Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell
Birthday: 3/17/1951, the
Age: 64 year
Birthplace: Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 78 kg

The heroic death has a special charm
In Russia rolled out a film master underwater filming Wolfgang Petersen’s “Poseidon”. This $ 150 millionth remake of “The Poseidon Adventure”, the film became one of the greatest hits 70s, talks about the crash of a luxury ocean liner. Kurt Russell played in the film of his father, to travel with a 19-year-old daughter Linda. It was his hero becomes a leader and savior to fellow sufferers, and he thus die … With Kurt Russell interviewed “Izvestia” correspondent Galina Galkina
– News: Rumor has it that during the filming of “Poseidon” flashlight head you broke your partner Josh Lucas?
– Kurt Russell: We filmed under water, and I did not even notice that Josh hit. When we emerged, I saw his blood, and asked what had happened. He says: “I think it’s you hit me over the head with a flashlight.” I had to agree that most likely it was.
– News: You also sticking to the “Poseidon”?
– Russell: I felt bad and thought it was cold. But it turned out that I had the flu, which is not recognized and the doctor had not written me antibiotics. So soon I began pneumonia. I had to leave the game as much as 10 days. But by the time I recovered underwater filming. And then you know – hit Lucas flashlight …
– News: What do you like better – the original story of “Poseidon” or the remake?
– Russell: I do not think that “The Poseidon Adventure” from the category of those films that touch ashamed. This is not “Casablanca” by Michael Curtis, is a classic genre film. If you can shoot three times, “Mutiny on the Bounty”, then you can make another “Poseidon.” I’m not a big fan of remakes. Before I appeared in only one – “Escape from LA”, which we have done 17 years after the original – “Escape From New York.” The director of both films was John Carpenter and shoot at it – a pleasure. But I do not consider myself to be opponents of remakes or sequels. If the script is good and the director like in the case of “Poseidon” Petersen, and then we can work on.
– News: Which director Petersen?
– Russell: Every scene, every shot and sequence – it’s all him. He – the soul of the picture. And most importantly, that his vision of the story was given to me very easily.
– News: How different is Robert Ramsey from the other strong characters in body and spirit, which you have played in your life?
– Russell: Past Robert remains a mystery for the audience. They know only that he was the mayor of New York, he divorced and that he is jealous of his beautiful daughter to her boyfriend. For me it was very important to reliably show how he drowned to save others. The heroic death has some amazing charm and I am in any case did not want to spoil it. I learned a lot of different ways to go down, and as a result choose the most interesting. He was not registered in the script, and I said Wolfgang: “I want to do something like” Bridge on the River Kwai. “And he asked,” What’s that? “And I said,” I want the audience perplexed, Does my character had to press the button, which he found, that is, if he saved the life of the rest of the refugees from the sunken ship or not. “And Wolfgang said:” This is fantastic! That’s what I want to shoot this scene. “But it turns out that to realize the desired psychologically very difficult. I had to confide in someone who if anything can distinguish my game from a situation where I can actually run out of oxygen.
– News: I was among those who made you worried, saved the remaining fugitives or not … whether you stay satisfied with their work?
– Russell: I grew up on the set. (When Kurt was 10 years, Disney has signed a ten-year contract with him. During his 40-year career, Russell played in 80 films. – “News”). And I used to earn a living, helping filmmakers to realize their ideas.
– News: Does your Goldie Hawn on the set of “Poseidon”? (Russell and actress Goldie Hawn live together for more than twenty years, but they were never married. – “News”).
– Russell: Fortunately, Goldie never read the story, and then she began to worry that I would have drowned in the shootings.
– News: You Goldie – one of the most famous unmarried couples in Hollywood.
– Russell: When I wake up in the morning, I see Goldie. If we get married with her, nothing would change. Before, I was afraid she would stop loving me, but with time this fear has passed. She lives with me because he loves me and I love her. And we want to be together longer than most married couples.
– News: What do you remember most in the film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Tango and Cash”, where you played a cop Gabe Cash?
– Russell: In this film more races than words, but it is very funny. Rather, it is a parody of the thriller that is “cooking” the gunman 80s. I remember that during the filming of Konchalovsky did not get along with the producer Jon Peters, and the film dosnimali without him. (John Peters, a former owner of a chain of elite hairdressers, which involved in the movie business Barbra Streisand. Konchalovsky’s happened to him a professional conflict, after which the director has returned to Russia. – “News”).
– News: In what movie we’ll see you next time?
– Russell: I have no idea.

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