Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has presented its new model One: 1, which can rightly be regarded as not super, not even hypercar, and the first production megakarom.

Such an epithet One: 1 deserves at least because power 5.0-liter V8 Twin Turbo on this car reached exactly one megawatt (MW), which in our usual indicators of 1341 hp In addition, there is the power value of one to one correspondence curb weight of the machine. Actually, so this megakar got its name One: 1 – “one to one”.

Of note design features a body made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, active (and with a separate control for the left and right sides) aerodynamic elements, active chassis with adjustable ground clearance and damping, motion control during Track by 3G- and GPS-data about road conditions specially developed 7-speed dual-clutch, and some other less important components.

Megakara characteristics – appropriate. Estimated maximum speed should reach 440 km / h (as noted by the Swedes, the main problem – in the respective tires and where would this speed could be developed and then have time to stop). Acceleration to 400 km / h in 20 seconds and braking from this speed requires half the time.

And here is impressive … the process of landing in the car. Getting there (believe me, this is not a journalistic exaggeration), it is still an art. First you have to emerge tripled in position to cross-roll over baggy (dimensions with some Renault Twizy) threshold. If you then be able to straighten up, to arrange a seat almost without extreme. There’s even comfortable! Here are just a visibility problem – you sit in the “dipper” unusually low, and the narrow strip of glass is high relative to the eyes. But overall ergonomics (at least statically) – without problems.

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Koenigsegg widescreen for desktop
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Koenigsegg desktop wallpaper
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