It’s simple, all perky and cute. This, in general, it is clear from the trailer. So, of course, the audience expects to see a heating soul melodrama. And in general, the way it is. Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell are perfectly combined, creating a kind of a grain of sand on the screen of eternal freedom and carefree. Very different people and very different characters, starting with age and ending with personal problems. Yet they are united by the desire to live. Live quite normally, growing up, but not aging.

The film is like, first of all, unobtrusive history that can be reviewed. And secondly, it is pleasant to the eye cast. Keira Knightley is incredibly sweet and not even similar to his previous characters. The same can be said about Sam Rockwell. This amazingly great actor performs the role of nasty villains, but also without any difficulty trying comic images. This time he came out very intelligent, sophisticated and fun. He is happy in life, despite any difficulties. For a complete set of all he lacked one detail – Megan. Knightley emits light. Very friendly and a real character.

This movie is sometimes necessary, but do not look for the depth of the story, she was shot at for it. Do not expect Laggies something such. Yes, the film is designed to largely female audience, yes, he is not new and predictable, but he is very much alive, bearing in a summer mood and joy. It is, the new creation by Lynn Shelton – predictable, typical, bright and pleasant.

the slogan “I am a girl, I do not want to decide anything!”
director Lynn Shelton
scenario Andrea Siegel
producer Kevin Scott Frayks, Steve Golin, Alix Madigan, …
operator Benjamin Kasulke
composer Benjamin Gibbard
artist John Lavin, Schuler Tellin, Ronald Lemon …
installation Nat Sanders
genre of melodrama, comedy, words …
charges in the US
$ 1,066,981


Keira Knightley
Chloe Grace Moretz
Sam Rockwell
Mark Webber
Ellie Kemper
Jeff Garlin
Gretchen Mol
Eric Ridman
Kaitlyn Dever
Daniel Dzovatto

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